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  • Bengali Word জুতা, জুতোEnglish definition[Urdu] (noun) a covering for the foot, usually of leather; foot-wear; shoe(or a pair of shoes). জুতা খাওয়া (verb intransitive) be beaten with a shoe. (2) be insulted. (3) (figurative) be fooled. জুতাজুতি (noun) beating one another with shoes. জুতা ছাড়া (verb intransitive) put off shoes. জুতানো (verb transitive) (1) beat with a shoe. (2) (figurative) insult (one) grossly. জুতা মারা = জুতানো. জুতা সেলাই থেকে চণ্ডীপাঠ (prov) all activities irrespective of high and low, great and small.