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বর্ণমালা অনুক্রমে শব্দ খুঁজুন

  • Bengali Word English definition(noun) the twenty-sixth consonant of the Bengali alphabet.
  • Bengali Word যইEnglish definition= জই
  • Bengali Word যকEnglish definition(noun) (colloquial) 1 = যক্ষ. 2 closely guarded riches of an extremely miserly person; mammon; miser’s hoard: যক রেখে যাওয়া. 3 extremely miserly person; scrooge; mammonist; curmudgeon. যক আগলানো (noun) hoard treasure; be stingy/ miserly. যক দেওয়া (verb transitive) 1 inter ceremonially a living child together with one’s riches in the belief that the ghost of the child would guard the riches. 2 (facetious) cheat somebody of his money. যকের ধন (noun) 1 riches guarded by a ghost. 2 miser’s hoard.
  • Bengali Word যকাতEnglish definition= জাকাত
  • Bengali Word যকৃৎEnglish definition(noun) liver. যকৃৎ কোষ (noun) hepatic cyst. যকৃৎ প্রদাহ (noun) hepatitis.
  • Bengali Word যক্ষEnglish definition(noun) 1 name of a class of semi-divine beings (attendants of Kuvera). 2 ghost; spirit. 3 (ironical) extremely miserly person; scrooge যক্ষী, যক্ষিণী (feminine) = যক্ষ. যক্ষপুরী (noun) city Of Kuvera (কুবের). যক্ষবিত্ত (noun) riches like those of Yaksha; riches that one guards but cannot make use of. যক্ষরাজ (noun) Kuvera the king of Yakshas.
  • Bengali Word যক্ষনি, যক্ষুনিEnglish definition(colloquial) = যখনই
  • Bengali Word যক্ষ্মাEnglish definition(noun) pulmonary disease; consumption; tuberculosis. রাজযক্ষ্মা (noun) phthisis.
  • Bengali Word যখনEnglish definition(conjunction) when; while; whilst; as; whereas; because; since. যখনই, যখনি (conjunction) whenever; as soon (as); no sooner (than): তুমি যক্ষ্মা ই বলবে, আমি চলে আসব. যখন কার (adjective) of a particular/ specified time; the time of which: সে যক্ষ্মা কার কথা বলছে .... যখন কার যা তখনকার তা every work has its own time; everything must be done in its own proper time. যখন-তখন (adverb) at all times; in (season) and out of season; (much too) frequently (and often vexatiously); whenever one likes; every now and then; at any hour or times: সে যখন-তখন আসে.  (adjective) 1 inopportune: যখন-তখন আসা. 2 critical: রোগীর যখন-তখন অবস্থা. যখন যেমন তখন তেমন as the occasion/ situation demands.
  • Bengali Word যজনEnglish definition(noun) 1 act of worshipping; worship. 2 act of sacrificing; sacrifice. যজন-যাজন (noun) act of worshipping or sacrificing on behalf of one’s ownself and on behalf of others; ministration.
  • Bengali Word যজমানEnglish definition(noun) person paying the cost of a sacrifice; instituter of a sacrifice. যজমানে (adjective) performing sacrifices on behalf of others: যজন বামুন.
  • Bengali Word যজুঃ, যজুর্বেদEnglish definition(noun) the Yajurveda (‘the sacrificial Veda’). যজুর্বেদ্য (adjective) familiar with the Yajurveda. যজুর্বেদীয় (adjective) relating to the Yajurveda.
  • Bengali Word যজ্ঞEnglish definition(noun) 1 worship; devotion; prayer; act of devotion/worship. 2 sacrifice; oblation; offering; burnt offering. 3 (figurative) great and pompous affair/ceremony. যজ্ঞকর্ম (noun) sacrificial rite/ceremony. যজ্ঞকুণ্ড (noun) a hole in the ground for receiving the sacrificial fire. যজ্ঞকৃৎ (adjective) worshipping; performing a sacrifice. যজ্ঞডুমুর (noun) Variety of figs; Figus glomerata. যজ্ঞধূম (noun) smoke of sacrificial fire. যজ্ঞপশু (noun) sacrificial animal; victim. যজ্ঞপাত্র (noun) sacrificial vessel. যজ্ঞবেদি (noun) altar for sacrifice. যজ্ঞভূমি, যজ্ঞশালা, যজ্ঞস্থল, যজ্ঞস্থান (noun(s) place for sacrifice. যজ্ঞসূত্র (noun) sacrificial thread/cord. যজ্ঞাগ্নি, যজ্ঞানল (noun(s) sacrificial fire. যজ্ঞাঙ্গ (noun) part/means/instrument/requisite of sacrifice. যজ্ঞান্ত (noun) end/conclusion of a sacrifice.
