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বর্ণমালা অনুক্রমে শব্দ খুঁজুন

  • Bengali Word -বাহEnglish definitionsuffix denoting: bearing, carrying, conveying.
  • Bengali Word ব ১English definition(noun) the twenty-third letter of the Bengali alphabet. It is a voiced unspirated bilibial plosive sound.
  • Bengali Word ব ২English definition[Persian] prep with; by: বমাল, বতদ্‌বির; according to: বতারিখ, বদস্তুর.
  • Bengali Word বঁইচিEnglish definition(noun) kind of wild juicy berry.
  • Bengali Word বঁটানোEnglish definition(verb transitive)বঁটি
  • Bengali Word বঁটিEnglish definition(noun) kind of large knife fixed almost at a right angle in a piece of wood on which one sits while chopping fish, vegetables, etc. বঁটি কাটা (noun) cut or chopped with a বঁটি. বঁটি ঝাঁপ (noun) the practice of throwing oneself upon aforesaid knives during the feast of charak (চড়ক).
  • Bengali Word বঁদিয়া, বঁদেEnglish definition বুঁদিয়া
  • Bengali Word বঁধু, বঁধুয়াEnglish definition(noun) (poetic) friend; lover; love; sweetheart; darling; truelove.
  • Bengali Word বঁড়শি, বঁড়শীEnglish definition বড়শি
  • Bengali Word বংশ ১English definition(noun) 1 offspring; children. 2 family; clan house. 3 lineage; pedigree. 4 posterity. বংশক্ষয় (noun) destruction or decay of a family. বংশগত (adjective) hereditary. বংশগতি (noun) heredity. বংশগৌরব (noun) family prestige or pride; pride of birth; dignity of a family. বংশচরিত্র (noun) 1 biography of men or women born of a particular family. 2 family history; history of a dynasty or race. 3 hereditary characteristic and behaviour. বংশজ (noun) 1 born of a particular family. 2 of good lineage. 3 born of kulin (কুলীন) family which has been socially lowered by matrimonial alliance with an inferior family. বংশতালিকা (noun) genealogical table; family tree. বংশধর (noun) descendant; scion. বংশনাশ (noun) destruction of a family. বংশপরম্পরা (noun) a regular line of descent or succession; heredity. বংশপরম্পরায় (adverb) from generation to generation; hereditarily. বংশ বর্ধন (noun) 1 prosperity of a family. 2 increase or multiplication of a race or family; growth in family size; breeding; procreation. বংশবৃদ্ধি = বংশবর্ধন (2). বংশ বৃদ্ধি করা (verb intransitive) increase or multiply one’s race or family: procreate; breed. বংশবিস্তার (noun) = বংশবৃদ্ধি. বংশবৈশিষ্ট্য (noun) family trait or characteristic. বংশমর্যাদা (noun) family prestige; aristocracy. বংশরক্ষা (noun) preservation of one’s family or race. বংশরক্ষা করা (verb transitive) preserve one’s lineage. বংশলতা (noun) = বংশ তালিকা. বংশলোপ (noun) = বংশক্ষয়. বংশলোপ করা (verb transitive) destroy a family or race. বংশস্থিতি (noun) continuation/continuity of a line of descent. বংশহীন (adjective) destitute of family or descendants; having none to succeed or continue the line.
  • Bengali Word বংশ ২English definition(noun) 1 bamboo. 2 backbone; spine. বংশকর্পূর (noun) manna of the bamboo; tabasheer. বংশদণ্ড (noun) bamboo-staff; bamboo-stick. বংশপত্র (noun) bamboo-leaf. বংশলোচন = বংশকপূর্র. বংশশলাকা (noun) slender (often short) slip of bamboo; bamboo-slip.
  • Bengali Word বংশাগ্রEnglish definition(noun) tip of a bamboo.
  • Bengali Word বংশাঙ্কুরEnglish definition(noun) bamboo-shoot.
  • Bengali Word বংশানুক্রমEnglish definition(noun) a regular line of descent or succession; family succession; lineal inheritance; heredity. বংশানুক্রমিক (adjective) hereditary. বংশানুক্রমে (adverb) from generation to generation; hereditarily.
  • Bengali Word বংশানুচরিতEnglish definition(noun) history of a family or dynasty; genealogy; genealogical register.
  • Bengali Word বংশাবতংশEnglish definition(noun) (figurative) ornament or glory of one’s family.
  • Bengali Word বংশাবলী, বংশাবলিEnglish definition(noun) genealogy; family tree; genealogical table.
