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  • Bengali Word অচিনEnglish definition(adjective) (dialect) unknown; unidentified: অচিন পাখি. (noun) an outsider; a stranger; one who is unfamiliar.

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  • Bengali Word অচিকিৎসকEnglish definition (noun) a quack; a charlatan
  • Bengali Word অচিকিৎসাEnglish definition (noun) want of medical treatment; faulty medical treatment; quackery, অচিকিৎস্য.
    অচিকিৎসনীয় (adjective) what cannot be cured; incurable; irremediable.
  • Bengali Word অচিকীর্ষুEnglish definition (adjective) averse to work; indolent; lazy
  • Bengali Word অচিন্তনীয়, অচিন্ত্যEnglish definition (adjective) unthinkable; beyond imagination
  • Bengali Word অচিন্তিত, অচিন্তিতপূর্বEnglish definition (adjective) what could not be conceived of before; unthought of; unexpected
  • Bengali Word অচিরEnglish definition (adjective) not durable; transitory; brief; short.
    অচিরতা (noun) the condition of being transient; transitoriness. অচিরকালে (adverb) within a short time; before long; shortly; soon. অচিরজীবী (adjective) not everlasting; perishable; transient; ephemeral. অচিরদ্যুতি, অচিরপ্রভা (noun) flash of light that precedes thunder; lightning. অচিরস্থায়ী (adjective) not permanent; transitory; momentary. অচিরে (adverb) without delay; soon; immediately.
  • Bengali Word অচিহ্নিতEnglish definition (adjective) unmarked: without an Identifying mark.
    অচিহ্নিত কর্মচারী (noun) uncovenanted employee.
  • Bengali Word অচিরাৎEnglish definition (adverb) in no time; soon; immediately; suddenly