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  • Bengali Word একাকারEnglish definition[এক+আকার] (adjective) (1) mixed up together. (2) having no difference/distinction; equal. (3) of the same shape or form. একাকার করা (verb transitive) mix up. একাকার হওয়া (verb transitive) be in a mess/confusion. একাকারা (feminine) = একাকার.

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  • Bengali Word একাEnglish definition (adjective) alone; solitary; unaccompanied.
    (adverb) singly; alone: সে একাই একশো, He is a host in himself. একা-একা (adverb) by oneself; single-handed.
  • Bengali Word একাংশEnglish definition [এক+অংশ] (noun) one part/portion
  • Bengali Word একাগ্র, একাগ্রচিত্তEnglish definition (adjective) having the mind bent on an object; closely attentive, intent on.
    একাগ্রতা (noun) intentness; single-mindedness; concentration. একাগ্রচিত্তে (adverb) intently; single-mindedly; with undivided attention.
  • Bengali Word একাট্টাEnglish definition [Hindi] (adjective) (1) united or associated in affections or principles; combined; concerted.
    (2) assembled or collected in one place.
  • Bengali Word একাডেমী, একাডেমিEnglish definition [English] (noun) (1) centre for the culture and research in art, literature or science; academy: বাংলা একাডেমী, শিল্পকলা একাডেমী, ইসলামিক একাডেমী.
    (2) the garden in Athens where Plato lectured.
  • Bengali Word একাত্তরEnglish definition (noun) the number seventy-one.
    (adjective) seventy-first.
  • Bengali Word একাত্মতাEnglish definition = একাত্মা
  • Bengali Word একাত্মবাদEnglish definition (noun) (philosophy) the Vedantic doctrine of universal Spirit; the doctrine that the universe is the immanence of Brahma; pantheism.
    একাত্মবাদী (noun) believer in this doctrine; a monist.
  • Bengali Word একাত্মাEnglish definition (adjective) (of groups of people) of one spirit; sharing the same views and ideas.
    একাত্মতা (noun) oneness of spirit; identity of purpose; solidarity: ছাত্রগণ ধর্মঘটী শ্রমিকদের সাথে একাত্মা ঘোষণা করে, The students declared solidarity with the striking labourers.
  • Bengali Word একাদশEnglish definition (noun) eleven.
    (adjective) eleventh.
  • Bengali Word একাদশীEnglish definition (noun) (1) the eleventh day of the lunar fortnight.
    (2) the fast enjoined on the Hindus on this day. (adjective) (feminine) eleven years old.
  • Bengali Word একাদিক্রমেEnglish definition (adverb) (1) in serial order from the first.
    (2) in an uninterrupted sequence; consecutively; successively: একাদিক্রমে পাঁচ দিন, for five days consecutively
  • Bengali Word একাধারEnglish definition (noun) one and the same vessel/object/person.
    একাধারে (adverb) in one and the same person or thing: তিনি একাধারে কবি ও সঙ্গীত শিল্পী.
  • Bengali Word একাধিকEnglish definition [এক+অধিক] (adjective) more than one.
    একাধিকবার (adjective) more than once.
  • Bengali Word একাধিকারEnglish definition [এক+অধিকার] (noun) exclusive rights; monopoly
  • Bengali Word একাধিপতিEnglish definition [এক+অধিপতি] (noun) the sole/sovereign/paramount ruler; one who is all in all.
    একাধিপত্য (noun) undisputed sway; absolute rule; paramountcy; domination.
  • Bengali Word একানব্বইEnglish definition (noun), (adjective) ninety-one
  • Bengali Word একান্তEnglish definition [এক+অন্ত] (adjective) (1) extreme; overwhelming: একান্ত বিপদে পড়েই এসেছি.
    (2) sure; certain. (3) earnest; ardent: একান্ত অনুরোধ. (4) private; personal: একান্ত সচিব. একান্ত পক্ষে (also একান্তই) (adverb) (1) if at all. (2) in the least. একান্তে (adverb) in private; privately; confidentially.
  • Bengali Word একান্তরEnglish definition (adjective) every other; every second; alternate.
    একান্তর কোণ (noun) (geometry) alternate angle.
  • Bengali Word একান্ন ১English definition (noun), (adjective) fifty-one
  • Bengali Word একান্ন ২, একান্নবর্তী, একান্নভুক্তEnglish definition (adjective) living and eating jointly; living in one family.
    একান্নবর্তী পরিবার (noun) descendants of a common ancestor living and eating jointly; a joint family.
  • Bengali Word একাবলীEnglish definition (noun) (1) one-stringed necklace.
    (2) variety of Bengali metrical foot.
  • Bengali Word একামতEnglish definition = আকামত
  • Bengali Word একার১English definition (noun) letter ‘এ’ or its symbol.
    একারাদি (adjective) (word) beginning with ‘এ’: একারাদি শব্দ, একারান্ত (adjective) (word) ending with ‘এ’ or its symbol: একারান্ত শব্দ.
  • Bengali Word একার২English definition (possessive case) (noun) of one only: এটা আমার একার, This is mine only
  • Bengali Word একার্থ, একার্থকEnglish definition (adjective) (1) having one and the same meaning; synonymous.
    (2) having one and the same purpose. একার্থতা (noun) synonymity. একার্থবোধক (adjective) having similar meaning; synonymic.
  • Bengali Word একালEnglish definition (noun) (1) present times; modern times.
    (2) the mortal life. একাল ওকাল (noun) (1) the earthly life and the life hereafter. (2) the present or modern times and the ancient age. একাল সেকাল (noun) the present and the past times.
  • Bengali Word একাশিEnglish definition (noun), (adjective) eighty-one.
    একাশিতম (adjective) eighty-first.
  • Bengali Word একাশ্রয়English definition (এক+আশ্রয়) (adjective) depending on only one for support; having no other means or alternative
  • Bengali Word একাসনEnglish definition (noun) the same and the only seat.
    (adjective) having no seat but one.