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বর্ণমালা অনুক্রমে শব্দ খুঁজুন

  • Bengali Word English definition(noun) the fourteenth consonant of the Bengali alphabet and fourth letter of ট group. It is pronounced as an alveolo retroflex voiced aspirated plosive sound.
  • Bengali Word ঢং ১, ঢঙEnglish definition(noun) 1 the mode in which anything is done; style; manner; method; fashion: গাইবার ঢং. 2 false pretension; dissimulation; artifice; hypocrisy: ঢং করা. 3 manner of speaking: কথার ঢং. ঢংগি, ঢঙ্গি (adjective) (feminine) one who dissimulates; dissimulating; coquettish: ঢংগি মেয়ে. ঢং করা (verb intransitive) feign; affect; flirt; dissimulate.
  • Bengali Word ঢং, ঢনEnglish definition(interjection) (onomatopoeia) denoting the hollow sound of a metallic vessel or the ringing of a bell: ঢং ঢং করে ঘণ্টা বেজে গেল, Ding-dong goes the bell. ঢন ঢন (interjection) suggesting absolute emptiness: পকেট ঢন ঢন.
  • Bengali Word ঢক ২English definition(noun) shape; form; appearance; cut: বে-ঢক.
  • Bengali Word ঢক, ১ ঢক ঢকEnglish definition(interjection) denoting the sound of gulping water. ঢক করে গেলা (verb transitive) gulp down quickly.
  • Bengali Word ঢনEnglish definition ঢং
  • Bengali Word ঢপ ১English definition(interjection) 1 denoting the hollow sound of a flatulent belly. ঢপ ঢপ করা (verb intransitive) sound hollow.
  • Bengali Word ঢপ ২English definition(noun) 1 shape; form; appearance. 2 a kind of কীর্তন song.
  • Bengali Word ঢলEnglish definition(noun) 1 a slope; a declivity; an oblique direction; an incline. 2 part of a river where a steep slope causes the water to flow fast; a rapid: ঢলনামা. 3 the sudden swell of a river due to flood or heavy rainfall: নদীতে ঢল নেমেছে, The river is in spate. ঢলকানো (verb intransitive) spurt over; swell forth; bubble over; get loose.
  • Bengali Word ঢলঢলEnglish definition(interjection) denoting excessive looseness: হাতে চুড়ি ঢলঢল করছে. ঢলঢল করা (verb transitive) move loosely. ঢলঢলে (adjective) loose; slack.
  • Bengali Word ঢলাEnglish definition(verb intransitive) bend or hang downwards (through tiredness or weakness); droop. ঢলে পড়া (verb intransitive) collapse or breakdown (from loss of muscular strength, mental powers).
  • Bengali Word ঢলাঢলিEnglish definition(noun) amorous sports; interchange of cuddling and caressing; dalliance. ঢলাঢলি করা (verb intransitive) hug; embrace; fondle; cuddle; behave lasciviously.
  • Bengali Word ঢাকEnglish definition(noun) large instrument of percussion; a drum. ঢাক পেটা/ বাজানো (verb intransitive) 1 beat a drum. 2 (figurative) make (something) public; announce publicly. ঢাকের কাঠি (noun) 1 drum-stick. 2 (figurative) a constant companion but very insignificant in comparison. ঢাকের বাঁয়া some thing having no use except as a decoration; useless appurtenances. ঢাকের বাদ্য drum-beat. ঢাকের দায়ে মনসা বিকানো (figurative) excessive expense for a useless thing; (prov) to sell one’s homestead to grease one’s car. ধর্মের ঢাক আপনি বাজে (prov) virtue proclaims itself. ঢাক-ঢাক গুড় – গুড় (noun) an attempt to conceal or hush up.
  • Bengali Word ঢাকনা, ঢাকনিEnglish definition(noun) a cover; a lid.
  • Bengali Word ঢাকা ১English definition(verb transitive) cover; veil; hide; conceal. (adjective) covered. ঢাকা দেওয়া (verb transitive) cover; conceal.
  • Bengali Word ঢাকা ২English definition(noun) Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh.
  • Bengali Word ঢাকাইEnglish definition(adjective) made or manufactured in Dhaka.
  • Bengali Word ঢাকিEnglish definition(noun) a drum beater; a drummer. ঢাকি শুদ্ধ বিসর্জন to make wholesale sacrifice; to throw the rope after the bucket.
  • Bengali Word ঢাল ১English definition(noun) a protective plate used by warriors to ward off weapons; a shield; a buckler.
  • Bengali Word ঢাল ২English definitiona slope; a declivity; an incline.
  • Bengali Word ঢালাEnglish definition(verb transitive) 1 pour out (as tea, etc) from one pot to another. 2 cast or mould (as in a matrix). 3 make lavish expenditure: ছেলের পেছনে টাকা ঢালা. 4 invest huge capital: ব্যবসায়ে টাকা ঢালা. (adjective) that which has been moulded: ঢালা কড়াই. 2 extensively spread out: ঢালা বিছানা. 3 general; permanent; standing: ঢালা হুকুম. ঢালাও (adjective) 1 extensive: ঢালাও ফরাস. 2 without exception; general: ঢালাও হুকুম, tall order. 3 abundant; plenty; sufficient; ample: ঢালাও খাবার. ঢালাঢালি (noun) pouring out from one vessel to another repeatedly; repeated pouring and re-pouring. ঢালালোহা (noun) cast iron. ঢেলে সাজা (verb transitive) change lock, stock and barrel and recast anew; do something afresh.
  • Bengali Word ঢালাইEnglish definition(noun) act of casting or moulding; melting and pouring. ঢালাই করা (verb transitive) cast; mould. ঢালাইকর (noun) a caster. ঢালাই কারখানা (noun) an iron-foundry; a foundry.
  • Bengali Word ঢালি, ঢালীEnglish definition(adjective) wearing a shield; armed with a shield. noun) a soldier bearing a shield.
  • Bengali Word ঢালুEnglish definition(adjective) slanting downwards; sloping; declining.
  • Bengali Word ঢিটEnglish definition(adjective) 1 wanting shame or modesty; brazen-faced; impudent; insolent. 2 chastised; subdued; corrected; controlled. ঢিট করা (verb transitive) teach one a lesson; chastise; bring under control. ঢিট হওয়া (verb intransitive) be put in one’s place; get a snubbing; be subdued. ঢিট-পনা (noun) impudence; brazen-facedness; shamelessness.
  • Bengali Word ঢিঢিEnglish definition(noun) (of a scandal, etc) wide circulation; widespread rumour; extensive publicity: ঢিঢি পড়ে গেছে. (adjective) circulated; declared; given a bad name; defamed; slandered. ঢিঢি করা (verb transitive) proclaim in public; circulate (a bad name).
  • Bengali Word ঢিপEnglish definition(interjection) denoting the sound of something falling from a height. ঢিপ করে (adverb) with a thump or thud. ঢিপ ঢিপ (interjection) denoting palpitation of heart (as in fear). বুক ঢিপঢিপ করা (verb intransitive) (of heart) thud; pound.
  • Bengali Word ঢিপিEnglish definition(noun) a mound; a hillock; a pile; a heap: উইয়ের ঢিপি, an ant-hill.
  • Bengali Word ঢিপুনিEnglish definition(noun) heavy blow given with the fist; striking with the fist; thumping; drubbing. ঢিপুনি খাওয়া (verb intransitive)receive a drubbing; be thumped. ঢিপুনি দেওয়া (verb transitive) give a thumping.
  • Bengali Word ঢিবিEnglish definition= ঢিপি