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Nearby Words | অনুরূপ শব্দসমূহ

  • Bengali Word কুয়তEnglish definition = কুওত
  • Bengali Word কুয়া, কুয়োEnglish definition (dialect) (noun) a shaft hollowed out of the earth with sides supported by bricks or earthenware rings for obtaining water from the underground source; a ring-well; a draw-well
  • Bengali Word আমাশয়, আমাশাEnglish definition (colloquial) dysentery
  • Bengali Word উত্তমাশাEnglish definition [উত্তম+আশা] (noun) the South African promontory called the Cape of Good Hope
  • Bengali Word কর্মনাশাEnglish definition (adjective), (noun) one who/ that which spoils or bungles an action: তাস দাবা পাশা এ-তিন কর্মনাশা
  • Bengali Word কাশাEnglish definition (verb intransitive), (verb transitive) send out air from the lungs violently and noisily to expel phlegm; expectorate
  • Bengali Word তামাশাEnglish definition [Arabic] (noun) (1) an entertaining and amusing performance; a joke; a jest; a fun; a sport.
    (2) a display of interesting and instructive things; an exhibition; a public show. তামাশা করা (verb intransitive) make fun (of); joke; jest. তামাশা দেখা (verb intransitive) enjoy a show; find fun in. তামাশা দেখানো (verb intransitive) give a show; arrange an entertaining performance. এ তামাশা নয় It’s no joke.
  • Bengali Word দুরাশাEnglish definition (noun) vain hope; despair
  • Bengali Word প্রত্যাশাEnglish definition (noun) hope; expectation; trust; longing; awaiting; prospect.
    প্রত্যাশা করা (verb intransitive) hope/long for; expect; await; trust.
  • Bengali Word বিপাশাEnglish definition (noun) the Beas (river in the Punjab)