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বর্ণমালা অনুক্রমে শব্দ খুঁজুন

  • Bengali Word English definition(noun) the twenty-fourth consonant of the Bengali alphabet. Voiced aspirated bilibial plosive sound. In dialect it is pronounced as voiced aspirated libiodental fricative sound.
  • Bengali Word ভইষ, ভঁইসEnglish definition(noun) buffalo. ভইষা (adjective) made or buffalo-milk; drawn by the buffalo: ভইষা ঘি/গাড়ি.
  • Bengali Word ভকEnglish definition(noun) (onomatopoeia) denoting sudden emission of noise; smoke and (especially offensive) smell; spurt; burst; gust. ভক করে (বমি করা, ধোঁয়া ছাড়া ইত্যাদি) (adverb) suddenly; in profusion; (appropriate verb); come out in a sudden burst. ভক ভক (noun) denoting repetition and prolongation of the above phenomenon: ভক ভক করে ধোঁয়া বেরোচ্ছে Smoke is spurting (out).
  • Bengali Word ভকতEnglish definition(adjective) 1 (poetic) = ভক্ত. 2 (derogatory) hypocrite; bigot; impostor.
  • Bengali Word ভকতিEnglish definition(noun) (poetic) = ভক্তি
  • Bengali Word ভক্ত ১English definition(adjective) 1 devoted/attached to; adoring; worshipping; honouring; serving; reverent; devout: ভক্ত বৈষ্ণব. 2 faithful; loyal; obedient: প্রভু ভক্ত. 3 faithfully following/pursuing: সুনীতির ভক্ত. 4 having profound admiration for; lover of: রবীন্দ্র ভক্ত. 5 fond of; admiring; enamored: গানের ভক্ত. 6 submissive; docile; yielding to the control/authority of: শক্তের ভক্ত (noun) devotee; votary; idolater; worshipper; lover; devout person; fan; faithful follower/observer; admirer; adorer. ভক্তপ্রাণ (adjective) having a devout heart. ভক্তবৎসল (noun) kind to worshippers/ faithful attendants; graciously affectionate to votaries/admirers. ভক্তবিটল, ভক্তবিটেল (noun) hypocrite; sanctimonious person; impostor; false devotee. ভক্তশ্রেষ্ঠ, ভক্তাগ্রগণ্য adjective(s)best/foremost among votaries or worshippers. ভক্তাধীন (adjective) graciously obedient to one’s votaries (fulfilling their desires).
  • Bengali Word ভক্ত ২English definition(noun) food; meal; boiled rice; any eatable grain boiled with water.
  • Bengali Word ভক্তিEnglish definition(noun) 1 devotion; worship; piety; devoutness; faith/love (as a religious principle or means of salvation); devotion to; fondness for; trust; reliance; homage; strong attachment; addiction; profound admiration; obedience. 2 predisposition; inclination; appetite; relish: আহারে ভক্তি. 3 division; share; portion. ভক্তি করা (verb transitive) be devoted to; worship; love; admire profoundly; be fond of; be attached/addicted to; follow faithfully; have faith/trust in; serve; honour; revere; adore; venerate; respect; rely on; have inclination/appetite/relish (for). ভক্তিগম্য (adjective) accessible by devotion. ভক্তিগ্রন্থ (noun) devotional book. ভক্তিচিহ্ন (noun) mark/sign of devotion. ভক্তিজ্ঞ (noun) knowing faith/devotion. ভক্তিতত্ত্ব (noun) doctrine/cult of or a treatise on devotion or piety. ভক্তিনম্র (noun) bent down in devotion; making a humble obeisance. ভক্তি নম্রভাবে (adverb) devoutly. ভক্তিপথ = ভক্তিমার্গ. ভক্তিপরায়ণ, ভক্তিপ্রবণ (adjective) devout; faithfully devoted (to); pietist; strongly attached/ addicted (to); reverent; respectful; obeisant; deferential; having inclination/relish/appetite for. ভক্তিপরায়ণা (feminine) = ভক্তিপরায়ণ. ভক্তিপরায়ণতা (adjective) devoutness; devotion; piety; pietism; profound admiration; strong attachment/ addiction. ভক্তিপূর্বক (adverb) devoutly; reverentially; with devotion/respect/ reverence; with pleasure. ভক্তিপ্লুত (adjective) full of piety/ reverence; steeped in piety. ভক্তিপ্লুতচিত্তে (adverb) with mind steeped in piety; reverentially. ভক্তিবস্তু (noun) (psychology) fetish. ভক্তিবাদ (noun) the doctrine holding that salvation is attainable by means of devotion only (without knowledge and practice); devotionalism. ভক্তিবাদী (adjective) devotionalistic; devotionistic. (noun) devotionist; devotionalist. ভক্তিবিহ্বল (adjective) overwhelmed with devotion. ভক্তিভরে (adverb) = ভক্তিপূর্বক. ভক্তিভাজন (adjective) worthy of reverence/veneration; venerable; adorable; revered; respectable. (noun) venerable /reverend/ adorable person. ভক্তিভাব (noun) sense/feeling of devotion; deep respect; devout/ reverential disposition of mind. ভক্তিভাবে (adverb) = ভক্তিপূর্বক. ভক্তিমান = ভক্তিপরায়ণ ভক্তিমতী (feminine) = ভক্তিমান. ভক্তিমার্গ (noun) 'the way of devotion' (regarded as a means of salvation and opposed to karma-and jnana-marga); path of devotionalism. ভক্তিমূলক (adjective) devotional. ভক্তিযোগ (noun) worship of God or effort to attain beatitude by means of devotion only; loving devotion. ভক্তিযোগে (adverb) through devotion. ভক্তিরস (noun) sense of devotion; feeling of loving faith. ভক্তিরাগ (noun) affection/predilection for. ভক্তিশীল = ভক্তিপরায়ণ. ভক্তিশীলা (feminine) = ভক্তিশীল. ভক্তিশূন্য, ভক্তিহীন (adjective) destitute of devotion; irreverent; undevout; impious; having no attachment (to); having no faith/ trust (in). ভক্তিসাধন = ভক্তিযোগ. ভক্তিস্রোত (noun) surge of devotion.
