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বর্ণমালা অনুক্রমে শব্দ খুঁজুন

  • Bengali Word English definition(noun) the thirteenth consonant of the Bengali alphabet. It is pronounced as alveolo-retroflex voiced unaspirated plosive sound.
  • Bengali Word ডকEnglish definition[English] (noun) area on the side of a harbour or bank of a river where ships are loaded, unloaded and repaired; a dock.
  • Bengali Word ডগ , ডগাEnglish definition(noun) 1 a tip or extremity: আঙ্গুলের ডগা. 2 a sprout or young shoot of a creeper: লাউয়ের ডগা.
  • Bengali Word ডগডগEnglish definition(interjection) denoting glow or brightness. ডগডগে (adjective) very deep; glowing: ডগডগে লাল, deep red.
  • Bengali Word ডগমগEnglish definition(adjective) flushed (with); gushing; effusive; overflowing with: খুশিতে ডগমগ. ডগমগ করা (verb intransitive) overflow (with); be overwhelmed (with).
  • Bengali Word ডঙ্কাEnglish definition(noun) a large kettle-drum; a trumpet; a drum. ডঙ্কা দিয়ে জানানো proclaim by beat of a drum announce by drum-beat.
  • Bengali Word ডজনEnglish definition[English] (noun) a set of twelve; a dozen.
  • Bengali Word ডনEnglish definition(noun) physical exercise done by waving the diaphragm on fours.
  • Bengali Word ডবকাEnglish definition(adjective) of budding youth; blooming; adolescent: ডবকা ছেলে, ডবকা মেয়ে. ডবকা বয়স (noun) blooming youth.
  • Bengali Word ডবডবEnglish definition(interjection) denoting wetness or swelling. ডবডব করা (verb intransitive) be suffused (with). ডবডবে (adjective) tearful; swelled: ডবডবে চোখ.
  • Bengali Word ডবলEnglish definition[English] (adjective) twofold; double. ডবল ডেকার (noun) a bus or a ship having two decks or floors; a double-decker. ডবল প্রমোশন (of a school student) promotion to the class above the next higher one for doing exceptionally brilliant results in an examination; double promotion. ডবল ব্যারেল (adjective) having two barrels; double barreled.
  • Bengali Word ডবিEnglish definition(adjective) ripe before the natural time; precocious.
  • Bengali Word ডমরEnglish definition(noun) 1 a quarrel; a dispute. 2 a brawl; an uproar; a riot. 3 rebellion; an insurrection; an uprising.
  • Bengali Word ডমরু, ডম্বরুEnglish definition(noun) a small drum shaped like an hour-glass, which is played by moving it with one hand; a tabo(u)r. ডমরু-মধ্য (adjective) having a slender waist just as that of a tabor. (noun) 1 a slender waist like that of a tabor. 2 a neck of land connecting two much larger portions; an isthmus.
  • Bengali Word ডম্ফ ১English definition(noun) a kind of musical instrument of the ancient times.
  • Bengali Word ডম্ফ ২English definition(noun) boast; vaunting. ডম্ফ করা (verb intransitive) boast; vaunt.
  • Bengali Word ডম্বরEnglish definition(noun) an ostentatious show; a splendid array of things.
  • Bengali Word ডম্বরুEnglish definition= ডমরু
  • Bengali Word ডম্বল, ডাম্বেলEnglish definition[English] (noun) a pair of weights used for exercise; dumb-bells.
  • Bengali Word ডরEnglish definition(noun) apprehension of danger; fear; fright; dread; panic. ডর করা (verb intransitive) feel fear; fear. ডর লাগা (verb intransitive) be alarmed/frightened/afraid of; take fright.
  • Bengali Word ডরানোEnglish definition(verb intransitive) fear; dread; be panicky.
  • Bengali Word ডলনEnglish definition(noun) act of rubbing/ massaging/ pressing/ kneading.
  • Bengali Word ডলাEnglish definition(verb transitive) 1 massage or rub (as parts of a person’s body to effect a cure). 2 press or squeeze: হাত-পা ডলা. 3 knead or work into amass with the hands (a dough for bread). ডলানো (verb intransitive) cause to rub in (as an ointment); massage one’s body or knead flour into a dough.
  • Bengali Word ডলারEnglish definition[English] (noun) unit of money in the US, Canada, Australia and some other countries.
  • Bengali Word ডহরEnglish definition(adjective) having great depth; deep. (noun) 1 a hollow in the earth; a ditch; a pit. 2 a watercourse; a channel. 3 a marshy land. 4 a waste land; pasturage. ডহরা (noun) the hold of a ship or boat. ডহরা-জমি (noun) low land.
  • Bengali Word ডাঁট ১English definition(noun) that part of an instrument which is taken into the hand; a handle; a haft.
  • Bengali Word ডাঁট ২English definition(noun) 1 firmness; the condition of being firm; steadfast; resolute or strong. 2 vanity; conceit; arrogance. ডাঁট দেখানো display arrogance; assume an air of superiority.
  • Bengali Word ডাঁটাEnglish definition(noun) the stalk or stem of a plant; a slender branch of a free.
  • Bengali Word ডাঁটিEnglish definition(noun) the handle of a spoon, etc.
  • Bengali Word ডাঁশEnglish definition(noun) a fly which bites cattle; the gadfly; the gnat.