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  • Bengali Word ডাক ১English definition(noun) (1) asking one to come; call; summons: যদি তোর ডাক শুনে ." .">.…. (2) the cry or call of a bird or animal: পাখির ডাক, গাভীর ডাক. (3) loud cry; shout: ডাক ছাড়া. (4) the rumbling noise or row of a cloud: মেঘের ডাক. (5) fame; glory; reputation; renown: নাম ডাক. (6) an offer or bid at a sale: নিলামের ডাক. (7) ornaments of sola, tinsel, etc used to decorate a Hindu idol: ডাকের সাজ. (adjective) a short and convenient for use. ডাক ছাড়া (verb intransitive) cry out; shout. ডাক দেওয়া (verb transitive) ask to come; call. ডাকনাম (noun) a nickname. ডাকপাড়া (verb transitive) call (one) repeatedly. ডাক বাড়া (verb intransitive) (of auction bid) rise or increase gradually. ডাক-সাইটে (adjective) (1) famous and formidabIe: ডাক সাইটে লাঠিয়াল. (2) (humorous) renowned: ডাক-সাইটে কবি. ডাকহাঁক, হাঁকডাক (noun) bustle; tumult; hue and cry. ডাকের সুন্দরী (noun) (feminine) one widely known for beauty; paragon of beauty. একডাকে চেনা know and recognize one at the first mention (because of one’s wide acquaintance). এক ডাকের পথ (noun) calling distance; distance of a stone’s throw. নাম-ডাক fame; reputation; celebrity. অশ্বের ডাক neighing. ইঁদুরের ডাক squeaking. কাকের ডাক cawing. কুকুরের ডাক barking. গরুর ডাক lowing. গর্দভের ডাক braying. ঘুঘুর ডাক cooing. পাখির ডাক chirping. পেঁচকের ডাক hooting; screeching. বাঘের ডাক howling. ভল্লুকের ডাক growling. বাঁদরের ডাক chattering; gibbering. বিড়ালের ডাক mewing. ভেকের ডাক croaking. মৌমাছির ডাক humming. মাছির ডাক buzzing. মেঘের ডাক bleating. মোরগের ডাক crowing. শকুন ডাক/শকুনির ডাক screaming. শূকরের ডাক grunting. শৃগালের ডাক yelping; howling. ষাঁড়ের ডাক bellowing. সাপের ডাক hissing. সিংহের ডাক roaring. হাঁসের ডাক cackling. হস্তীর ডাক trumpeting.

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  • Bengali Word ডাক ২English definition [Hindi] (noun) (1) the postal system of collecting; carrying and delivering letters and parcels: ডাক বিভাগ.
    (2) a postal collection or delivery; one collection/delivery of letters, etc; post; mail: আজকের ডাকে যাবে. (3) a batch or bag of letters, parcels, etc carried or conveyed by post: বিলাতের ডাক. ডাক খরচা/ ডাক মাসুল (noun) postal charge; postage. ডাকগাড়ি (noun) a mail-coach; a mail-van; a mail train. ডাকঘর (noun) office where postal business is carried on; a post office. ডাকের থলি (noun) bag in which mails are carried; mail-bag. ডাক টিকিট (noun) postage. ডাক পিয়ন (noun) person who collects and delivers postal packages; a postman. ডাকবাক্স (noun) (1) box into which letters are dropped for collection; a letter box. (2) a numbered box in a post office for mails addressed to an individual or company; post office box. ডাক বিভাগ (noun) the postal department. ডাক মাসুল = ডাক খরচা. ডাক হরকরা (noun) a postman; a mail-runner. ডাকে, ডাকযোগে (adverb) by post. ফেরত ডাক next/return mail. ফেরত ডাকে by return of post; by return mail.
  • Bengali Word ডাক ৩English definition (noun) a kind of aquatic bird; the water-bowl
  • Bengali Word ডাক ৪English definition 1 a milkman of ancient India who was famous for his wisdom: ডাকের বচন.
    (2) wise sayings; proverbs.
  • Bengali Word ডাকবাংলা, ডাকবাংলোEnglish definition [Hindi] (noun) a rest house for officers and travellers; a dak bungalow
  • Bengali Word ডাকসাইটেEnglish definition = ডাক ১
  • Bengali Word ডাকাEnglish definition (verb transitive) (1) ask (one) to come: চাকরকে ডাকা.
    (2) summon: আদালতে ডাকা. (3) ask to an entertainment; invite: ভোজ উৎসবে ডাকা. (4) (at an auction sale) bid for; offer certain price: নিলাম ডাকা. (5) (cards, bridge) make a bid. (6) address in prayer; summon aid from; invoke: ঈশ্বরকে ডাকা. (7) make an undesirable or morbid sound: নাক ডাকা, পেট ডাকা. (8) roar or rumble: মেঘ ডাকা, সমুদ্র ডাকা. (9) call one; address one: নাম ধরে ডাকা. ডাকাডাকি (1) calling one repeatedly. (2) sending for one frequently. (3) asking people in a loud voice to come and gather together. ডাকানো (verb transitive) send for (one). ডেকে আনা (verb transitive) fetch (one). ডেকে আনানো (verb transitive) summon (one) (by a messenger). ডেকে পাঠানো (verb transitive) send for. পাখি ডাকা (adjective) resounding with the chirping of birds. বিপদ ডেকে আনা be the cause of a mishap by one’s own imprudence.
