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বর্ণমালা অনুক্রমে শব্দ খুঁজুন

  • Bengali Word -উEnglish definitionas an inflexion it has several uses, (for example), (a) transforming a noun into an adjective (চাল+উ=চালু, ঢাল+উ=ঢালু); (b) changing the form of a word without changing its meaning (নীচ+উ=নিচু, উন+উ=উনু); or (c) expressing fondness (দাদু, নানু, আব্বু).
  • Bengali Word English definition(noun) fifth vowel of the Bengali alphabet. it is a short vowel and is pronounced like 'u' as in bush. When joined to a consonant letter it takes the form of its symbol, (for example), ক+উ=কু.
  • Bengali Word উঁEnglish definition(interjection) used as a response in short to someone’s call.
  • Bengali Word উঁকিEnglish definition(noun) a look through a small opening; a glimpse or hasty view taken (especially) in secret; a peep. ভোরের উঁকি (figurative) peep of day. উঁকি ঝুঁকি (noun) repeated peeping without exposing oneself. উঁকি দেওয়া, উঁকি মারা (verb intransitive) peep into (something), take a secret glance of (something).
  • Bengali Word উঁচকপালি, উটকপালিEnglish definition(adjective) (feminine) 1 woman with a protuberant forehead and so ugly to look at. 2 attended with misfortune; ill-omened. উঁচকপালে, উচকপালে, উটকপালে, উঁচাকপাল (adjective) mas 1 one having a protuberant forehead. 2 having good fortune; fortunate.
  • Bengali Word উঁচকপালে, উচকপালে, উটকপালে, উঁচাকপালEnglish definition(adjective) mas 1 one having a protuberant forehead. 2 having good fortune; fortunate.
  • Bengali Word উঁচলEnglish definition(noun) 1 separating corn from stalks. 2 sifting/separating chaff from corn by winnowing or by means of a sieve.
  • Bengali Word উঁচলানো, ওঁচলানোEnglish definition(verb intransitive) separate or blow away husks, dust, stones, etc from grain; winnow: চাল উঁচলানো.
  • Bengali Word উঁচা, উচা, উঁচু, উচুEnglish definition(adjective) 1 high; tall; lofty. 2 elevated; exalted; noble: উঁচা মন. 3 loud; harsh; rough: উঁচাস্বর. 4 excellent; fine; surpassingly good of the kind: উঁচু দরের প্রসাধনী. উঁচানো, উচানো, ওঁচানো (verb transitive) raise/lift up (something) heavy. (noun) act of raising/lifting/heaving up (eg, a staff) (adjective) swelled; raised; going up উঁচা গোঁফ. উঁচুনিচু, উঁচানিচা (adjective) uneven; undulating. উঁচিয়ে উঠা (verb intransitive) increase in wealth/position from an insignificant state; thrive.
  • Bengali Word উঁহুঁEnglish definition(interjection) expressing a negative reply.
  • Bengali Word উঃ, উহ্‌English definition(interjection) expressing pain, amazement, worry, anxiety or restlessness.
  • Bengali Word উই, উইপোকাEnglish definition(noun) group of ant-like insects having membranous wings which are commonly called white ants and which are very destructive to timber, textiles, etc; termite. উই চারা, উই ঢিপি, উই টিবি (noun) cone-shaped pile of earth thrown up by white ants in making their nest; ant-hill. উই ধরা, উয়ে ধরা, উই লাগা (verb intransitive) be attacked with/eaten up by white ants.
  • Bengali Word উইচিংড়াEnglish definition= উচ্চিংড়া
  • Bengali Word উইলEnglish definition[English] (noun) legal testament in which a person declares how his property is to be used or distributed after his death.
  • Bengali Word উকEnglish definition(noun) (colloquial) the sugarcane.
  • Bengali Word উক, উকাEnglish definition(noun) 1 flying sparks of fire (as from an oven). 2 fire. 3 a flambeau or ceremonial torch.
  • Bengali Word উকাEnglish definition(noun) fishing-trap made of bamboo or cane.
  • Bengali Word উকারEnglish definition(noun) symbol of the vowel ‘উ’. উকারাদি (adjective) (word) beginning with ‘উ’ or its symbol ((for example), উঠান, রুটি). উকারান্ত (adjective) (word) ending with ‘উ’ or উ-sound. ((for example), বউ, কচু)
  • Bengali Word উকালত, উকালতি, উকালতনামাEnglish definition= ওকালত
  • Bengali Word উকি, উক্কিEnglish definition(noun) 1 convulsive catch of the respiratory muscles resulting in a coughing sound: hiccup; hiccough. 2 vomiting tendency. উকি তোলা (verb intransitive) hiccup; hiccough; have the hiccups. উকি ওঠা (verb intransitive) be attacked with hiccups.
  • Bengali Word উকিলEnglish definition[Arabic] (noun) 1 professional representative in legal cases; a lawyer; a pleader; an advocate; a barrister. 2 agent or representative in a Muslim marriage who discharges the responsibility of conveying the bride’s consent to the marriage to the bridegroom.
  • Bengali Word উকুনEnglish definition(noun) parasitic of hair; the louse (plural) lice)).
  • Bengali Word উক্তEnglish definition(adjective) 1 what has been said/expressed. 2 mentioned; referred to. 3 uttered.
  • Bengali Word উক্তিEnglish definition(noun) expression of a fact or opinion; that which is stated; a statement.
  • Bengali Word উকড়া, উকড়ো, উখড়াEnglish definition(noun) pop-rice coated/sweetened with sugar or molasses.
  • Bengali Word উখাEnglish definition(noun) 1 cooking pot. 2 oven.
  • Bengali Word উখা২English definition(noun) metal tool having sharp serrated surface used for scraping; a coarse file; a rasp.
  • Bengali Word উখড়নো, উখড়ানো, ওখড়ানোEnglish definition(verb intransitive) uproot. (noun) extirpation. (adjective) uprooted; extirpated.
  • Bengali Word উগলানো, ওগরানোEnglish definition(verb transitive), (verb intransitive) 1 eject from the throat; disgorge; vomit. 2 (figurative) give up; hand over, surrender (something) taken wrongfully): চোরাইমাল উগলানো. 3 (figurative) give out/confess secrets. 4 (figurative) put down in an answer-script what has been committed to memory (without serious study).
  • Bengali Word উগ্রEnglish definition(adjective) 1 easily angered; peevish; impatient: উগ্র স্বভাব. 2 strong; bitter; deadly; fatal: উগ্রবিষ. 3 severe; excessive; terrible: উগ্রতাপ. 4 harsh; hoarse; rough: উগ্রকণ্ঠ. 5 cruel; hard-hearted; merciless. 6 extreme; most violent: উগ্রপন্থী, উগ্রা (feminine). উগ্রকণ্ঠ, উগ্রস্বর (adjective) having a hoarse or grating voice; raucous. উগ্রকণ্ঠে, উগ্রস্বরে (adverb) in a harsh/angry voice; raucously. উগ্রকর্মা (adjective) one who performs cruel or violent deeds at ease/without feeling qualms of conscience. উগ্রচণ্ডা, উগ্রচণ্ডী (noun) (feminine) 1 hot-tempered and quarrelsome woman. 2 appellation of goddess Durga in a terrible form; (adjective) (feminine) terrible; violent. উগ্রতা (noun) severity; sharpness; fierceness; extremity. উগ্রপন্থা = (noun) extremism. উগ্রপন্থী (noun) one holding extreme trims or advocating extreme action; extremist. উগ্রমূর্তি (adjective) having an angry-look.