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বর্ণমালা অনুক্রমে শব্দ খুঁজুন

  • Bengali Word আ ১English definition(noun) second vowel of the Bengali alphabet. When it joins a consonant letter it takes the form ‘া’, eg; ম + আ = মা.
  • Bengali Word আ ২English definition(interjection) expressing sorrow, pain, anger, aversion, surprise, relief, delight, etc; oh! ah! alas! আ মরি বাংলা ভাষা, আ! বাঁচা গেল, আ, কি ছিরি!
  • Bengali Word আ ৩English definition(prefix) denoting “a little": আনত নয়ন. ‘starting from’: আজন্ম; ‘up to’; আকণ্ঠ; ‘throughout’ / ‘during the whole of’: আজীবন, etc. it also implies negation, contrariety, perversion, etc. eg আগমন, আঁকাড়া, আঘাট, আকাল, আকথা.
  • Bengali Word আ-পড়াEnglish definition(adjective) 1 what has not been read; unread. 2 uneducated; illiterate.
  • Bengali Word আঁইস ২English definition(noun) scales of fishes.
  • Bengali Word আঁকEnglish definition(noun) a mark or sign; (arithmetic) & (algebra) a problem or sum. আঁক কষা (verb transitive) do or work out a sum.
  • Bengali Word আঁকাEnglish definition(verb intransitive), (verb transitive) draw; paint; describe; trace; mark; delineate. (adjective) drawn; painted; traced; marked; described; delineated.
  • Bengali Word আঁকা বাঁকাEnglish definition(adjective) crooked; zigzag; tortuous; serpentine.
  • Bengali Word আঁকাড়াEnglish definition(adjective) (of rice) which is not husked/polished white; unrefined.
  • Bengali Word আঁকিয়া-বাঁকিয়াEnglish definition= এঁকেবেঁকে
  • Bengali Word আঁখিEnglish definition(noun) the eye. আঁখি জল (noun) tears. আঁখিঠার (noun) wink. ঠারা (verb intransitive), (verb transitive) wink or blink at. আঁখিপুট (noun) eyelid.
  • Bengali Word আঁচ ১English definition(noun) 1 hint; presage. 2 guess; surmise; conjecture; anticipation. আঁচ করা (verb transitive) guess; surmise; conjecture; anticipate.
  • Bengali Word আঁচ ২English definition(noun) heat; warmth; glow; blaze.
  • Bengali Word আঁচলEnglish definition(noun) the loose end of a woman’s sari. আঁচল ধরা (adjective) (of man) submissive to one’s wife; (of boys) very much dependent on mother.
  • Bengali Word আঁচিলEnglish definition(noun) mole; wart; pimple.
  • Bengali Word আঁচড়English definition(noun) bruise; scratch; mark. আঁচড় কাটা (verb transitive) make a mark/ scratch with finger-nails or claws.
  • Bengali Word আঁজলাEnglish definition(noun) a handful.
  • Bengali Word আঁট, আটEnglish definition(adjective) tight; close-fitting. (noun) tightness; compactness. কথার আঁট reason or cogency of one's say. আঁট করা (verb intransitive), (verb transitive) tighten; make tight. আঁটসাঁট (adjective) tight; not loose; compact,
  • Bengali Word আঁটকুড়া, আঁটকুড়েEnglish definition(adjective) childless; without any issue.
  • Bengali Word আঁটি ১, আটিEnglish definition(noun) a bundle of corn tied together in a stack .
  • Bengali Word আঁটি ২, আঁঠি, আঠিEnglish definition(noun) the seed/stone of a fruit.
  • Bengali Word আঁতEnglish definition(noun) 1 entrails; intestines; bowels. 2 heart; feelings. আঁতে ঘা দেওয়া (figurative) comment on one's weak point; attack one with words that prove effective; touch the sore point.
  • Bengali Word আঁতকানো, আঁৎকানোEnglish definition(verb transitive) be startled; feel sudden alarm. আঁতকে ওঠা (verb transitive) be shocked with surprise/ alarm.
  • Bengali Word আঁতাতEnglish definition(noun) friendly understanding between nations; entente.
  • Bengali Word আঁতুড়, আঁতুড় ঘরEnglish definition(noun) lying-in room; labour-room; house or room of confinement of a woman at child-birth.
  • Bengali Word আঁধারEnglish definition(noun) darkness; gloom. (adjective) dark; gloomy. আঁধার ঘরের মানিক (figurative) a darling son/daughter who brings joy to a cheerless home. আঁধারে ঢিল মারা (figurative) make a blind guess; take a blind chance. আঁধারে হাতড়ানো (figurative) grope in the dark.
  • Bengali Word আঁশ English definition= আঁইস ২
  • Bengali Word আঁশ ১, আঁইশEnglish definition(noun) fiber / threadlike membranes in some fruits, plants, etc.
  • Bengali Word আঁস্তাকুড় English definition(noun) rubbish-dump;dustbin. আঁস্তাকুড়ের পাতা (noun) rubbish; refuse; sweepings; (figurative) undesirable/mean person.
  • Bengali Word আংটাEnglish definition(noun) metal ring affixed to (something) as a handle.