  • Bengali Word ডাকাত, ডাকাইতEnglish definition [Hindi] (noun) member of a gang of armed robbers; a dacoit; a brigand; a bandit.
    ডাকাত পড়া be raided by a gang of robbers. ডাকাতি (noun) dacoity; robbery; banditry brigandage. ডাকাতি করা (verb intransitive) commit robbery. ডাকাতে কালী (noun) goddess Kali as worshipped by dacoits. দিনে ডাকাতি (noun) (figurative) act of open corruption.
  • Bengali Word ডাকাবুকাEnglish definition (adjective) uncommonly daring; dare-devil
  • Bengali Word ডাকিনীEnglish definition = ডাইনি
  • Bengali Word ডাকুEnglish definition = ডাকাত
  • Bengali Word ডাক্তারEnglish definition (noun) (1) a practitioner in medicine; a physician; a doctor.
    (2) person who has received the highest university degree ‘Doctor of Philosophy (abbreviation Ph D)’. ডাক্তারখানা (noun) (1) medical establishment where sick and injured persons are received and treated; a hospital; a clinic. (2) place where medicines are dispensed as per doctor’s advice; a dispensary; pharmacy. ডাক্তার দেখানো (verb intransitive) (1) (of a disease) cause to be examined by a doctor for medical advice and treatment. (2) be under the treatment of a doctor. ডাক্তারি (noun) (1) the science of medicine and surgery. (2) medical treatment. (3) the profession of a physician. ডাক্তারি (adjective) pertaining to physicians.
  • Bengali Word অশোক ১English definition (adjective) free from grief.
    (noun) kind of deep red flower or its tree.
  • Bengali Word ক ১English definition (noun) the first consonant of the Bengali alphabet. It is an unvoiced alveolar plosive sound
    It is an unvoiced alveolar plosive sound.
  • Bengali Word কৌশিক ১English definition (noun) Biswamitra, the son of Kushika, the sage
  • Bengali Word চক ১English definition [English] (noun) soft, white, natural substance used for making lime and various writing materials; chalk: চক পেন্সিল
  • Bengali Word চটক ১English definition (noun) a small brownish-grey bird; the sparrow
  • Bengali Word চিক ১English definition (noun) a tight-filling jewellery for the neck
  • Bengali Word চেক ১English definition [English] (noun) (1) a design of small squares (on cloth, etc); check: চেক শাড়ি.
    (2) a piece of checked cloth. চেক কাটা (adjective) checked; checkered; chequered.
  • Bengali Word ছেঁক ১English definition = সেক
  • Bengali Word টঙ্ক ১English definition (noun) a native salt; borax
  • Bengali Word টাঁক ১English definition (noun) (1) aim; a fixed gaze; a covetous look.
    (2) act of waiting with a hope.
  • Bengali Word ঠমক ১English definition (noun) affected or artful gait; show; pomp; parade: ঠমক দেখানো.
    ঠমক চাল (noun) proud airs.
  • Bengali Word ডেক ১English definition (noun) a large cooking utensil; cauldron
  • Bengali Word তঞ্চক ১English definition (adjective) one who cheats/deceives/swindles.
    (noun) misrepresentation of fact; perversion/distortion of truth; prevarication. তঞ্চকতা (noun) cheating; deception; swindling; trickery.
  • Bengali Word তড়াক ১English definition (interjection) expressing suddenness or quickness: তড়াক করে লাফ দিলো
  • Bengali Word তবক ১English definition [Arabic] (noun) a stratum; a layer: তবকে তবকে ভাসন্ত মেঘ.
    তবকে তবকে (adverb) in layers; in strata.
  • Bengali Word তাক ১English definition (noun) (1) that which is aimed at; aim; target.
    (2) guess; conjecture; surmise: অন্ধকারে তাক করা. (3) act of lying in wait; ambush; ambuscade: বিড়ালটা ইঁদুরের জন্যে তাক করে আছে. (4) wonder; amazement: বক্তৃতা দিয়ে তাক লাগানো. তাক করা (verb transitive) aim at; make an aim. তাক লাগা (verb intransitive) be struck with wonder; be amazed/dumb-founded. তাক লাগানো (verb intransitive) strike with wonder. তাকে তাকে (adverb) in waiting. তাকে তাকে থাকা (verb intransitive), (verb transitive) lie in wait; be on the lookout; wait for a chance/ opportunity.
  • Bengali Word তান্ত্রিক ১English definition (adjective) pursuing the rites prescribed in the Tantras of Shaktas; of the Tantras.
    (noun) a follower of the doctrines taught by the Tantras; one versed in the Tantras.
  • Bengali Word তৌলিক ১English definition (noun) a painter
  • Bengali Word দমক ১English definition (adjective) taming; restraining; subduing.
    (noun) tamer one who restrains/subdues.