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বর্ণমালা অনুক্রমে শব্দ খুঁজুন

  • Bengali Word শ্লেটEnglish definition= স্লেট
  • Bengali Word শ্লেষEnglish definition(noun) 1 connection; junction; (sexual) union. 2 (rhetorical) double meaning; equivoque; ambiguity; paranomasia; pun; hidden meaning. 3 irony; insinuation; ridicule; sarcasm; mockery. 4 adhering/ clinging to; embracing; embrace. শ্লেষ করা (verb intransitive) insinuate (against); direct an ironical/ sarcastic remark (at/ against); ridicule; deride.
  • Bengali Word শ্লেষোক্তিEnglish definition(noun) expression having a double meaning; sarcasm; insinuation; ironical/ insinuating remark.
  • Bengali Word শ্লেষ্মাEnglish definition(noun) mucus; phlegm; rheum; phlegmatic humour; catarrh. বুকে শ্লেষ্মা জমা have congestion in one’s chest. শ্লেষ্মা ঝরা (verb intransitive) have one’s nose running. শ্লেষ্মাঘটিত (adjective) = শ্লৈষ্মিক. শ্লেষ্মাধাতু (noun) phlegmatic humour.
  • Bengali Word শ্লৈষ্মিকEnglish definition(adjective) mucous; phlegmatic; catarrhal; rheumatic. শ্লৈষ্মিক ঝিল্লি (noun) mucous membrane.
  • Bengali Word শ্লোকEnglish definition(noun) 1 poem; stanza; couplet; distich. 2 proverb; maxim. 3 fame; renown; glory; praise; hymn of praise: পুণ্য শ্লোক. শ্লোকাত্মক (adjective) versified.
  • Bengali Word শয়খEnglish definition= শেখ
  • Bengali Word শয়তানEnglish definition[Arabic] (noun) 1 Satan; the Devil; rogue; devil; mischief-maker; fiend; villain; rascal. 2 (as a term of endearment) mischievous fellow; imp. শয়তানি (noun) 1 wickedness; devil’s tricks; mischief; malice; devilry; 2 (in endearment) mischieviousness; (adjective) devilish; diabolical; wicked; evil; satanic; miscivious. শয়তানি করা (verb intransitive) play the devil with; do evil; be up to some devilry. শয়তানি (noun) (feminine) wicked/ fiendish woman.
  • Bengali Word শয়নEnglish definition(noun) 1 lying down; rest; repose; resting. 2 sleeping; sleep. 3 bed; couch; sleeping-place. 4 sexual intercourse; copulation; cohabitation. শয়ন করা (verb intransitive) lie (down); recline; repose; rest; go to sleep; lie down to sleep; tall sleep; sleep together; go to bed/ sleep with; sleep with. শয়নকক্ষ, শয়ন কুটির, শয়নগৃহ noun(s) bed-room; bed-chamber. শয়ন কাল (noun) bed-time. শয়নমন্দির = শয়ন কক্ষ. শয়ন রচনা (noun) preparation of a bed/ couch. শয়নাকাঙ্ক্ষা (noun) desire to sleep; sleepiness. শয়নাগার = শয়নকক্ষ.
  • Bengali Word শয়নীয়English definition(adjective) to be slept/ laid on; fit/ suitable for sleep or rest. (noun) bed; couch.
  • Bengali Word শয়ানEnglish definition(adjective) lying down/ at length; resting; sleeping; prostrate; asleep. শয়ানা (feminine) = শয়ান. শয়নরেখা (noun) (botany) horizontal live.
  • Bengali Word শয়ালুEnglish definition(adjective) sleeping; inclined to sleep; sluggish; slothful. (noun) 1 dog. 2 jackal. 3 boa.
  • Bengali Word শয়িতEnglish definition(adjective) reposed; lying; sleeping; asleep. শয়িতবান = শয়িত. শয়িতবর্তী (feminine) = শয়িত.