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  • Bengali Word চটকানোEnglish definition(verb transitive) press and squeeze some soft thing with the hands to make a paste of it.

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  • Bengali Word চটক ১English definition (noun) a small brownish-grey bird; the sparrow
  • Bengali Word চটক ২English definition (noun) a fascinating/glamorous show.
    চটকদার (adjective) having a spectacular appearance; glamorous; attractive.
  • Bengali Word অংশানোEnglish definition (verb intransitive) (verb transitive) descend/devolve on as an inheritance
  • Bengali Word আওড়ানোEnglish definition আওড়ানো (verb intransitive), (verb transitive) pronounce; recite; chant.
    (noun) repeated pronouncement or recitation.
  • Bengali Word আঁতকানো, আঁৎকানোEnglish definition (verb transitive) be startled; feel sudden alarm.
    আঁতকে ওঠা (verb transitive) be shocked with surprise/ alarm.
  • Bengali Word আগলানোEnglish definition (verb transitive) take care; look after; keep watch; protect
  • Bengali Word আছড়ানোEnglish definition (noun) slip; fall to the ground with force; tumbling
  • Bengali Word আটকানোEnglish definition (verb intransitive), (verb transitive) check; restrain; prevent; detain: এতে আটকাবে না, this won't be a hindrance/won't stand in the way.
    আটকে যাওয়া (verb intransitive) get stopped/blocked/clogged.
  • Bengali Word আফসানো, আপসানোEnglish definition [Pesian] (verb intransitive), (verb transitive) (1) make a boast; brag; bluster; boast; vaunt.
    (2) express disappointment/annoyance on account of failure; regret; lament. আফসানি (noun) (1) boasting; vaunting. (2) remorse; regret.
  • Bengali Word উঁচলানো, ওঁচলানোEnglish definition (verb intransitive) separate or blow away husks, dust, stones, etc from grain; winnow: চাল উঁচলানো
  • Bengali Word উখড়নো, উখড়ানো, ওখড়ানোEnglish definition (verb intransitive) uproot.
    (noun) extirpation. (adjective) uprooted; extirpated.
  • Bengali Word উগলানো, ওগরানোEnglish definition (verb transitive), (verb intransitive) (1) eject from the throat; disgorge; vomit.
    (2) (figurative) give up; hand over, surrender (something) taken wrongfully): চোরাইমাল উগলানো. (3) (figurative) give out/confess secrets. (4) (figurative) put down in an answer-script what has been committed to memory (without serious study).
  • Bengali Word উঠানোEnglish definition (verb intransitive), (verb transitive) (1) raise (something)/(somebody)) to a higher level or position; lift up.
    (2) set erect: খুঁটিটি উঠাও খোড়া করো set the pole erect. (3) ডাঙায় উঠানো haul up. (4) পতাকা উঠানো hoist a flag. (5) ব্যাংক থেকে টাকা উঠানো withdraw cash from a bank. (6) প্রস্তাব উঠানো/প্রশ্ন উঠানো/কথা উঠানো put up a proposal/raise a question/initiate a discussion topic. (7) pull out; extract: দাঁত উঠানো. (8) wash out; efface; remove: দাগ উঠানো. (9) awake; rouse: ঘুম থেকে উঠানো. (10) tear up by the roots; uproot: আগাছা উঠানো. (11) eject; evict: প্রজা উঠানো/ভাড়াটে উঠানো. (12) include in a list; enlist: তালিকায় উঠানো. (13) গাড়িতে উঠানো pick up: আমরা তাকে গাড়িতে উঠিয়ে নিলাম, we gave him a lift.
  • Bengali Word উড়ানো, ওড়ানোEnglish definition (verb transitive) (1) cause to fly; fly: সে ঘুড়ি উড়ায়, flies kites.
    (2) waste money; squander: সে টাকা উড়ায়, makes his money fly; spends it quickly and recklessly. উড়িয়ে দেওয়া (verb transitive) (1) let fly in the sky (by setting free): তিনি এক ঝাঁক কবুতর আকাশে উড়িয়ে দিলেন, he let a flight of pigeons loose; set them free. (2) cause to vanish; vanish: যাদুকর তাসটি উড়িয়ে দিলো, vanished the card. (3) neglect; disregard; slight; pay no heed/attention to: কথাটা উড়িয়ে দিয়ো না, don’t take it lightly.
