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  • Bengali Word অভিযানEnglish definition(noun) expedition for military conquest or adventurous exploration: এভারেষ্ট অভিযান.

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  • Bengali Word অভিEnglish definition (prefix) denoting proximity, similarity, front, approach, frequency. etc
  • Bengali Word অভিকর্ষEnglish definition (noun) (physics) gravitational attraction
  • Bengali Word অভিকেন্দ্রEnglish definition (adjective) tending to move in the direction of the centre; centripetal.
    অভিকেন্দ্রবল (noun) centripetal force.
  • Bengali Word অভিক্ষেপEnglish definition (noun) standing out beyond an edge or surface; projection.
    অভিক্ষেপতল (noun) plane of projection.
  • Bengali Word অভিজাতEnglish definition (adjective) aristocratic; high-born.
    অভিজাততন্ত্র (noun) government by the aristocracy.
  • Bengali Word অভিজ্ঞEnglish definition (adjective) specialized; expert.
    (2) wise; experienced; well-versed; veteran. অভিজ্ঞা (feminine) = অভিজ্ঞ. অভিজ্ঞতা (noun) experience; skill.
  • Bengali Word অভিজ্ঞা ২English definition (noun) intuition; memory.
    অভিজ্ঞান (noun) token of recognition; keepsake. অভিজ্ঞান-পত্র (noun) letter of introduction; identity card.
  • Bengali Word অভিধাEnglish definition (noun) (1) name; appellation; title.
    (2) connotation/denotation of a word.
  • Bengali Word অভিধানEnglish definition (noun) dictionary; lexicon.
    অভিধান দেখা (verb intransitive), (verb transitive) consult/ look up a dictionary. অভিধান রচনা করা (verb transitive) compile a dictionary. অভিধানকার (noun) lexicographer.
  • Bengali Word অভিনন্দনEnglish definition (noun) (1) an expression of joy for someone's success, good luck, etc; congratulations; felicitations.
    (2) tribute of respect paid at formal reception; felicitous eulogy. অভিনন্দন জানানো (verb transitive) congratulate; felicitate. অভিনন্দনপত্র (noun) an address of welcome. অভিনন্দিত (adjective) congratulated; felicitated; received with honour.
  • Bengali Word অভিনবEnglish definition (adjective) (1) new and novel; recent.
    (2) newly devised/ produced; new-fashioned. (3) never having happened before; unprecedented. অভিনবত্ব, অভিনবতা (noun) novelty; the quality of being new.
  • Bengali Word অভিনয়English definition (noun) theatrical performance; acting in the role of a dramatic character.
    অভিনয় করা (verb intransitive), (verb transitive) play the part/ act the role at a dramatic character. অভিনেতা/অভিনেত্রী (noun) actor/ actress.
  • Bengali Word অভিনিবেশEnglish definition (noun) (1) attention.
    (2) concentration; single-mindedness; rapt attention. (3) assiduity; earnest exertion. অভিনিবিষ্ট (adjective) absorbed in; deeply engrossed. অভিনিবেশ পূর্বক (adverb) with rapt attention.
  • Bengali Word অভিন্নEnglish definition (adjective) (1) not different/ dissimilar; identical.
    (2) not separate; one and the same. (3) not severed/ detached; undivided. অভিন্নতা, অভিন্নত্ব (noun) identity; sameness; entirety; uniformity; similarity. অভিন্ন পরিবার (noun) joint family. অভিন্ন হৃদয় বন্ধু (noun) bosom friend.
  • Bengali Word অভিপ্রায়English definition (noun) (1) a feeling of having or doing (something); wish; desire.
    (2) that which is aimed at; aim; intention; object; purpose; design. (3) meaning; significance; purport. (4) opinion. অভিপ্রায় করা (verb transitive) desire; intend; mean; signify; design.
  • Bengali Word অভিপ্রেতEnglish definition (adjective) desired; intended; meant; contemplated; designed; purported
  • Bengali Word অভিবাদনEnglish definition (noun) salutation; greeting; obeisance.