  • Bengali Word ভক্ষEnglish definition(noun) 1 food; eating. ভক্ষক (adjective) eating; feeding on; voracious; gluttonous. (noun) 1 one who eats; eater; enjoyer; one who feeds/lives upon. 2 (figurative) spoiler; vitiator; killer; grabber. এতিমের সম্পত্তি ভক্ষ. ভক্ষণ (noun) eating; consuming; feeding. ভক্ষণ করা (verb intransitive), (verb transitive) eat; consume; devour; feed on; use up; waste; destroy. ভক্ষণীয় (adjective) to be eaten; edible; eatable; fit for food. (noun) that which is to be eaten; an edible/eatable; food; dish. ভক্ষ্য = ভক্ষণীয়. ভক্ষবস্তু (noun) edible matter; victuals; viands. ভক্ষক (noun) food and the eater. ভক্ষ্যাবশেষ (noun) leavings of food after eating; orts; remnants of food. ভক্ষ্যাভক্ষ্য (noun) what may and may not be eaten; food allowed and prohibited.
  • Bengali Word ভক্ষিতEnglish definition(adjective) eaten; consumed; devoured; eaten up. ভক্ষিতব্য (adjective) to be eaten; edible. ভক্ষিতশেষ (noun) = ভক্ষ্যাবশেষ ( ভক্ষ).
  • Bengali Word ভগEnglish definition(noun) 1 the six divine graces collectively, ie, riches, vigour, fame, fortune, knowledge and renunciation. 2 good fortune; happiness; welfare; prosperity. 3 glory; dignity; majesty; distinction; excellence. 4 beauty; loveliness. 5 love; affection; sexual passion; amorous pleasure; dalliance. 6 female organ; vagina. 7 anus. 8 one of twelve Adityas (bestowing wealth and presiding over love and marriage). 9 the sun. 10 the moon. 11 godhead; divinity. 12 salvation. ভগণ (noun) (astronomy) revolution. ভগন্দর (noun) fistula in the anus. ভগপক্ষ (noun) (anatomy) labia minora.
  • Bengali Word ভগবতীEnglish definition(adjective) (feminine) 1 endowed with six; divine graces ( ভগ). 2 reverend; venerable; holy. (noun) 1 goddess Durga. 2 term of address for a reverend lady.
  • Bengali Word ভগবদর্চনা, ভগবদারাধনাEnglish definition(noun) worship of God; propitiation of God.
  • Bengali Word ভগবদ্ভক্তEnglish definition(adjective) devoted to God; God-fearing; pious.
  • Bengali Word ভগবদ্ভক্তিEnglish definition(noun) devotion to God; devoutness; piety.
  • Bengali Word ভগবদ্‌গীতাEnglish definition(noun) the celebrated mystical poem (interpolated in the Mahabharata); the Holy Gita.
  • Bengali Word ভগবনEnglish definition(noun) (vocative) Your Holiness; o God; Reverend Sir.
  • Bengali Word ভগবানEnglish definition(adjective) 1 glorious; illustrious; divine; holy; adorable; venerable. 2 endowed with six divine graces ( ভগ. (noun) God; the divine or holy one.
  • Bengali Word ভগাঙ্কুরEnglish definition(noun) (anatomy) clitoris.
  • Bengali Word ভগিনী, ভগ্নিEnglish definition(noun) 1 (feminine) sister; cousin. 2 (term of address) any woman. ভগ্নিপতি (noun) sister's husband; brother-in-law.