  • Bengali Word উতরানোEnglish definition (verb intransitive), (verb transitive) (1) come/get down; descend.
    (2) reach/attain the goal. (3) be up to the mark; pass a test: রান্নাটা উতরেছে. (4) attain the set standard; turn out fairly well: লেখাটা উতরেছে. (5) be successful; pass the examination: পরীক্ষায় উতরানো. (6) pass away; come to an end: সময় উতরে গেছে. (7) get/cross over: নদী উতরানো. (8) pull oneself through; pass through: জীবন উতরে গেছে. (9) accomplish what one attempts; make good; prosper: জীবন সংগ্রামে সে উতরে গেছে. (10) (of liquids) boil over: দুধ উতরানো. (noun) (1) act of crossing a river/traversing a way. (2) act of being successful.
  • Bengali Word উথলানোEnglish definition (verb transitive) (1) become greater in volume; swell up: দুধ উথলানো.
    (2) surge up; roll on like waves: তার টাকা উথলে উঠেছে, he is rolling in wealth. উথলে ওঠা (verb transitive) (figurative) rise to affluence; become wealthy. উথলিত (adjective) puffed up; swollen; over-flowing.
  • Bengali Word উপচানোEnglish definition (verb intransitive), (verb transitive) flow over the edges (of); go beyond the limit (of).
    (adjective) over-flowing.
  • Bengali Word উপড়ানোEnglish definition (verb transitive) root out; uproot: আগাছা উপড়ানো
  • Bengali Word উবচানোEnglish definition = উপচানো
  • Bengali Word উবরানোEnglish definition (verb transitive) be in excess; exceed; be surplus
  • Bengali Word উল্টানোEnglish definition (verb transitive) turn upside down; overturn; capsize: নৌকাটি উল্টে গেল, The boat capsized.
    কথা উল্টানো disown one’s own word.
  • Bengali Word উসকানোEnglish definition (verb transitive) (1) incite; instigate; goad (somebody) to do (something).
    (2) increase the light; brighten up; প্রদীপের শিখা উসকানো, trim up the wick of a lamp. উসকে দেওয়া (verb transitive) stir up; provoke; instigate. উসকানি (noun) instigation; incitement.
  • Bengali Word ওগরানোEnglish definition = উগরানো
  • Bengali Word ওটকানোEnglish definition = উটকানো
  • Bengali Word কচলানোEnglish definition (verb transitive) wash by rubbing; cleanse; wring
  • Bengali Word কপচানোEnglish definition (verb transitive) (1) utter or reproduce set words of speech like a parrot (ie without understanding the import of what is said).
    (2) learn something by rote; memorize something. (3) prattle empty words in order to parade one’s learning.
  • Bengali Word করানোEnglish definition (verb transitive) have something done by another; cause something to be done: তোমাকে দিয়ে কাজ করানো যাবে না
  • Bengali Word কাতরানোEnglish definition (verb intransitive) utter a low rumbling sound through pain; moan; groan: জ্বরে কাতরা.
    কাতরানি (noun) cry of anguish; moaning; groaning.
  • Bengali Word কামড়ানোEnglish definition (verb intransitive), (verb transitive) (1) pierce or grip with the teeth.
    (2) wound with the sting (as by a mosquito). (3) have a biting sensation: পেট কামড়ানো, stomach-ache; হাত-পা কামড়ানো. কামড়ানি (noun) act of biting; biting.
  • Bengali Word কামানোEnglish definition (verb transitive) (1) gain (money) by labour; earn: পয়সা কামানো.
    (2) cut off hair from the skin; shave: দাঁড়ি কামানো. (3) (slang) abusive word used to express anger or temper: এতক্ষণ কামাচ্ছিলে নাকি? what hell have you been doing so long?
  • পিণ্ড চটকানো (verb intransitive) 1 crush lump of food offered to the deceased ancestors.