    অভিবাদন করা (verb transitive) salute; greet; bow; make obeisance. অভিবাদক (adjective) one who greets/ salutes.
  • Bengali Word অভিবাসনEnglish definition (noun) settling into another country; immigration.
    অভিবাসী (adjective) immigrant.
  • Bengali Word অভিব্যক্তিEnglish definition (noun) (1) unfolding; expression; manifestation.
    (2) gradual development; evolution. অভিব্যক্ত (adjective) unfolded; made clear/ apparent; developed; expressed; evident. অভিব্যক্ত করা (verb transitive) express; make known/ manifest. অভিব্যক্তি বাদ (noun) theory of evolution.
  • Bengali Word অভিব্যপ্তEnglish definition (adjective) overspread; diffused.
    অভিব্যাপ্তি (noun) diffusion.
  • Bengali Word অভিভাষণ English definition (noun) an address; a public/ platform speech.
  • Bengali Word অভিভূতEnglish definition (adjective) (1) overcome; defeated. 2 attacked; overwhelmed; embarrassed; non-plussed; bewildered.
    (2) attacked; overwhelmed; embarrassed; non-plussed; bewildered. (3) deeply impressed.
  • Bengali Word অভিমতEnglish definition (noun) (1) desire; intention; choice.
    (2) opinion; (adjective) approved; permitted.
  • Bengali Word অভিমানEnglish definition (noun) (1) offended state of mind; pique; sensitiveness; mental perturbation (caused by undesirable conduct of a near and dear one).
    (2) pride; conceit; egoism. (3) sense of self-respect. অভিমান করা (verb intransitive) be in huff; take a pique at (somebody). অভিমানী (adjective) sensitive; proud; haughty অভিমানিনী (feminine).
  • Bengali Word অভিমুখEnglish definition (noun) the direction at approach: ঢাকা অভিমুখে যাত্রা.
    (adjective) facing; moving; towards bound for: গৃহাভিমুখ অভিমুখী (feminine) = অভিমুখ (adjective). অভিমুখে (adverb) in the direction of; to; towards: সে ঢাকা অভিমুখে যাত্রা করলো, he started for Dhaka.
  • Bengali Word অভিযুক্তEnglish definition (adjective) (1) accused; charged; one against whom a charge has been brought.
    (2) defendant in a criminal case. (3) respondent in a civil suit. অভিযোক্তা (noun), (adjective) accuser; complainant; plaintiff. অভিযুক্ত করা (verb transitive) charge; accuse; prosecute; bring an action/ lodge a complaint against. অভিযুক্ত হওয়া (verb transitive) be accused of/ charged with/ prosecuted.
  • Bengali Word অভিযোগEnglish definition (noun) complaint; accusation; charge; allegation; legal prosecution.
    অভিযোগ করা (verb transitive) complain; lodge a complaint; accuse; bring a charge/ legal action; prosecute in a court of law. অভিযোগকারী same as অভিযোক্তা (অভিযুক্ত). অভিযোগপত্র (noun) charge-sheet.
  • Bengali Word অভিরূচিEnglish definition (noun) (1) wish; desire; intention.
    (2) inclination; liking; taste; pleasure. আপনার যেরূপ অভিরূচি (হয়) as you please.
  • Bengali Word অভিলষণীয়English definition (adjective) desirable; covetable.
  • Bengali Word অভিলাষEnglish definition (noun) wish; desire; intention; pleasure.
    অভিলাষ করা (verb transitive) desire; wish for; long/ yearn for. অভিলষিত (adjective) desired; wished for; intended. অভিলাষী (adjective) desirous; wishful; wishing; craving. অভিলাষিণী (feminine) = অভিলাষ. অভিলাষী হওয়া (verb transitive) be desirous of; crave for.
  • সাঁড়াশি-অভিযান (noun) pincer-movement.