  • Bengali Word যজ্ঞীয়English definition(adjective) suitable/fit for sacrifice; sacrificial.
  • Bengali Word যজ্ঞেশ্বরEnglish definition(noun) lord of sacrifice; Vishnu.
  • Bengali Word যজ্ঞোপবীতEnglish definition(noun) investiture of youths of the three twice-born castes with the sacred thread; (in later times) the thread itself.
  • Bengali Word যত ১, যতোEnglish definition(conjunction), (adjective), (adverb) 1 as many/much: যতো আসে যতো যায়. 2 all; whatever; whatsoever: যতো দলবল নিয়ে হাজির, সে-ই যতো নষ্টের মূল. 3 the more: যতোপায়, ততচায়. 4 as: যতো দিন যাচ্ছে, সেবুঝতে পারছে. যতোই (emphatic of যতো) however (much): যতোই চেষ্টাকর, however hard you try; যতোই সামান্য হোক, however little it may be. যতোকাল (adverb), (conjunction) as long (as); so long. যতোকিছু (adjective), (adverb) whatever; whatsoever; everything. যতো-কাল = যতোক্ষণ. যতোক্ষণ না (preposition) (conjunction) till; until. যতোখানি (adjective), (adverb) as tar(as); as much/man (as); as long (as); so far (as): আমি যতো খানি জানি. যতোগুলি, যতোগুলো (adjective), (adverb) as man (as); all the + noun + that এখানেযতো যতোগুলি বই আছ. যতোটা, যতোটুকু = যতোখানি. যতোদিন (adjective), (adverb) as long (as); so long; as many days (as); till: সে যতো দিন নাফেরে. যতোদূর (adjective), (adverb) as far (as). যতোবার (adjective), (adverb) every time that; as many times (as); as often (as): আমিযতো বারএখানে এসেছি. যতো নষ্টের গোড়া (figurative) the roof of all evils/mischief. যতো বড়ো মুখ নয় তত বড় কথা (figurative) audacious utterance; have the effrontery to; get above oneself.
  • Bengali Word যত ২English definition(adjective) restrained; controlled; held in; governed. যত চিত্ত (adjective) restrained in mind. যত ব্রত (adjective) observing vows; firm of purpose. যতযতাত্মা (adjective) self-restrained.
  • Bengali Word যতনEnglish definition(noun) (poetic) = যত্ন
  • Bengali Word যতি ১English definition(noun) 1 (prosody) pause; caesura. 2 (grammar) stop. 3 (music) pause. যতিচিহ্ন (noun) punctuation-mark. যতোপাত, যতিভঙ্গ noun(s) metrical fault/breach. যতিভ্রষ্ট (adjective) wanting the caesura.
  • Bengali Word যতি, ২যতীEnglish definition(noun) ascetic; devotee; hermit যতিনী (feminine).
  • Bengali Word যতেকEnglish definition(adjective), (conjunction) (archaic, poetic) as man /much; all : যতেকবাসনামোর.
  • Bengali Word যতেন্দ্রিয়English definition(adjective) having the organs of sense restrained; chaste; pure.
  • Bengali Word যত্নEnglish definition(noun) 1 effort; exertion; energy; zeal; trouble; pains; care; endeavour. 2 labour; laborious effort; toil; diligence. যত্ন করা / যত্ন নেওয়া (verb intransitive) 1 exert one’s self; endeavour; take pains; make effort; perserve; attend to carefully; look after; mind; take care of. 2 labour; toil; strive to obtain; strive after. যত্নত, যত্নপূর্বক (adverb) through/with effort; diligently; zealously; carefully; laboriously; with care. যত্নবান, যত্নশীল adjective(s) making effort; taking pains about; diligent; strenuous; careful; heedful; mindful; assiduous; attentive; zealous. যত্নবতী, যত্নশীলা (feminine) = যত্নবান, যত্নশীল.
  • Bengali Word যত্রEnglish definition(adverb), (conjunction) where; wherein; wherever; whither; in/to whichever place; as much (as). যত্র তত্র (adverb) anywhere; here and there; everywhere; at random; anywhere and everywhere: যত্র তত্র ময়লা ফেলা. যত্র আয় তত্র ব্যয় spending as much as one earns.
