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  • Bengali Word কাঁচি ২English definition(adjective) (1) short of or below the standard: কাঁচি ওজন (formerly in use). (2) (of cloth) very closely woven: কাঁচি ধুতি. (3) (curd) made of unboiled milk: কাঁচি দই.

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  • Bengali Word কাঁচEnglish definition (noun) (1) hard transparent and fragile substance made by the fusion of silicates with alkalis, used for manufacturing mirrors, bottles and drinking or other kinds of vessels; glass
  • Bengali Word কাঁচকড়াEnglish definition (noun) (1) the shell of a tortoise.
    (2) the soft bony part in the jaw of a whale. (3) superior vulcanized rubber; ebonite; vulcanite.
  • Bengali Word কাঁচকলাEnglish definition (noun) a species of plantain chiefly used in its green state as vegetable.
    আদায় কাঁচকলায় (adverb) in a state of estrangement; at daggers drawn (with somebody); at loggerheads with.
  • Bengali Word কাঁচপোকাEnglish definition (noun) species of bright green beetle with a hard covering on its tail, the bits of which are used by women as decoration for the forehead
  • Bengali Word কাঁচলিEnglish definition = কাঁচুলি
  • Bengali Word কাঁচাEnglish definition (adjective) (1) not ripe; unripe; green: কাঁচা আম.
    (2) uncooked; unboiled; raw: কাঁচা মাংস, কাঁচা দুধ. (3) immature; young: কাঁচা বয়স. (4) made of mud or earth and not brick or stones: কাঁচা ঘর, কাঁচা রাস্তা. (5) lacking; wanting; weak; deficient: অঙ্কে কাঁচা. (6) inexperienced; inexpert: কাঁচা হাত. (7) temporary; provisional: কাঁচা রসিদ. (8) undried; unsunned; unseasoned: কাঁচা কাঠ, কাঁচা হলুদ. (9) not permanent; not fast: কাঁচা রং. (10) faulty; defective; carelessly done: কাঁচা কাজ. কাঁচা কলা = কাঁচকলা. কাঁচা কাজ (noun) (1) unwise act. (2) faulty work. কাঁচাকাঁচা (adverb), (adjective) in the state of growing; not fully ripe or mature. কাঁচাগোল্লা (noun) round sweet made of posset, not dipped in syrup. কাঁচা ঘুম (noun) sleep in the primary stage. কাঁচা চুল (noun) hair not yet grey; black hair. কাঁচা টাকা (noun) metal money. কাঁচা পয়সা (noun) money obtained by unfair or underhand means; easy money. কাঁচা বাজার (noun) market where fish, meat and other perishables are sold. কাঁচা মরিচ (noun) green chillies. কাঁচামাল (noun) the raw materials of industry. কাঁচা মিঠা (adjective) sweet though unripe; sweet in the unripe state. কাঁচা রাস্তা (noun) unmetalled road. কাঁচা লেখা (noun) (1) not a set hand in writing. (2) writing which is not of a mature literary standard. কাঁচা সোনা (noun) pure gold. কাঁচা হলুদ (noun) turmeric which is raw and not yet dried. কাঁচা হাত (noun) unskilled hand, not practised. কাঁচা হিসাব (noun) rough account or estimate.
  • Bengali Word কাঁচি ১English definition [Hindi] (noun) cutting tool consisting of two blades each crossing the other and fixed at a pivot; (pair of) scissors. আমার কাঁচি কোথায়? where are my scissors? কাঁচিটি কোথায়? where is the pair of scissors?
    আমার কাঁচি কোথায়? where are my scissors? কাঁচিটি কোথায়? where is the pair of scissors?
  • Bengali Word কাঁচু-মাচুEnglish definition (adjective) shrunken with extreme modesty or fear, etc; embarrassed; hesitant; shame-faced.
    কাঁচু-মাচু হয়ে বলা speak with delicacy/diffidently/hesitatingly.
  • Bengali Word কাঁচুলিEnglish definition (noun) women’s close-fitting, undergarment for the bosom
  • Bengali Word কাঁচ্চাEnglish definition (noun) measure of weight of the smallest denomination prevalent before the introduction of the metric system
  • Bengali Word বীচি ২English definition (noun) (1) wave; ripple; billow.
    (2) ray; beam; বীচি ক্ষোভ, বীচি বিক্ষোভ (noun(s)) agitation/ roughness of waves. বীচি ক্ষুব্ধ, বীচি বিক্ষুব্ধ (adjective) agitated with waves; turbulent; rugged; surging choppy; rolling; billowy. বীচি তরঙ্গন্যায় (noun) wave-undulation method (or the rule by which sound reaches the ear, a term used to denote successive operation). বীচি বিক্ষেপ (noun) curling and falling of waves. বীচি ভঙ্গ (noun) breaking of waves (over/on/against); breaker. বীচিমালা (noun) string/series of waves. বীচিমালী (adjective) ‘wave-garlanded’. (noun) (1) ocean. (2) sun.
  • Bengali Word মুচি ২English definition (noun) (1) crucible.
    (2) tiny saucer-shaped earthen vessel (for making cakes etc). (3) green coconut within which there is no water and no kernel.