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বর্ণমালা অনুক্রমে শব্দ খুঁজুন

  • Bengali Word English definition(noun) the twelfth consonant of the Bengali alphabet. It is pronounced as alveolo-retroflex unvoiced aspirated plosive sound.
  • Bengali Word ঠংEnglish definition(interjection) denoting the sound of a metallic object when struck with something hard. ঠং ঠং (interjection) sound of the repeated concussion of a metallic object. ঠং-ঠং করে ঘণ্টা বাজলো Ding-dong went the bell.
  • Bengali Word ঠং ২English definition(interjection) denoting a simple light clink. ঠংঠং repeated clinking sound.
  • Bengali Word ঠক ১, ঠগEnglish definition(noun) a dishonest person who defrauds people grossly; a swindler; a cheat; a knave; a rogue; a rascal. (adjective) deceitful; roguish; knavish (also ঠকবাজ). ঠকবাজি (noun) cheating; swindling; knavery.
  • Bengali Word ঠক ২, ঠকঠকEnglish definition(interjection) denoting (a) the sound made by the knocking of a stuff on the floor; (b) shivering or quivering with cold: শীতে ঠকঠক করে কাঁপা, have shivers all over in cold.
  • Bengali Word ঠকঠকানোEnglish definition(verb intransitive) shiver violently in cold, fear or anger. ঠকঠকানি (noun) a spell of violent shiver.
  • Bengali Word ঠকাEnglish definition(verb intransitive) 1 be cheated/swindled/defrauded. 2 be deluded/ outwitted: তিন টাকা ঠকিয়েছে. ঠকানো (verb transitive) deceive cheat; swindle; outwit; beguile. ঠকানে (adjective) deceitful; puzzling; misleading: ঠকানে প্রশ্ন, catch question; quiz. ঠকামি (noun) cheating; deception; fraud; swindling.
  • Bengali Word ঠক্কর, ঠোক্করEnglish definition(noun) collision; act of striking together.
  • Bengali Word ঠগEnglish definition(noun) 1 one who imposes on others; an imposter. 2 a member of a bond of highway robbers; a thug. ঠগি (noun) (history) a band of murderous/ robbers infesting the highways of medieval India.
  • Bengali Word ঠনEnglish definition(interjection) denoting a ringing sound or ding-dong of a bell. ঠন ঠন করা (verb intransitive) 1 ring; clank; clatter. 2 (figurative) be empty or sound as an empty vessel: পকেট ঠন.
  • Bengali Word ঠমক ১English definition(noun) affected or artful gait; show; pomp; parade: ঠমক দেখানো. ঠমক চাল (noun) proud airs.
  • Bengali Word ঠমক ২English definition(noun) the arts of coquette; coquetry; dalliance; flirtation.
  • Bengali Word ঠাঁইEnglish definition(noun) space; place; room; accommodation. ঠাঁই ঠাঁই (adjective) separated; disunited; levying apart from one another: ভাইভাই ঠাঁইঠাঁই.
  • Bengali Word ঠাওর, ঠাহরEnglish definition(noun) 1 a careful gaze. 2 attention. 3 perception. ঠাওর করা (verb transitive) perceive; recognize; notice. ঠাওরানো (verb transitive) 1 consider; ascertain; determine. 2 guess; surmise; conjecture; form an opinion without certain means of knowledge.
  • Bengali Word ঠাকঠমকEnglish definition(noun) ambitious display; ostentation; vain show; parade; pomp.
  • Bengali Word ঠাকরুনEnglish definition(noun) (feminine) respectable woman (among Hindus); mistress. ঠাকরুন দিদি grandmother.
