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  • Bengali Word ঠাঁইEnglish definition(noun) space; place; room; accommodation. ঠাঁই ঠাঁই (adjective) separated; disunited; levying apart from one another: ভাইভাই ঠাঁইঠাঁই.

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  • Bengali Word বাজখাঁইEnglish definition (adjective) (of voice) very harsh and loud; raspy; strident
  • Bengali Word শাঁই শাঁইEnglish definition (noun) (onomatopoeia) (1) expressing noise of violent wind or flying arrow; whizz.
    (2) wheeze.
  • Bengali Word সাঁইসাঁইEnglish definition = শাঁই শাঁই
  • Bengali Word হাঁইফাঁইEnglish definition = হাঁসফাঁস
  • হাড় এক ঠাঁই মাস এক ঠাঁই করা (prov) give a thorough beating; thrash soundly; thrash the life out of somebody.