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বর্ণমালা অনুক্রমে শব্দ খুঁজুন

  • Bengali Word ছ ১English definition(noun) the seventh consonant of the Bengali alphabet. It is a dorso or plato-alveolar aspirated plosive round. Dhaka kuttis pronounce it as afficate sound. In some dialects of the eastern part of Bangladesh it is also pronounced as a fricative sound.
  • Bengali Word ছ ২English definition ছয়
  • Bengali Word ছই, ছৈEnglish definition(noun) a movable cover made of bamboo slips to shelter the passengers of a cart or boat from the sun; awning.
  • Bengali Word ছওয়াবEnglish definition= সোয়াব
  • Bengali Word ছওয়ারEnglish definition= সওয়ার
  • Bengali Word ছওয়ালEnglish definition= সওয়াল
  • Bengali Word ছকEnglish definition(noun) 1 a check or square in a chess-board; a board with such checks; a checker-board. 2 a diagram or an outline of a plan, etc. 3 a pattern or a prescribed/traditional form: উপন্যাসের ছক. ছক কাগজ (noun) paper with small squares of equal size; graph paper. ছক-কাটা (adjective) 1 marked with squares; checkered. 2 circumscribed by fixed and regular way of doing things; monotonous: ছক-কাটা জীবন. ছক কাটা (verb intransitive), (verb transitive) draw squares; (figurative) make a rough sketch/preliminary plan.
  • Bengali Word ছক্কা ১English definition(noun) a spiced dish of vegetables.
  • Bengali Word ছক্কা ২English definition(noun) 1 the six of a playing card. 2 (cricket) a hit over the boundary that scores six runs.
  • Bengali Word ছটফটEnglish definition(interjection) 1 denoting struggling or tossing about in pain: যন্ত্রণায় ছটফট করা. 2 suggestive of impatience, anxiety or restlessness. ছটফট করা (verb intransitive) 1 toss about (in pain). 2 be troubled with anxiety or eagerness. ছটফটানি (noun) state of being restless; restlessness; impatience; fidgetiness. ছটফটানো (verb intransitive) toss about; fidget; be troubled with impatience. ছটফটে (adjective) restless; uneasy; fidgety.
  • Bengali Word ছটরা, ছড়রা, ছররাEnglish definition(noun) quantity of small pellets of lead contained in the cartridge of a gun (instead of a single bullet) used against birds and small animals: ছটরা গুলি, lead shot, grape-shot.
  • Bengali Word ছটাEnglish definition(noun) 1 reflected light; radiance; lustre; glow; glamour: রূপের ছটা. 2 beauty; elegance; grace; loveliness: শুখচ্ছটা. 3 serial succession; sequence; a series: শ্লোকের ছটা.
  • Bengali Word ছটাকEnglish definition[H] (noun) 1 measure of weight (1/16th of a seer) prevalent in the subcontinent before the introduction of metric system. 2 measure of area (1/16th of a katha).
  • Bengali Word ছতরEnglish definition[Arabic] (noun) portion of the body from the navel to the knee: ছতর ঢাকা ফরজ.
  • Bengali Word ছত্র ১English definition(noun) an umbrella. ছত্রখান (adjective) spread out like an umbrella; scattered about. ছত্রদণ্ড (noun) a royal parasol and sceptre. ছত্রধর/ছত্রধরী (noun), (adjective) one who holds an umbrella over the head of a king; an umbrella-bearer. ছত্রপতি (noun) 1 a king; an emperor. 2 title of honour used before the name of Shivaji, the Marhatta king.
  • Bengali Word ছত্র ২English definition(noun) 1 a line of prose writing. 2 a foot of a verse. 3 a row or line (as of soldiers). ছত্রভঙ্গ (noun) 1 breaking off in disorder; dispersion. 2 flight of an army in disorder and confusion; a rout; a retreat; a debacle. ছত্রভঙ্গ করা (verb transitive) put to flight; rout.
  • Bengali Word ছত্র ৩English definition= সত্র
  • Bengali Word ছত্রক, ছত্রাকEnglish definition(noun) 1 plant without leaves and flowers growing on decaying matter, eg old wood; fungus. 2 fast-growing fungus of which some kinds are edible; mushroom.
  • Bengali Word ছত্রাকEnglish definition= ছত্রক
  • Bengali Word ছত্রাকারEnglish definition(adjective) scattered on all sides in a disorderly manner; lying at sixes and sevens. ছত্রাকার হওয়া (verb intransitive) fall into disorder; be scattered all over.
  • Bengali Word ছত্রিEnglish definition(noun) a cover or awning of a boat or cart. ছত্রিদণ্ড (noun) a pole or rod used for fitting a mosquito net or the awning of a boat.
  • Bengali Word ছত্রিশEnglish definition(noun), (adjective) six and thirty; thirty-six.
  • Bengali Word ছত্রী ১English definition(noun) an Indian caste of Kshatriya origin; a member of this caste.
  • Bengali Word ছত্রী ২English definition(adjective) one with an umbrella on: (ছত্রধারী)
  • Bengali Word ছদEnglish definition(noun) 1 a leaf (of a tree). 2 a covering; a garment: পোষাক পরিচ্ছদ.
  • Bengali Word ছদকাEnglish definition= সদকা
  • Bengali Word ছদরEnglish definition= সদর
  • Bengali Word ছদ্মEnglish definition(adjective) feigned; simulated; disguised. ছদ্মনাম (noun) an assumed name; a pseudonym. ছদ্মবেশ (noun) an assumed appearance intended to deceive; a disguise. ছদ্মবেশ ধারণ করা (verb intransitive) disguise oneself for the purposes of deception or concealment. ছদ্মবেশী (adjective) appearing in disguise; disguised. ছদ্মবেশী লোক (noun) a person in disguise/ incognito. ছদ্মবেশে (adverb) in disguise; incognito.
  • Bengali Word ছন, ছোনEnglish definition(noun) a kind of tall grass suitable as a thatching material.
  • Bengali Word ছনছনEnglish definition(interjection) (onomatopoeia) denoting a feeling of physical indisposition. ছনছন করা (verb intransitive) feel in indisposed/out of sorts.