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  • Bengali Word খই, খৈEnglish definition(noun) toasted paddy or other grain: ধানের খই, ভুট্টার খই. খই ফোটা (verb intransitive) burst open noisily in the process of being toasted; (figurative) talk much and fast: তার মুখে খই ফোটে. খই ভাজা (verb intransitive) make খই by toasting paddy. খই চালা (noun) a sieve for sifting খই from husks and wastes.(verb intransitive) sift খই from husk with a sieve. খইচুর (noun) globules of sweets made of খই by boiling in sugar malt. খই ঢেকুর, খইয়া ঢেকুর (noun) belching with a smell of খই caused by indigestion. খইয়া ধান (noun) paddy that gives best quality খই.