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  • Bengali Word চৌEnglish definition(adjective) (used as prefix) (1) four: চৌকা, চৌকৌ, square, quadrangular. চৌকাঠ (noun) a rectilineal door frame; a door-sill. চৌকোণ, কোণা (adjective) four-cornered; quadrangular; square. চৌখণ্ডি (noun) (1) a four-legged cot/ stool. (2) a house with four sloping roofs on four sides jointed together.(adjective) divided into four parts. চৌখুপি (noun) square; check. চৌগুণ (adjective) four-fold; quadruple. চৌচালা = চৌখণ্ডি (২). চৌচির (adjective) split into (our fragments; broken to pieces. চৌঠা (adjective) (of days of a month) fourth.(noun) the fourth day of a month. চৌতলী (adjective) four-storeyed. the third floor (of a building). চৌত্রিশ (noun), (adjective) four and thirty; thirty-four. চৌদিক (noun) four sides; all sides. চৌদিকে (adverb) on all sides. চৌপদী (noun) a variety of four-lined versification.(adjective) four-footed (animal). চৌমাথা, চৌরাস্তা (noun) a junction of four roads; a point where two roads intersect; a cross-road. চৌরাশি (noun), (adjective) four and eighty; eighty-four. চৌষট্টি (noun), (adjective) four and sixty; sixty-four.

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  • Bengali Word চৌকসEnglish definition [Hindi] (adjective) (1) having attention in all directions.
    (2) experienced and skilful in all fields. (3) having ability in many different ways; all-round.
  • Bengali Word চৌকা, চৌকোEnglish definition = চৌ
  • Bengali Word চৌকি ১English definition (noun) a four legged bedstead
  • Bengali Word চৌকি ২English definition (noun) (1) a guard; a sentinel; a watchman.
    (2) a beat or jurisdiction of a watchman; a watch-post. (3) an outpost for collecting toll, etc. (4) the act of watching; the duty of a sentinel. চৌকি দেওয়া (verb intransitive) guard; watch. চৌকিদার (1) a village watchman; a chowkidar. (2) a collector of taxes in a village. চৌকিদারি (noun) the occupation of a chowkidar. (adjective) relating to a chowkidar.
  • Bengali Word চৌগানEnglish definition [Persian] (noun) a game like hockey, played on horseback; polo
  • Bengali Word চৌথEnglish definition (noun) one-fourth; one quarter.
    (2) one-fourth of the total crop or the value thereof exacted by Marhatta rulers as annual tribute from their subjects or tributary states.
  • Bengali Word চৌদ্দEnglish definition (noun), (adjective) fourteen
  • Bengali Word চৌধুরীEnglish definition (noun) (1) a title of honour.
    (2) a feudatory prince. (3) a village head man. (4) the chief merchant of a city or entrepot of trade. চৌধুরানী (feminine) = চৌধুরী.
  • Bengali Word চৌবাচ্চাEnglish definition [Persian] (noun) a water reservoir; a storage tank (of water); a cistern.
    চৌম্বক (adjective) pertaining to the magnet; possessing the properties of the magnet; magnetic.
  • Bengali Word চৌরEnglish definition (noun) a thief
  • Bengali Word চৌরসEnglish definition (adjective) (1) bread; wide; spacious.
    (2) level; plain, even; smooth. (3) four-cornered; square; rectangular.
  • Bengali Word চৌর্যEnglish definition (noun) act of stealing; theft.
    চৌর্যবৃত্তি (noun) the practice of stealing.
  • Bengali Word চৌষট্টিEnglish definition (noun), (adjective) four and sixty; sixty-four
  • Bengali Word চৌহদ্দি, চৌহুদ্দিEnglish definition (noun) boundary lines on four sides; the limits of an area.
    চৌহদ্দি করা (verb intransitive), (verb transitive) mark the boundary of; delimit.
  • Bengali Word চৌহানEnglish definition (noun) a branch of the Rajputs
  • Bengali Word চোদ্দ, চৌদ্দEnglish definition (noun), (adjective) fourteen.
    (adjective) so many; so much: চোদ্দ কথা শুনতে চাই না. চোদ্দই (noun) the fourteenth day of a month. চোদ্দ চাকার রথ দেখানো (verb transitive) put one into various troubles. চোদ্দ পুরুষ (noun) one’s fourteen generations upwards or downwards. চোদ্দ পুরুষ উদ্ধার করা (verb transitive) vilify one to the fourteenth generation.
  • চার চৌকা, চার চৌকো (adjective) having four right angles.
  • চৌদ্দ পুরুষের চেরাগ (sarcastic) the black sheep of a family.
  • চৌকি দেওয়া (verb intransitive) guard; watch.
  • চৌম্বক (adjective) pertaining to the magnet; possessing the properties of the magnet; magnetic.
  • চৌর্যবৃত্তি (noun) the practice of stealing.
  • চৌহদ্দি করা (verb intransitive), (verb transitive) mark the boundary of; delimit.
  • জলচৌকি (noun) wooden stool of square or rectangular size.
  • ভাবচৌর, ভাবচোর (noun(s) one who steals someone else’s ideas.
  • রচনা চৌর (noun) plagiarist.
  • রোশন চৌকি (noun) orchestra of sanai (সানাই) and other instruments.
  • সন্ধি চৌর (noun) burglar.
  • সমুদ্রচোর, সমুদ্রচৌর noun(s) সমুদ্রচৌর্য (noun) piracy.
  • স্ত্রী চৌর (noun) libertine.