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  • Bengali Word চটক ২English definition(noun) a fascinating/glamorous show. চটকদার (adjective) having a spectacular appearance; glamorous; attractive.

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  • Bengali Word চটক ১English definition (noun) a small brownish-grey bird; the sparrow
  • Bengali Word চটকানোEnglish definition (verb transitive) press and squeeze some soft thing with the hands to make a paste of it
  • Bengali Word অশোক ২English definition (noun) the famous emperor of ancient Magadha.
    অশোক লিপি (noun) inscriptions of Ashoka. অশোক চক্র (noun) the symbolic wheel connected With emperor Ashoka; the emblem of the official flag of lndia. অশোকস্তম্ভ (noun) pillar erected by Ashoka with inscription of Buddhist teachings.
  • Bengali Word ক ২English definition (verb transitive) (in imperative mood) (colloquial) say; tell: ক, কে ছিল তোর সাথে
  • Bengali Word চক ২English definition (noun) broad open space of the shape of a square or rectangle.
    (2) a meeting place of streets in a city; a market place in a village: চক বাজার, চাঁদনি চক. (3) a square space surrounded by buildings. চক বন্দি, চক বন্দী (noun) the settlement of boundary of plots of land. চক মিলান (noun) line of buildings round a square: চক-মিলান বাড়ি.
  • Bengali Word চেক ২English definition [English] (noun) a printed form containing an order to a bank to pay a certain amount of money from one’s account; a bank cheque.
    চেক কাটা (verb intransitive) issue or draw a cheque. চেক ভাঙ্গানো/ চেক ভাঙানো (verb intransitive) cash a cheque. চেক অগ্রাহ্য করা dishonour a cheque. চেক দাখিলা (noun) descriptive rent-receipt containing the particulars about the land and its tenancy. চেক বই (noun) a cheque book (of a bank). চেক মুড়ি (noun) the counterfoil of a descriptive rent-receipt.
  • Bengali Word টঙ্ক ২English definition (noun) hatchet; a spade; hoe
  • Bengali Word ঠমক ২English definition (noun) the arts of coquette; coquetry; dalliance; flirtation
  • Bengali Word ডাক ২English definition [Hindi] (noun) (1) the postal system of collecting; carrying and delivering letters and parcels: ডাক বিভাগ.
    (2) a postal collection or delivery; one collection/delivery of letters, etc; post; mail: আজকের ডাকে যাবে. (3) a batch or bag of letters, parcels, etc carried or conveyed by post: বিলাতের ডাক. ডাক খরচা/ ডাক মাসুল (noun) postal charge; postage. ডাকগাড়ি (noun) a mail-coach; a mail-van; a mail train. ডাকঘর (noun) office where postal business is carried on; a post office. ডাকের থলি (noun) bag in which mails are carried; mail-bag. ডাক টিকিট (noun) postage. ডাক পিয়ন (noun) person who collects and delivers postal packages; a postman. ডাকবাক্স (noun) (1) box into which letters are dropped for collection; a letter box. (2) a numbered box in a post office for mails addressed to an individual or company; post office box. ডাক বিভাগ (noun) the postal department. ডাক মাসুল = ডাক খরচা. ডাক হরকরা (noun) a postman; a mail-runner. ডাকে, ডাকযোগে (adverb) by post. ফেরত ডাক next/return mail. ফেরত ডাকে by return of post; by return mail.
  • Bengali Word ডেক ২English definition [English] (noun) the platform or floor of a ship or bus; deck
  • Bengali Word ঢক ২English definition (noun) shape; form; appearance; cut: বে-ঢক
  • Bengali Word তঞ্চক ২English definition (noun) (1) contraction; shrinking.
    (2) (chemistry) change of a fluid into a fixed state; coagulation.
  • Bengali Word তবক ২English definition [Arabic] (noun) a leaf or foil of gold or silver
  • Bengali Word তাক ২English definition [Persian] (noun) a board fixed along a wall or an almirah to support articles; a shelf
  • Bengali Word তান্ত্রিক ২English definition (suffix) used with nouns to form adjectives: গণতান্ত্রিক, বস্তু তান্ত্রিক
  • Bengali Word তিলক ২English definition (noun) a mark of sandal-paste on the body resembling a sesame blossom: অলকা তিলক
  • Bengali Word তৌলিক ২English definition (noun) a weighman
  • Bengali Word দমক ২English definition (noun) sudden blast/burst; flash; gust; spell: বাতাসের দমক
  • Bengali Word দিক্‌ ২, দিক ২English definition (noun) annoyance; vexation; irritation; teasing; torment; trouble.
    দিক্‌দারি = দিক্‌. দিক্‌ দারি করা (verb transitive) tease; torment; plague; annoy; ves; irritate.
  • Bengali Word ধাবক ২English definition (adjective) washing; cleansing: ধাবক পদার্থ.
    (noun) washerman.
  • Bengali Word পাক ২English definition (noun) ripening; greyness.
    পাক ধরা (verb intransitive) begin to (turn) grey.
  • Bengali Word পালক ২English definition (adjective) (1) guarding; protecting; nourishing; preserving; cherishing; supporting; bringing up; maintaining; rearing; breeding; fostering; nursing; defending.
    (2) observing: নিয়ম পালক. (noun) guardian; protector; preserver; defender. (2) foster-father. (3) maintainer; nurse; breeder; groom; keeper. (4) ruler; sovereign; prince. (5) observer. পালক ছেলে (noun) adopted son. পালক-পিতা (noun) foster-father.
  • Bengali Word পিক ২English definition (noun) spittle (coloured red by chewing betel-leaf).
    পিক ফেলা (verb intransitive) spit (after chewing betel). পিকদান, পিকদানি (noun) spitting pot; spittoon.
  • Bengali Word ফাঁক ২English definition (adjective) (1) uncovered; open: ফাঁক জায়গা.
    (2) empty; desolate; vacant: ফাঁক বাড়ি. (3) lonely; solitary. (4) vain; hollow; worthless; futile: ফাঁক কথা. (5) blank; বন্দুকের ফাঁক আওয়াজ  (6) extra: কিছু ফাঁক রোজগারের সুযোগ. ফাঁক – ফাঁক ঠেকা (verb intransitive) seem almost empty or desolate. ফাঁক কথা (noun) vain talk; futility. ফাঁকায় ফাঁকায় (adverb) (1) at every pore. (2) unobservedly. (3) eeping aloof; unconcernedly.
  • Bengali Word ফিক ২English definition (noun) (onomatopoeia) (devoting) giggle; titter; snigger.
    ফিক-ফিক (noun) the giggles; titters. ফিক-ফিক করা (verb transitive) giggle; titter; snigger.
  • Bengali Word বাঁক ২English definition (noun) (1) (nautical) strong plank used in building the keel of a boat.
    (2) bend of a river.
  • Bengali Word বারিক ২English definition [Persian] (noun) fine; thin; slender; beautiful
  • Bengali Word বার্ষিক ২English definition (adjective) (1) relating/ belonging to rainy season.
    (2) to be given or received in the rainy season.
  • Bengali Word বাসক ২English definition (adjective) perfuming; fumigating
  • Bengali Word বুক ২English definition [English] (noun) booking.
    বুক করা (verb transitive) book (seats etc); book (goods). বুকিং অফিস (noun) booking office. বুকিং ক্লার্ক (noun) booking clerk.