  • Bengali Word ভগীরথEnglish definition(noun) mythical king who brought down the sacred Ganga from heaven to earth and then conducted it to the ocean in order to purify the ashes of his ancestors.
  • Bengali Word ভগোলEnglish definition(noun) the zodiac.
  • Bengali Word ভগৌষ্ঠEnglish definition(noun) (anatomy) labia majora.
  • Bengali Word ভগ্নEnglish definition(adjective) 1 broken; shattered; split. 2 torn; severed; detached; fractured. ভগ্নঅস্থি, ভগ্নশাখা. 3 ground; pounded; pulverized: ভগ্নশস্য. 4 defeated; routed; checked; frustrated. ভগ্ন আশা/বাহিনী. 5 curved; hunched; stooping: ভগ্নপৃষ্ঠ. 6 interrupted; disturbed: ভগ্ন নিদ্রা. 7 disappointed; ungratified: ভগ্ন মনোরথ. 8 dilapidated ruined: ভগ্ন অট্টালিকা. 9 hoarse; husky. ভগ্ন কণ্ঠ. 10 impaired; shattered: ভগ্ন স্বাস্থ্য. 11 fractional: ভগ্ন সংখ্যা. 12 depressed: dejected: ভগ্ন হৃদয়. ভগ্নকণ্ঠ (adjective) hoarse; husky. ভগ্নকণ্ঠে (adverb) in a cracked/broken/husky voice; huskily; hoarsely. ভগ্নক্রম (noun) breaking (ie violating) of grammatical order/ construction. ভগ্নগৃহ (noun) a dilapidated house; (figurative) a house in utter disorder/confusion. ভগ্নচিত্ত (adjective) broken-hearted; discouraged; disappointed; dejected. ভগ্নচেষ্ট (adjective) broken in effort; disappointed. ভগ্নজানু (adjective) having a broken knee or leg. ভগ্নতা (noun) condition of being broken. ভগ্নতাল (noun) (music) a kind of measure. ভগ্নদর্প (adjective) one whose pride is broken; humiliated. ভগ্নদশা (noun) = ভগ্নাবস্থা. ভগ্নদূত (noun) messenger/soldier bringing the news of defeat from the battle field. ভগ্নদেহ (adjective) having one’s health ruined/impaired/shattered. ভগ্ননিদ্র (adjective) one whose sleep is broken or interrupted. ভগ্নপরিণাম (adjective) prevented from finishing (anything). ভগ্নপাইক = ভগ্নদূত. ভগ্নপৃষ্ঠ (adjective) ‘broken-backed’; hunchbacked. ভগ্নপ্রক্রম (noun) ‘broken arrangement’; (rhetorical) use of a word which does not correspond to one used before. ভগ্নপ্রতিজ্ঞ (adjective) one who has broken a promise; faithless. ভগ্নপ্রায় (adjective) crumbling; threatening to fall; tottering; almost falling; about to collapse. ভগ্নব্রত (adjective) one who has broken a vow. ভগ্নবাহু (adjective) broken-armed. ভগ্নমনাঃ = ভগ্নচিত্ত. ভগ্নমনোরথ (adjective) frustrated; balked; disappointed. ভগ্নমান = ভগ্নদর্প. ভগ্নশক্তি (adjective) one whose strength is broken. ভগ্নশ্রী (adjective) one whose prosperity is blighted; deprived of one’s beauty/grace. ভগ্নসন্ধি (adjective) one whose joints are broken. ভগ্নস্তূপ (noun) (heap of) ruins; wreckage; desolate place. ভগ্নহৃদয় = ভগ্নচিত্ত. ভগ্নাংশ (noun) 1 (arithmetic) fraction. 2 broken-away past; fraction. ভগ্নাঙ্ক (noun) (arithmetic) fraction. ভগ্নাত্মা (noun) the moon (cut in two by the trident of Shiva). ভগ্নবিশিষ্ট (adjective) lying/remaining in or as ruins. ভগ্নবিশেষ (noun) broken-down remains; ruins; relics; wreckage. ভগ্নাবস্থ (adjective) dilapidated; in ruins; desolate; decayed. ভগ্নাবস্থা (noun) broken-down/dilapidated/ ruined state; state of decay. ভগ্নাশ, ভগ্নাশা (adjective) one whose hopes are broken; disappointed in expectation. ভগ্নাস্থি (adjective) one whose bones are broken. ভগ্নোৎসাহ, ভগ্নোদ্যম adjective(s) one whose efforts have been frustrated; disheartened; disappointed; discouraged.
