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  • Bengali Word -দানEnglish definition[Persian] (noun) (used as a suffix) pot; holder; vase; case; receptacle; container: কলম-দান, আতর-দান.

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  • Bengali Word -দা ২English definition (noun) (colloquial) = দাদা
  • Bengali Word -দা ৩English definition (adjective) (feminine) = দ ৩
  • Bengali Word -দানীEnglish definition (noun(s)) =-দান
  • Bengali Word -দায়িকাEnglish definition (adjective) (feminine) =-দায়ক
  • Bengali Word -দার ২English definition [Persian] (adjective) (used as a suffix) (1) having; furnished/ embroidered with: বুটি-দার.
    (2) holder: হিসসা-দার. (3) causing; producing: মজা-দার. (4) employed in; taking to: বাজনা-দার. (5) owning; possessing; having: পাওনা-দার. (6) superintending; controllring: থানা-দার. – দারি (noun) (used as a suffix) implying-ship: হিসসাদারি, জমিদারি.
  • Bengali Word -দারিEnglish definition = দার ২
  • Bengali Word অদানEnglish definition (noun) an unworthy bestowal or gift
  • Bengali Word অনুদানEnglish definition (noun) government grant.
    সহায়ক অনুদান (noun) grant-in-aid.
  • Bengali Word অপাদানEnglish definition (noun) (grammar) ablative case
  • Bengali Word অবদানEnglish definition (noun) contribution; noble achievement; heroic performance: বাংলা সাহিত্যে নজরুলের অবদান অবিস্মরণীয়
  • Bengali Word আদানEnglish definition (noun) act of receiving of taking.
    আদান প্রদান (noun) act of giving and taking; barter; exchange; matrimonial alliance.
  • Bengali Word উপাদানEnglish definition (noun) (1) ingredient(s) of anything.
    (2) raw materials that make an industrial product.
  • Bengali Word খানদান, খান্দানEnglish definition [Persian] (noun) line of ancestors/descent; family.
    (2) high family; aristocratic descent. (3) descendants; offspring; progeny.
  • Bengali Word গর্দানEnglish definition [Persian] (noun) (1) the shoulder; the neck; the throat.
    (2) the head with the neck. (2) গর্দান যাওয়া (verb transitive) be decapitated (as a legal punishment); be sentenced to death. গর্দান নেওয়া (verb intransitive) behead; kill; decapitate. গর্দানি (noun) pushing out by the neck. গর্দানি দেওয়া (verb transitive) push by the neck; collar out.
  • Bengali Word গুলদানEnglish definition [Persian] (noun) a flower vase
  • Bengali Word গো-দানEnglish definition (noun) the ceremony of giving away cows in gift
  • Bengali Word জিন্দানEnglish definition [Persian] (noun) (1) a jail; a prison (also জিন্দানখানা).
    (2) (figurative) a tie; a bondage: দুনিয়ার জিন্দানখানা. জিন্দানবাসী (noun) the inmates of a prison.
  • Bengali Word নাদানEnglish definition [Persian] (adjective) ignorant; silly; foolish; innocent.
    নাদানি (noun) ignorance; foolishness.
  • Bengali Word নিদানEnglish definition (noun) (1) first/primary cause.
    (2) cause of existence; any cause/motive; root cause. (3) cause of a disease and inquiry into it; pathology; actiology. (4) diagnosis. (5) cessation; end. (6) purification; correctness. (7) symptoms of imminent death. নিদানকাল (noun) time of death; last hour; dying day. নিদানতত্ত্ব, নিদানবিদ্যা (noun(s) pathology; actiology; diagnostics. নিদান পক্ষে (adverb) at least; at the lowest; perforce; still. নিদানভূত (adjective) become a primary/remote cause (of a disease); causative; causal. নিদানশালা (noun) clinic. নিদানশাস্ত্র = নিদানতত্ত্ব.
  • Bengali Word পরিদানEnglish definition (noun) exchange; restitution of a deposit
  • Bengali Word প্রতিদানEnglish definition (noun) (1) giving/gift in return; exchange.
    (2) requital; restitution; restoration; retribution; repayment. (3) revenge. প্রতিদান দেওয়া (verb intransitive) give in return/exchange. (2) give back; return; restore; retribute; repay. (3) requite: প্রেমের প্রতিদান. (4) take revenge upon. প্রতিদানহীন (adjective) unrequited.
  • Bengali Word প্রদানEnglish definition (noun) giving; bestowing; bestowal; presentation; conferring; conferment; yielding; imparting; delivery.
    প্রদান করা (verb transitive) give; bestow; confer; award; grant; yield; impart; mete out; accord; donate; assign; give away; hand out; deliver; hand (over); endow; favour with; render; deal give/deal out.
  • Bengali Word বাগ্‌দানEnglish definition (noun) promise or betrothment of a maiden in marriage; betrothal; engagement.
    বাগ্‌দান করা (verb transitive) betroth; engage (a woman by word of month).
  • Bengali Word ব্যাদানEnglish definition (noun) (1) opening wide; opening: মুখ ব্যাদান.
    (2) disclosing. ব্যাদান করা (verb transitive) gape; open; expand. ব্যাদিত (adjective) opened; open-mouthed; gaping.
  • Bengali Word ময়দানEnglish definition [Arabic] (noun) plain; open field; area; battle field; ground; race course; parade ground
  • Bengali Word সম্প্রদানEnglish definition (noun) act of giving/ handing over; presenting; bestowing (also in marriage; granting; allowing; bestowal.
    (2) gift; present; donation. (3) (grammar) case (also সম্প্রদান কারক). সম্প্রদান করা (verb transitive) give/ hand over; present; bestow; grant; allow; deliver wholly over; give completely up; impart; give in marriage.
  • চা-দানি (noun) 1 tea-pot.