  • Bengali Word যথাEnglish definition(adverb), (adjective), (conjunction) 1 in which manner/way; as; according as; like. 2 as for instance/ example; namely. 3 as it is/was. 4 that; so that; in order that. 5 as soon as. 6 because; since. 7 according to what is right/ proper; properly; correctly. 8 to the utmost degree/ amount/ number. 9 right; proper; fitting. যথাংশ (adverb) according to shares/ portions; in due proportion; proportionately.  (noun) quota. যথাকথা (noun) true statement. যত্রকর্তব্য (adjective) proper to be done; proper duty.  (adverb) in accordance with one’s duty; as one’s duty warrants. যথাকাম (adjective) conformable to desire.  (adverb) acting according to desire/ wish; as one likes; at pleasure; conformably according to wish. যথাকামী (adjective) self-willed; headstrong; obstinate. যথাকাল (noun) proper time (for anything); suitable moment. যথাকালে (adverb) in due time; at the right/ usual/ proper/ suitable time; in time; in due course; in good time. যথাক্রমে (noun) in due order. যথাক্রমে (adverb) in due/ regular order/ succession; successively; respectively. যথাগত (adverb) 1 as (previously) gone. 2 as come; as one came. যথাগুণ (adverb) according to qualities/endowments. যথাজাত (adjective) just as born; stupid, foolish;barbarous; outcast. যথাজ্ঞান (adverb) to the best of one’s knowledge/judgement; according to (one’s) knowledge. যথাতথ (adjective), (adverb) conformable to truth/the exact state of the case; exact; accurate; precise; right; in conformity with truth/reality; precisely; exactly; fitly; duly. যথাতথা = যত্রতত্র ( যত্র). যথাদিষ্ট(adjective), (adverb) corresponding to what has been enjoined/directed; complying with/obedient to the order; according to a direction/instruction. যথাদৃষ্ট (adverb) as seen/observed. যথানিয়ম, যথানিয়মে (adverb) in accordance with the rule/law/ formalities; duly; in due form. যথানুপূর্ব (adverb) according to a regular series; successively; respectively; conforming to the regular/due order/succession/sequence. যথান্যায় (adverb) according to rule/justice; rightly; fitly. যথাপূর্ব (adverb) as before/previously; in succession; one after another. যথাপূর্ব তথাপর no change in the condition/state; (ironical) as bad as ever. যথাবৎ (adverb) 1 duly; properly; rightly; suitably. 2 as before; without change. যথাবিধি, যথাবিহিত (adjective), (adverb) formal; formally; as is prescribed/due; in accordance with the rule/law/ formalities/ prescription. যথাভাগ (noun) prorate. যথাভিপ্রেত, যথাভিমত, যথাভিরুচি (adverb) as wished/intended/desired; according to one’s desire/wish; as one pleases. যথামূল্য (adjective), (adverb) worth the price; according to price. যথাযথ (adjective) precise; accurate; fit; exact.  (adverb) 1 in a proper manner; as is fit/proper; suitably; rightly; fitly. 2 one after another; according to the due order/sequence/succession. 3 accurately; exactly; rightly; justly; precisely; correctly. যথাযথভাবে (adverb) = যথাযথ. যথাযোগ্য (adjective) proper; fit; as one deserves; suitable; fitting; just; becoming; consonant with propriety; as is fit. যথাযোগ্যভাবে (adverb) in a befitting manner; properly; fitly; suitably. যথারণ্যং তথাগৃহম্ (figurative) no change in the condition. যথারীতি (adverb) as usual; according to usage/custom/practice; duly. যথারুচি (adjective) according to Iiking /pleasure/ inclination/ taste. যথাশক্তি (adverb) to the utmost of one’s power; to the best of one’s abilities; as much as one can. যথাশাস্ত্র (adverb) according to precept/ rule; according to the codes of law; conforming to scriptures. যথাশ্রুত (adverb) as heard. যথাসময় (noun) right/proper time. যথাসময়ে (adverb) at the proper time. যথাসম্ভব (adverb) as far/much/many as possible. যথাসর্বস্ব (noun) whatever one’s possesses; one’s entire possessions. যথাসাধ্য = যথাশক্তি. যথাসাধ্য চেষ্টাকরা try one’s best/utmost. যথাস্থান (noun) right/proper place. যথাস্থিত = যথাবৎ.
  • Bengali Word যথার্থEnglish definition(adjective) true; genuine; right; just; accurate; exact; correct; real; authentic: actual; proper. যথাত (adverb) truly; justly; accurately; exactly. যথাতা (noun) truth; genuineness; correctness; exactness; authenticity; veracity; accuracy; exactitude.
  • Bengali Word যথায়English definition(adverb) where; wherein.
  • Bengali Word যথেচ্ছ, যথেচ্ছাEnglish definition(adverb(s)) according to wish; at will/pleasure; as one pleases/wishes/ desires/ likes/ chooses. যথেচ্ছাচার (noun) willfulness; indiscipline; reckless conduct; recklessness. যথেচ্ছাচারী (adjective) willful; reckless; wayward; self-willed; wild যথোচ্ছাচারিণী (feminine).
  • Bengali Word যথেপ্সিতEnglish definition(adjective) wished for.  (adverb) according to wish/desire; as desired.