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  • Bengali Word গায়েবিEnglish definition[Arabic] (adjective) (1) unseen. (2) queer; fantastic. (3) hidden; concealed. (4) beyond comprehension; mysterious: গায়েবি খুন.

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  • Bengali Word গায়কEnglish definition (noun) a singer; a songster.
    গায়িকা (feminine) = গায়ক.
  • Bengali Word গায়ত্রীEnglish definition 1 Vedic incantation.
    (2) Vedic metre of versification .
  • Bengali Word গায়র মহরমEnglish definition [Arabic] (adjective) one with whom marital relation is allowed under the law
  • Bengali Word গায়েনEnglish definition (adjective) one who sings.
    (noun) a singer. মূল গায়েন (noun) the leading person of a party of singers.
  • Bengali Word গায়েবEnglish definition [Arabic] (adjective) (1) hidden; invisible; unseen.
    (2) misappropriated.
  • Bengali Word গায়ের মুকাল্লিদEnglish definition [Arabic] (adjective) one who is not a follower of any of the four Imams; not an orthodox Muslim
  • Bengali Word গায়ের হাজিরEnglish definition [Arabic] (adjective) not present; absent
  • Bengali Word সাহেবিEnglish definition (adjective) like the English/ Europeans; English; European.
     (noun) English/ European dress or style of living as adopted by foreigners; Englishness; Europeanism; English/ European life-style. সাহেবিয়ানা (noun) = সাহেবি.