  • Bengali Word বংশিকাEnglish definition(noun) = বংশী
  • Bengali Word বংশীEnglish definition(noun) flute or pipe made of bamboo; flute; pipe; reed. বংশীধর, বংশীধারী (adjective) holding a flute. (noun) flutist; piper; Sri Krishna. বংশীতট (noun) the bank of the Jamuna at Brindaban where Sri Krishna played his flute. বংশীধ্বনি, বংশীরব (noun(s)) sound/note of a flute. বংশীবট (noun) a banyan tree at Brindaban under which Sri Krishna played his flute. বংশীবদন = বংশীধর. বংশীবাদক (noun) flutist. বংশীবাদন (noun) playing a flute.
  • Bengali Word বংশীয়English definition(adjective) 1 born of a particular (or good) family; pertaining to a family or race.
  • Bengali Word বই ১, বহিEnglish definition(noun) 1 book. 2 register; ledger. বইপত্র (noun) books and similar other things. বইয়ের পোকা (noun) (literally, figurative) bookworm. বই বের করা (verb transitive) publish (a book). বই বের হওয়া (verb intransitive) be published/on the market.
  • Bengali Word বই ২English definition(noun) the creeping root of a kind of arum.
  • Bengali Word বই ৩, বৈEnglish definitionprep (noun) without; except; other than; nothing else than: তুমি বৈ আর কেউ জানে না. বৈ কি (adverb) of course; surely: যাব বৈ কি; (ironical) (in question) denoting denial, disbelief, etc: বলব বৈ কি? I’m not going to tell you. বৈ নয়, বৈ তো নয় only: দুদিন বৈ তো নয়. তা বৈ কি 1 that’s it. 2 It’s doubtful.
  • Bengali Word বইঠা, বৈঠাEnglish definition(noun) scull.
  • Bengali Word বউEnglish definition(noun) 1 wife. 2 daughters-in-law. 3 brother’s wife; sister-in-law. 4 a married woman: ঘরের বউ. 5 bride. 6 housewife. 7 someone as bashful as a newly married woman: তার এতো লজ্জা, যেন ঘরের বউটি. বউ-ঝি, বউ-বেটি (noun(s)) daughters and daughters-in-law; women-folk. বউ-মানুষ (noun) 1 family woman. 2 child-wife. কলাবউ (noun) a young banana-plant dressed as a married lady and conceived as a female deity worshipped by Hindus; a wife with a long veil; a awkwardly bashful woman. কুলের বউ (noun) = বউ-মানুষ. বউ-কথা-কও (noun) the Indian nightingale. বউ-কাটকি (noun) a woman given to torturing her daughter-in-law. বউড়ি (noun) a young wife; child-wife. বউদিদি, বউদি (colloquial) (noun) an elder brother’s wife; sister-in-law. বউ-ভাত (noun) the ceremony of a bride’s serving out food for the first time to her husband’s kinsfolk; a marriage feast in honour of the bride. বউমা (noun) son’s wife; daughter-in-law; a younger brother’s wife; sister-in-law. বউ গড়া (noun) a ceremony to welcome the bride to her father-in-law’s house.
  • Bengali Word বউনি ১English definition(noun) (cost) of carrying goods; carriage.
  • Bengali Word বউনি ২English definition(noun) the first (cash) sale or earning of the day.
  • Bengali Word বউলEnglish definition(noun) bud; blossom. বউল ধরা (verb intransitive) bud; be in blossom; put forth buds.
  • Bengali Word বউলি, বউলীEnglish definition(noun) an earning or eardrop.
  • Bengali Word বওয়াEnglish definition(verb transitive) (verb intransitive) (colloquial form of বহা) 1 convey; endure; suffer; carry; bear. 2 flow; run: শীতল বাতাস বইছে. 3 keep up/active: এ শরীর আর বয় না. 4 have an interest in; feel like: কোনো বিষয়ে তার আর গা বয় না. 5 elapse; pass: সময় বয়ে গেল. 6 go to the bad; go to the dogs: কুসঙ্গে মিলে ছেলেটা বয়ে গেল. (adjective) spoiled by bad association; dissolute. বওয়াটে (adjective) dissipated; dissolute. আমার বয়ে গেছে (phrase) I don’t care a damn/hang. বয়ে-যাওয়া ছেলে a spoiled/ dissipated boy. বওয়ানো, বওয়ান (verb transitive) (causative of বওয়া) cause to bear/carry/endure/ convey/ suffer; cause to flow/run.