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বর্ণমালা অনুক্রমে শব্দ খুঁজুন

  • Bengali Word -নবিস ২, -নবিশEnglish definition[Persian] (noun) writing. (suffix) writer; scribe; clerk. খাস-নবিস (noun) private secretary.
  • Bengali Word -নলা ২English definition(adjective) (used as a suffix) having a certain number of tubes/ barrels: দো-নলা, double-barrelled.
  • Bengali Word -নাম্নীEnglish definition(adjective) (feminine) (of –নামা ১).
  • Bengali Word -নিভEnglish definition(adjective) (used as a suffix) resembling; like; similar: দুগ্ধফেন-নিভ.
  • Bengali Word ন ১English definition(noun) the twentieth letter of the Bengali alphabet. It is pronounced as voiced unaspirated alveolo-nasal consonant sound.
  • Bengali Word ন ২English definition(noun), (adjective) (colloquial) = নয়
  • Bengali Word ন ৩English definition(adjective) 1 new: = ন বউ. 2 fourth in order of seniority: ন কাকা.
  • Bengali Word ন ৪English definition(prefix) indicating: negation, opposition, etc: নইলে, নগণ্য.
  • Bengali Word নংEnglish definition(noun) (abbreviation) of নম্বর (compare no).
  • Bengali Word নই ১English definition(adjective) female. নই-বাছুর (noun) calf-cow.
  • Bengali Word নই ২English definition(adjective) new.
  • Bengali Word নইচা, নইচে ১English definition(colloquial) [Persian] (noun(s) tubepipe of a hookah.
  • Bengali Word নইচে ২English definition(noun) 1 young fish (also নইচে মাছ); fingerling. 2 sapling.
  • Bengali Word নইলেEnglish definition(conjunction) or; else; otherwise: নইলে মুশকিল হবে. (prefix) except; other than; but; without: তুমি নইলে কাজটা হবার নয়.
  • Bengali Word নউইEnglish definition(adjective) (of the days of the month) ninth: নউই ভাদ্র. (noun) the ninth day of the month.
  • Bengali Word নওEnglish definition[Persian] (adjective) new; young; fresh; raw. নও আবাদ (adjective) newly settled/ peopled/ colonized/ cultivated. নওজোয়ান (adjective) in the bloom of youth; in the prime of life; fresh and young. (noun) youth; young man; law. নওজোয়ানি (noun) youth; prime of life. bloom/ flower of youth. নওবাহার (noun) dawn of spring; early spring in full bloom/ splendour. নও মুসলিম (noun) new convert to Islam. নওরোজ (noun) new year's day (according to Persian calendar). নওশা (noun) bridegroom; young monarch.
  • Bengali Word নওকরEnglish definition[Persian] (noun) servant; dependent; retainer. নওকর চাকরি (noun) domestics in general; servants.
  • Bengali Word নওকরিEnglish definition(noun) service; employment; post.
  • Bengali Word নওবতEnglish definition[Arabic] (noun) (sounding of) kettle-drum (at the residence of a great man at certain intervals). নওবত-খানা (noun) house where kettle-drums are beaten; guard house.
  • Bengali Word নওরাতিEnglish definition(noun) night of festivities.
  • Bengali Word নওলEnglish definition(adjective) (poetic) young; tender-aged.
  • Bengali Word নওলাEnglish definition= নহলা
  • Bengali Word নওয়াবEnglish definition= নবাব
  • Bengali Word নওয়াবিEnglish definition= নবাবি
  • Bengali Word নওয়ালাEnglish definition[Persian] (noun) 1 morsel; mouthful. 2 gift; presents.
  • Bengali Word নওয়ালিEnglish definition(adjective) new.
  • Bengali Word নকরEnglish definition= নওকর
  • Bengali Word নকরিEnglish definition= নওকরি
  • Bengali Word নকলEnglish definition[Arabic] (noun) 1 copying. 2 copy; transcript; reproduction. 3 imitation. 4 copying by unfair means. 5 mimicking; mimicry; aping. 6 forgery; counterfeiting; plagiarism. (adjective) 1 artificial; imitation; sham; spurious: নকল সোনা. 2 forged: নকল দলিল. 3 counterfeit: নকল টাকা. নকল করা (verb transitive) 1 copy; make a copy of; transcript. 2 copy by unfair means. 3 imitate. 4 mimic; ape. 5 forge; counterfeit; plagiarize. নকল নবিস, নকল নবীস (noun) (professional) copyist/ transcriber. নকলনবিসি (noun) professional copying/ transcribing; profession of a copyist. নকলবয়ান (noun) reading of a copy. নকলবাজ (noun) 1 copyist; imitator; plagiarist. 2 forger. নকলবাজি (noun) copying; plagiarism; forgery; imitation. পাঁচ নকলে আসল খাস্ত, সাত নকলে আসল ভেস্ত (figurative) the original has got lost in a multitude of imitations.
  • Bengali Word নকশাEnglish definition[Arabic] (noun) 1 design; sketch; rough sketch/ cast. 2 map; plan; chart; outline map; drawing; design in outlines. 3 diagram; pattern; table. 4 portrait. 5 embroidered design; engraving. নকশা আঁকা/নকশা করা (verb intransitive) draw a map/plan/ sketch (in outlines); sketch; make a design; plan; work out a plan of; make a plan. নকশা-আঁকা, নকশা-কাটা, নকশাদার (adjective(s)) = নকশি. নকশাকার, নকশা-নবিস noun(s) draughts man. নকশা-পাড় (adjective) having an artistically designed border: নকশা-পাড় শাড়ি.