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বর্ণমালা অনুক্রমে শব্দ খুঁজুন

  • Bengali Word ঐ ১English definition(noun) the ninth vowel of the Bengali alphabet. It is pronounced as অই or ওই. It joins a consonant with its symbol ৈ. In the Bengali phonetics it is called diphthong.
  • Bengali Word ঐ ২English definition(adjective) that or those (indicating (something) in front or nearby. (adverb) over there; yonder. (interjection) expressing regret for negligence, lapse of memory, etc: ঐ যা, একদম ভুলে গেছি.
  • Bengali Word ঐকতানEnglish definition(noun) agreement in a design; concord; harmony; concert.
  • Bengali Word ঐকমত্যEnglish definition(noun) agreement in opinion; unanimity.
  • Bengali Word ঐকান্তিকEnglish definition(adjective) profound; intense; earnest: ঐকান্তিক বাসনা. (adverb) with sincerity and earnestness; absorbedly; single-mindedly: ঐকান্তিক প্রচেষ্টা. ঐকান্তিকতা (noun) = ঐকান্তিক.
  • Bengali Word ঐকিকEnglish definition(adjective) of or relating to a unit; unitary: ঐকিক নিয়ম, (arithmetic) the unitary method.
  • Bengali Word ঐক্যEnglish definition(noun) 1 state of being one; unity; union. 2 similarity; likeness; affinity; resemblance. 3 agreement; concord; harmony. ঐক্যবদ্ধ (adjective) united; combined. ঐক্যসাধন (noun) act of establishing unity/concord.
  • Bengali Word ঐচ্ছিকEnglish definition(adjective) 1 depending on one’s own option or choice; optional; elective. 2 as one pleases; to one’s liking.
  • Bengali Word ঐতিহাসিকEnglish definition(adjective) 1 of or based on history; historical: ঐতিহাসিক উপন্যাস. 2 of historical importance; historic: ঐতিহাসিক ঘটনা. 3 versed in history. (noun) a writer or compiler of history; historian. ঐতিহাসিকতা (noun) historical truth; reality.
  • Bengali Word ঐতিহ্যEnglish definition(noun) 1 values, customs and accumulated experiences of earlier generations handed down to posterity tradition: জাতীয় ঐতিহ্য. 2 cultural heritage. ঐতিহ্যগত, ঐতিহ্যিক (adjective) traditional.
  • Bengali Word ঐন্দ্রজালিকEnglish definition= ইন্দ্রজাল
  • Bengali Word ঐরাবতEnglish definition(noun) elephant; (mythology) Indra’s elephant.
  • Bengali Word ঐশিকEnglish definition(adjective) relating to God. ঐশী (feminine) = ঐশিক. ঐশীবাণী.
  • Bengali Word ঐশ্বরিকEnglish definition(adjective) of or belonging to God; divine.
  • Bengali Word ঐশ্বর্যEnglish definition(noun) 1 wealth; riches. 2 pomp; splendour; magnificence. 3 power; authority; majesty. ঐশ্বর্যগর্ব (noun) pride of wealth. ঐশ্বর্যগর্বিত (adjective) proud of wealth. ঐশ্বর্যশালী (adjective) wealthy; opulent; affluent.
  • Bengali Word ঐহিকEnglish definition(adjective) 1 of this world; worldly; mundane. 2 of the present life; secular; temporal.