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বর্ণমালা অনুক্রমে শব্দ খুঁজুন

  • Bengali Word শরিয়ত, শরীয়তEnglish definition[Arabic] noun(s) revealed law; law statute; ordinance; justice; equity.
  • Bengali Word শরিয়তিEnglish definition[Arabic] (adjective) legal; conform to revealed law; law abiding; dogmatic.
  • Bengali Word শরীরEnglish definition(noun) body; bodily frame; physique; one’s own person; any solid body. শরীরগত (adjective) bodily; physical; lying within the body; of the body. শরীরগ্রন্থি (noun) bone-joint. শরীরগ্রহণ (noun) assumption of a bodily form. শরীরজ (adjective) produced from/ belonging to/ performed with the body; bodily; physical. (noun) 1 offspring; son. 2 sickness. 3 lust; god of love. শরীরজা[৪৷ (feminine). শরীর ত্যাগ (noun) abandonment of the body; renunciation of life. শরীর ধারণ করা (verb intransitive) assume a bodily form/ shape; take one’s birth in the world. শরীর পতন, শরীর পাত noun(s) collapse of the body; impairment/ loss of health; death. শরীর পাত করা (verb intransitive) impair one’s health; sacrifice one’s life; die. শরীর বদ্ধ (adjective) endowed/ invested with a body. শরীর ভাক্ (adjective) embodied being. শরীর রক্ষক, শরীর রক্ষী noun(s) body-guard. শরীর সংস্কার (noun) purification of the body; decoration/ adorning of the person. শরীরস্থ (adjective) existing in the body; bodily; physical; lying within the body.
  • Bengali Word শরীরীEnglish definition(adjective) having a body; embodied; corporeal; living. শরীরিণী (feminine) = শরীরী.
  • Bengali Word শর্করEnglish definition(noun) pebble; small stone.
  • Bengali Word শর্করাEnglish definition(noun) 1 sugar; ground/ candied sugar. 2 gavel; grit; pebble; shingle; gravelly mould / soil. 3 potsherd. 4 gravel (as a disease); calculus; concretion. শর্করা বৎ, শর্করা বান, (adjective) sugary; gravelly; granular; gritty. শর্করা মিশ্রিত (adjective) sugared.
  • Bengali Word শর্করিক, শর্করিলEnglish definition(adjective) sugary; sugared; gritty; gravelly; stony; impregnated with gritty/ gravelly particles.
  • Bengali Word শর্কীEnglish definition[Arabic] (adjective) eastern; oriental.
  • Bengali Word শর্তEnglish definition[Arabic] (noun) condition; stipulation; term; provision; agreement; wager; bet. শর্ত করা (verb intransitive) make an agreement/ stipulation; stipulate; lay a wager; bet. শর্তসাপেক্ষ (adjective) conditional. শর্ত সাপেক্ষ (adverb) conditionally. শর্তহীন (adjective) unconditional; unqualified. শর্তাধীনে (adjective) conditional. এই শর্তে on this condition. বিনা শর্তে unconditionally; without condition.
  • Bengali Word শর্তাEnglish definition(noun) nut-cracker.
  • Bengali Word শর্বEnglish definition(noun) Shiva. শর্বাণী (feminine) Durga.
  • Bengali Word শর্বরীEnglish definition(noun) 1 night. 2 woman.
  • Bengali Word শর্মEnglish definition(noun) 1 bliss; joy; delight; comfort; happiness. 2 good; welfare.
  • Bengali Word শর্মণEnglish definition(noun) common surnane of Brahmins.
  • Bengali Word শর্মাEnglish definition(noun) 1 = শর্মণ. 2 (in vaunts, etc) l ; l the speaker; myself.
  • Bengali Word শর্ষেEnglish definition(noun) (colloquial) mustard seed.
  • Bengali Word শরৎ (কাল)English definition(noun) autumn; time/ season of autumn. শরৎ কালীন (adjective) autumnal. শরৎ চন্দ্র = শরচ্চন্দ্র.
  • Bengali Word শলভEnglish definition(noun) grasshopper; locust.
  • Bengali Word শলা ১English definition(noun) long pin/ stick of metal or wood. 2 pike; arrow; shaft. 3 (medical) probe. 4 skewer.
  • Bengali Word শলা ২English definition[Arabic] (noun) 1 counsel; advice. 2 concord; peace. শলাপরামর্শ (noun) (mutual) consultation; counsel. শলা পরামর্শ করা (verb intransitive) consult; take advice; hold/ take (with somebody; take counsel together. শলা পরামর্শ দেওয়া (verb transitive) advice; counsel.
  • Bengali Word শলাকাEnglish definition(noun) 1 any small stake/ stick; rod; twig. 2 rib (of an umbrella). 3 bar (of a cage/ window). 4 pencil; brush. 5 piece of bamboo. 6 chip; splinter; splint. 7 match; thin piece of wood. 8 peg; pin; arrowhead; needle. 9 (medical) probe. 10 quill of a procupine.
  • Bengali Word শলি ১ শলীEnglish definitionnoun(s) a dry measure of corn.
  • Bengali Word শলি ২English definition= শলাকা
  • Bengali Word শলিতাEnglish definition= সলিতা
  • Bengali Word শল্কEnglish definition(noun) 1 fish-scale. 2 bark (of a tree). 3 chip; shaving; portion. শল্কল = শল্ক.
  • Bengali Word শল্যEnglish definition(noun) 1 stake; stick; rod; peg; pin. 2 arrow; arrow-head. . 3 thorn. 4 (medical) probe; anything tormenting/ causing pain. 5 bone. 6 fence; boundary. 7 porcupine. 8 (botany) spine. শল্যক (noun) 1 porcupine. 2 the thorny shrub Vauguieria spenosa. শল্য কণ্ঠ (noun) porcupine. শল্য কর্তা, শল্য চিকিৎসক noun(s) surgeon. শল্য চিকিৎসা (noun) surgery; surgical treatment/ operation. শল্য তন্ত্র = surgery. শল্য বিদ (noun) surgeon. শল্য বিদ্যা (noun) surgery.
  • Bengali Word শল্যোদ্ধারEnglish definition(noun) extraction of arrows and thorns.
  • Bengali Word শল্ল, শল্লকEnglish definitionnoun(s) 1 Scale. 2 bark (of a tree). 3 frog. শল্লক কী (noun) 1 porcupine. 2 kind of tree; Baswellia thurifera.
  • Bengali Word শশ, শশকEnglish definitionnoun(s) 1 hare; rabbit. 2 markings on the moon. 3 man of mild character easily led (one of the four classes into which men are divided by erotic writers). 4 lodhra tree; Symplocos racemosa. 5 gun-myrrh. শশক ধর (noun) 1 the moon. 2 camphor. শশক বিষাণ, শশক শৃঙ্গ noun(s) (literally) here’s horn; impossibility; absurdity; mare’s nest. শশক ব্যস্ত (adjective) frantically hurrying; frightened; alarmed; panicky.  (adverb) hurrying; frantically. শশকলাঞ্ছন (noun) the moon.
  • Bengali Word শশমEnglish definition= সসম