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  • Bengali Word ইশকাপনEnglish definition(noun) [D] playing card of black suit; spade.

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  • Bengali Word উত্থাপনEnglish definition (noun) act of introducing/moving (a bill, proposal, etc.) উত্থাপন করা (verb intransitive), (verb transitive) introduce; propose; move (a bill, etc.).
    ) উত্থাপন করা (verb intransitive), (verb transitive) introduce; propose; move (a bill, etc.). আপত্তি উত্থাপন করা, প্রশ্ন উত্থাপন করা raise an objection, etc. উত্থাপনীয় (adjective) (fit) to be raised/moved/brought forward. উত্থাপিত (adjective) that has been raised/put up.
  • Bengali Word উদ্‌যাপন, উদযাপনEnglish definition (noun) (1) ceremonial observance/celebration (of an event; occasion, etc): আন্তর্জাতিক শিশুদিবস উদ্‌যাপন, বিবাহ বার্ষিকী উদ্‌যাপন.
    উদ্‌যাপন করা (verb transitive) mark an event with public or private rejoicings; celebrate. উদ্‌যাপিত (adjective) (an occasion, etc) observed with appropriate solemnity; celebrated.
  • Bengali Word উপস্থাপনEnglish definition (noun) act of introducing or conducting a musical or discussion programme before the audience.
    উপস্থাপন করা (verb transitive) introduce or bring forward. উপস্থাপক (adjective) one who introduces or conducts such a programme. উপস্থাপিত (adjective) what has been presented.
  • Bengali Word জ্ঞাপনEnglish definition (noun) act of informing/ apprising/intimating; information; intimation; communication; indication; expression.
    জ্ঞাপন করা (verb transitive)inform; intimate; indicate; communicate; circulate. জ্ঞাপনকারী (noun) one who informs. জ্ঞাপনকারিণী (feminine) = জ্ঞাপন. জ্ঞাপনপত্র (noun) an official statement of news; a bulletin.
  • Bengali Word তাপনEnglish definition (noun) (1) generation of heat.
    (2) application of heat. (3) the sun.
  • Bengali Word পরিসমাপনEnglish definition = পরিসমাপ্তি
  • Bengali Word প্রখ্যাপনEnglish definition (noun) (1) making known; proclamation; acclaimation; report.
    (2) promulgation. প্রখ্যাপন করা (verb transitive) make known; celebrate; acclaim; proclaim; announce; promulgate.
  • Bengali Word প্রজ্ঞাপনEnglish definition (noun) (1) notification.
    (2) communiqué. (3) publicity; propaganda.
  • Bengali Word প্রতাপনEnglish definition (noun) making hot; heating; paining; tormenting
  • Bengali Word প্রস্থাপনEnglish definition (noun) causing to depart; sending away; dismissing; dispatching
  • Bengali Word প্রস্বাপনEnglish definition (adjective) opiate; soporific
  • Bengali Word বাপনEnglish definition (noun) causing to sow
  • Bengali Word বিখ্যাপনEnglish definition (noun) announcing; publishing; commendation; glorification; exaltation; publicity
  • Bengali Word বিজ্ঞাপনEnglish definition (noun) advertisement; notification; announcement; information; communication; notice; circular; placard; bill; petition.
    বিজ্ঞাপন করা/দেওয়া (verb transitive) advertise; announce; notify; bill. বিজ্ঞাপন দাতা (noun) advertiser. বিজ্ঞাপন দাত্রী (feminine).
  • Bengali Word যাপনEnglish definition (noun) passing; spending (as time); living: জীবনযাপন, বসন্তযাপন.
    যাপন করা (verb transitive) pass; spend; live; pass through.
  • Bengali Word সংজ্ঞাপনEnglish definition (noun) apprising; informing; announcement; advertisement
  • Bengali Word সংস্থাপনEnglish definition (noun) establishment; foundation; setting up.
    সংস্থাপন করা (verb transitive) establish; found; set up. সংস্থাপন মন্ত্রণালয় (noun) ministry of establishment.
  • Bengali Word সমাপনEnglish definition (noun) completion; completing; conclusion; end; ending; close; finishing; finish; fulfilment.
    সমাপন করা (verb transitive) end; bring to an end; complete; conclude; finish; put an end to; close; terminate; fulfil. সমাপন হওয়া (verb intransitive) end; close; be finished/ concluded/ completed; come to an end; be fulfilled. সমাপন সঙ্গীত closing/ concluding song.
  • Bengali Word স্থাপনEnglish definition (noun) (1) establishing; establishment;
    (2) fixing; application: দৃষ্টি স্থাপন. (3) setting (up). (4) maintaining; preserving; storing; keeping. স্থাপন করা (verb transitive) (1) establish; found; raise; institute; place; put; set (up); deposit; install. (2) fix; apply; maintain; preserve; store; keep স্থাপনা (noun) = স্থাপন.