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বর্ণমালা অনুক্রমে শব্দ খুঁজুন

  • Bengali Word ত্রয়োদশEnglish definition(noun), (adjective) thirteen. (adjective) thirteenth. ত্রয়োদশী (adjective) (feminine) 1 thirteenth; thirteen years old. (noun) (feminine) 1 a girl of thirteen. 2 the thirteenth day of a lunar fortnight.
  • Bengali Word ত্রয়োবিংশEnglish definition(adjective) twenty third; twenty-three. ত্রয়োবিংশতি (noun), (adjective) twenty-three. ত্রয়োবিংশতিতম (adjective) twenty-third. ত্রয়োবিংশতিতমী (feminine) = ত্রয়োবিংশ.
  • Bengali Word তৎEnglish definition(তদ্‌) (pronoun) 1 he; she. 2 it; that. তৎকর্তৃক (adverb) by him/her/it. তৎকাল (noun) hat time/ age; those days. তৎকালিক/ তৎকালীন (adjective) of/for/during that time or age; occurring/ prevalent at that time or in those days. তৎকালে (adverb) at that time; then; in those days. তৎকালোচিত (adjective) suitable to the occasion; befitting the age. তৎকৃত (adjective) done by him/her. তৎক্ষণাৎ (adverb) at that moment; at once; immediately. তৎক্ষণে (adverb) at the moment; by that time. তৎপর (adverb) after that; thereafter. (adjective) 1 skilful; adroit; expert. 2 enterprising; earnest; zealous; endeavouring. তৎপরতা (noun) skilfulness; adroitness; zeal; earnestness; enterprise; endeavour. তৎ পরায়ণ (adjective) sincerely attached to that; zealously engaged in that; absorbed in that. তৎপরে = তৎপর (adverb). তৎপশ্চাৎ (adverb) behind him/her. তৎপুরুষ (noun) 1 the Supreme Being; God. 2 (grammar) a system of compounding two words into one in which the preceding word loses its inflexion giving prominence to the succeeding word (eg গাছে পাকা = গাছপাকা). তৎপূর্বে (adverb) before that; prior to that. তৎসংক্রান্ত/ সম্বন্ধীয় (adjective) relating to/ concerning that. তৎসদৃশ (adjective) similar to that; resembling/ like that. তৎসম (adjective) same as that. তৎসম শব্দ (grammar) Sanskrit word used in Bengali without any change. তৎস্থলাভিষিক্ত (adjective) installed in his/her/its place. তৎস্বরূপ (adjective) resembling that.
  • Bengali Word তড়কা ১English definition(noun) disease causing spasmodic fit or convulsion in children; tetanus.
  • Bengali Word তড়কা ২English definition(noun) leaping; jumping; rushing with violence: নদীর তড়কা. ব্যাঙ-তড়কা (noun) a jump like that of a frog.
  • Bengali Word তড়তড়English definition(interjection) denoting (a) the sound of rainfall; (b) hasty steps: তড়তড় করে চলে গেল.
  • Bengali Word তড়পানোEnglish definition(noun) 1 vaunt and be refractory; brag; jump; boast. 2 spring or turn with sudden effort; flounce (as fish). 3 move violently; agitate; be restless: দিল তড়পাচ্ছে. তড়পানি (noun) act of jumping and bragging; act of fretting and fussing; violent movement; restlessness.
  • Bengali Word তড়বড়English definition(interjection) denoting haste and hurry. তড়বড়ানো (verb intransitive) move or speak in excessive hurry. তড়বড় করে (adverb) quickly; hastily; hurry-scurry. তড়বড়ানি (noun) haste and hurry. তড়বড়ে (adjective) hasty; quick; hurry-scurry.
  • Bengali Word তড়াক ১English definition(interjection) expressing suddenness or quickness: তড়াক করে লাফ দিলো.
  • Bengali Word তড়িঘড়িEnglish definition(adverb) hurriedly; instantly; promptly; at once; forth with; immediately.
  • Bengali Word তড়িচ্চালকEnglish definition[তড়িৎ + চালক] (adjective) producing motion by means of electricity; electro-motive. তড়িচ্চালক বল (noun) electro-motive force.
  • Bengali Word তড়িচ্চুম্বকEnglish definition[তড়িৎ + চুম্বক] (noun) a magnet energized by a coil of wire carrying an electric current round it; electro-magnet.
  • Bengali Word তড়িচ্চুম্বকীয়English definition(adjective) relating to, producing, derived from electro-magnetism; electro-magnetic.
  • Bengali Word তড়িত্বান, তড়িদ্‌গর্ভEnglish definition(noun) a cloud; a thunder-cloud.
  • Bengali Word তড়িদ্বীক্ষণEnglish definition[তড়িৎ + বীক্ষণ] (noun) an instrument which tests the presence, nature and intensity of electricity an electroscope.
  • Bengali Word তড়িদ্‌দ্বারEnglish definition[তড়িৎ + দ্বার] (noun) one of the points which an electric current passes from a conducting or producing circuit into another conducting medium; an electrode.
  • Bengali Word তড়িদ্‌বিশ্লেষণEnglish definition(noun) chemical change or decomposition produced by electric energy; electrolysis.
  • Bengali Word তড়িন্ময়English definition[তড়িৎ + ময়] (adjective) charged with electricity.
  • Bengali Word তড়িল্লতাEnglish definition[তড়িৎ + লতা] (noun) a streak of lightning; a wave of electricity
  • Bengali Word তড়িৎEnglish definition(noun) lightning; electricity. তড়িৎ শিখা (noun) a flash of lightning.
  • Bengali Word তয়English definition[Persian] (noun) 1 final settlement; conclusion; end. 2 doubling or folding of cloth, etc; plait: কাপড় তয় করে রাখা.
  • Bengali Word তয়খানা, তহখানাEnglish definition[Persian] (noun) underground cellar or shelter, especially one used in hot summer days.
  • Bengali Word তয়ফাEnglish definition[Arabic] (noun) a party of professional dancing girls. (adjective) befitting a ballerina or dancing girl. তয়ফাওয়ালী (noun) a dancing girl.
  • Bengali Word তয়ম্মুমEnglish definition[Arabic] (noun) an alternative method of purifying oneself for prayer, instead of obligatory ablution, under condition of illness or when water is not available.