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  • Bengali Word গরু, গোরুEnglish definition(noun) (1) the cow. (2) the ox; the bull: গরুর গাড়ি. (3) a cow. (4) (ridi) an illiterate person; an idiot. গরু খোঁজা করা (verb transitive) look for (something) frantically; move heaven and earth to find out (something). গরুচোর (noun) a cattle-lifter; one who steals/ has stolen a cow. গরু মেরে জুতা দান (prov) the ridiculous idea of making amends for committing a heinous sin with a small gift. গরুর গাড়ি (noun) a bullock-cart. গরুর পাল (noun) a herd of cows.