  • Bengali Word ভগ্নিEnglish definition= ভগিনী
  • Bengali Word ভঙ্গ ১English definition(noun) 1 breaking; bursting; splitting; dividing; shattering; breaking down/up; 2 break; breach; বাধ ভঙ্গ. 3 rupture; fracture: অস্থি ভঙ্গ. 4 overthrow; rout; defeat: শত্রুব্যূহ ভঙ্গ. 5 breach: বিশ্বাস ভঙ্গ. 6 discontinuance; break: অনশন ভঙ্গ. 7 bending; bowing; stretching out: গ্রীবা ভঙ্গ. 8 knitting; contraction: ভূ ভঙ্গ. 9 violation; infringement: আইন ভঙ্গ. 10 suspension; break; postponement; interruption: যাত্রা ভঙ্গ. 11 non-observance; non-compliance; breach: প্রতিশ্রুতি ভঙ্গ. 12 dissolution: সভা ভঙ্গ. 13 severance: সম্পর্ক ভঙ্গ. 14 loss: আশা ভঙ্গ. 15 estrangement: বন্ধুত্ব ভঙ্গ. 16 disturbance; frustration; humiliation. 17 abatement; decay; ruin; destruction. 18 impairment: স্বাস্থ্য ভঙ্গ. 19 disbandment; break-up: দল ভঙ্গ. 20 act of fleeing away ; flight; retreat: রণে ভঙ্গ. 21 dispersal: জনতা ভঙ্গ. 22 interruption; break: নিদ্রা ভঙ্গ. 23 toilet; fashion; style: কবরী ভঙ্গ. 24 disintegration. 25 discouragement: মনো ভঙ্গ. 26 bend; fold; contraction: ত্রি ভঙ্গ. 27 obstruction; drawback; obstacle. 28 termination; close. 29 crack; স্বর ভঙ্গ. 30 pain: পার্শ্ব ভঙ্গ. 31 piece broken off; morsel; fragment. 32 wave. 33 act/manner of rolling or dancing: তরঙ্গ ভঙ্গ. 34 removal; refutation; rejection; refusal: সন্দেহ ভঙ্গ. ভঙ্গ করা (verb transitive) break; split; divide; shatter ; break up/down; fracture; rupture; overthrow; rout; defeat; discontinue; violate; infringe; stretch; knit; contract; suspend; postpone; interrupt; dissolve; disturb; frustrate; impair; disband; disperse; flee away; retreat; obstruct; terminate; close; crack, remove; refute; saver; discourage; fail/refuse to observe or maintain or keep; cause the loss of; disintegrate. ভঙ্গ দেওয়া (verb intransitive) take to flight; beat a retreat; flee/withdraw defeated ; take to one’s heels; pull out; strike camp; bow out: রণে/তর্কযুদ্ধে ভঙ্গ দেওয়া. ভঙ্গ হওয়া (verb intransitive) be broken/split/fractured/ impaired/ discontinued. ভঙ্গ কুলীন (noun) a kulin family (ie a Brahmin family of the highest class in Bengal) or a member of it failing to observe the social (especially matrimonial) restrictions enjoined on them. ভঙ্গদ (adjective) brittle, fragile; frail; delicate. ভঙ্গপয়ার (noun) a kind of metre in which the second line of each of the four-line stanzas is merely the repetition of the first and the first three lines consist of eight syllables each, while the fourth consists of six syllables only. ভঙ্গ প্রবণ (adjective) = ভঙ্গদ. ভঙ্গ প্রবণতা (noun) brittleness; fragility; breakableness.
  • Bengali Word ভঙ্গ ২English definition(noun) (physics) diffraction.
  • Bengali Word ভঙ্গনEnglish definition(noun) breaking; collapse; collapsing.
  • Bengali Word ভঙ্গাEnglish definition(noun) hemp; Cannabis sativa; an intoxicating beverage (or narcotic drug commonly called 'bhang') prepared from the hemp plant.
  • Bengali Word ভঙ্গি, ভঙ্গীEnglish definition(noun) 1 pose; posture; figure. বসার/নাচের ভঙ্গি. 2 gesture. 3 beauty; charm; elegance; grace. 4 bent; curve: গ্রীবা ভঙ্গি. 5 mode; manner; style; way: কথা বলার ভঙ্গি. 6 roundabout mode of acting/speaking. 7 way of dressing; fashion; toilet. 8 distinction of style: রচনা ভঙ্গি. 9 shape; form: গঠন ভঙ্গি. 10 mere appearance/ semblance of. 11 iron; wit; repartee. 12 attitude; attitudinization; affectation: তার এই ভঙ্গি আমার ভালো লাগে না. 13 fraud; deception. 14 wave. 15 jesting; joke: কতো ভঙ্গি তুমি জানো. ভঙ্গি করা (verb intransitive) strike attitudes; attitudinize. ভঙ্গিমা (noun) = ভঙ্গি. ভঙ্গিমান (adjective) wavy; curled; undulated.