  • Bengali Word ঠাকুরEnglish definition(noun) 1 a Hindu god or deity. 2 an idol. 3 God : ঠাকুর, রক্ষা করো. 4 person deserving respect and reverence: পিতা ঠাকুর. 5 a preceptor: গুরু ঠাকুর. 6 a Brahmin. 7 a Brahmin cook: ঠাকুরের রান্না. 8 a priest: ঠাকুর পূজা করেন. 9 the father-in-law of a woman: ঠাকুরপো. 10 title of the Brahmins: রবীন্দ্রনাথ ঠাকুর. ঠাকুরানী, ঠাকরুন (feminine). ঠাকুর-ঘর (noun) room for an idol. ঠাকুর-জামাই (noun) husband of husband’s sister. ঠাকুর-ঝি (noun) husband’s sister. ঠাকুরদাদা (noun) grandfather. ঠাকুর দালান (noun) a hall or building containing an idol attached to a dwelling house. ঠাকুর পুত্র (noun) son of a spiritual preceptor. ঠাকুরপো (noun) husband’s younger brother. ঠাকুর বাড়ি (noun) temple; shrine. ঠাকুরমা (noun) paternal grandmother. ঠাকুরালি (noun) 1 jest; joke; fun: ছাড়ো তোমার ঠাকুরালি. 2 authority; supremacy; predominance.
  • Bengali Word ঠাটEnglish definition(noun) 1 outward show; appearance: ঠাট বজায় রাখা, keep up appearance. 2 structure or fabric for supporting anything; a framework: প্রতিমার ঠাট. ঠাট বদল করা (verb intransitive) change one’s style of living.
  • Bengali Word ঠাটাEnglish definition(noun) thunderbolt; thunder.
  • Bengali Word ঠাট্টাEnglish definition(noun) good humoured tearing; joke; jest; fun; banter; waggery. ঠাট্টা করা (verb transitive) make fun; cut jokes; attack with jocularity; banter; tease in a playful way. ঠাট্টা করে বলা say (something) playfully/ by way of joke. ঠাট্টাবাজ (noun) a waggish fellow; a wag; a humorist. ঠাট্টাবাজি (noun) witticism; waggishness; mockery.
  • Bengali Word ঠাণ্ডাEnglish definition(adjective) 1 cold; cool: ঠাণ্ডা পানি. 2 gentle; agreeable; comfortable: ঠাণ্ডা স্বভাব (noun) chill: ঠাণ্ডা পড়েছে. ঠাণ্ডা করা (verb transitive) 1 cool; cool down. 2 comfort; pacify; console; appease: রাগ ঠাণ্ডা করা . 3 put down; put to silence; quell: বিদ্রোহ ঠাণ্ডা করা. ঠাণ্ডা লাগা (verb intransitive) catch cold. ঠাণ্ডা হওয়া (verb intransitive) become cold; cool down; be pacified. ঠাণ্ডা-লড়াই (noun) struggle for supremacy carried by hostile propaganda, etc without actual fighting; cold war.
  • Bengali Word ঠানEnglish definition(noun) (among Hindus) a respectable woman: মাঠান, বউঠান. ঠান দিদি, ঠানদি (noun) grandmother.
  • Bengali Word ঠারEnglish definition(noun) a hint; a gesticulation; a beckoning. ঠারা (verb transitive) make a sign with; gesticulate; beckon. ঠারে ঠোরে (adverb) by hints and signs; by beckoning; by gestures and postures.
  • Bengali Word ঠাস ১English definition(interjection) 1 denoting the sound of slapping: ঠাস করে চড় মারা, give a tight slap.
  • Bengali Word ঠাস ২English definition(adjective) closely united; compact; thick; close: ঠাস বুননি, compact knitting.
  • Bengali Word ঠাসাEnglish definition(verb transitive) thrust in by force; cram; staff; ram down; load or charge (as a gun); work into a mass; knead (as dough). (adjective) compressed; staffed; kneaded. ঠাসাঠাসি (noun) overcrowding; overfulness. ঠাসাঠাসি করে (adverb) huddling together; pressing hard.
  • Bengali Word ঠাহরEnglish definition= ঠাওর
  • Bengali Word ঠাড়English definition(adjective) erect; standing upright. ঠাড় করা (verb transitive) erect; set up. ঠাড় হওয়া (verb intransitive) stand erect; set upright.
  • Bengali Word ঠায় ১English definition(noun) place: ঠায় দাঁড়িয়ে/ঠায় বসে থাকা, stay or wait at a place.
  • Bengali Word ঠায় ২English definition(adverb) at a stretch; continually; steadily: ঠায় দাঁড়িয়ে থাকা, stand at a stretch without moving.