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  • Bengali Word জর্জরিতEnglish definition(adjective) (1) one who is at listed/stricken with: শোকে জর্জরিত, stricken with sorrow. (2) seriously affected with: আঘাতে জর্জরিত. জর্জরীকৃত (adjective) one who has been seriously hurt/injured/wounded. জর্জরীভূত (adjective) that which has worn out or is distressed or oppressed. জর্জরীভূতা (feminine) = জর্জরিত.

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  • Bengali Word জর্জর, জরজরEnglish definition (adjective) (1) deeply stricken with: শোকে জর্জর.
    (2) thoroughly engrossed in: প্রেমে জর্জর, ঋণে জর্জর. (3) worn-out; shattered; tottering : ঘুণে খেয়ে জর্জর করা.
  • Bengali Word মঞ্জরিতEnglish definition (adjective) blossomed; budded; flowered; blown; in blossom; sprouted.
    মঞ্জরিত হওয়া (verb intransitive) be in blossom; blossom; bud; flower; sprout.
  • Bengali Word মুঞ্জরিতEnglish definition = মঞ্জরিত
  • প্রশ্নবাণে জর্জরিত করা (verb transitive) badger somebody with (embarrassing/ troublesome) questions; heckle.
  • শোক জর্জরিত, শোক জীর্ণ adjective(s) afflicted with sorrow; downcast with grief; grief-laden.