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  • Bengali Word সূচনাEnglish definition(noun) (1) beginning; commencement; start; inception. (2) introduction; preface; preamble. (3) presage; foreboding. (4) = সূচন. সূচনা করা (verb transitive) (1) begin; start; commence. (2) introduce; preface; make an introduction. (3) indicate; hit signal; communicate; show; reveal; betray; point out. (4) forbode; presage.

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  • Bengali Word সূচEnglish definition (noun) = সুচ
  • Bengali Word সূচকEnglish definition (adjective) (also used as a suffix) indicating; pointing to/ out; showing; designating; expressing; commencing; foreboding; presaging.
    (noun) (1) (algebra) index. (2) indicator. (3) manager/ chief actor of a company. সূক্ষ্ম শ্রেণী (noun) (algebra) exponential series. সূক্ষ্ম সংখ্যা (noun) index number. সূক্ষ্ম সূত্র (noun) (algebra) exponential theorem.
  • Bengali Word সূচনEnglish definition (noun) (1) indication; communication; expression; pointing out.
    (2) signalling; hinting.
  • Bengali Word সূচনীয়English definition (adjective) to be pointed out/ indicated
  • Bengali Word সূচিEnglish definition (noun) (1) needle; any sharp-pointed instrument; awl.
    (2) indicator (as of a measuring instrument). (3) table of contents; index; list; inventory; catalogue. সূচি কর্ম, সূচি শিল্প noun(s) needlework; embroidery. সূচিখণ্ড (noun) frustum. সূচি খাত (verb intransitive) pyramid; cone. সূচিজীবী (noun) tailor. সূচি নিবদ্ধ (noun) index register. সূচিপত্র (noun) table of contents; index. সূচি ভেদ্য (adjective) (1) capable of being pierced with a needle. (2) very dense/ compact; palpable (as darkness): সূচিভেদ্য অন্ধকার, pitchblack/ murky/ inky darkness. সূচি মুখ (adjective) as pointed as a needle; having a pointed end; pin-pointed; very sharp. (noun) point of a needle.
  • Bengali Word সূচিকাEnglish definition = সূচি.
    সূচিকা ভরণ (Ayurved) (noun) a drug containing a minute quantity of snake-poison.
  • Bengali Word সূচিতEnglish definition (adjective) (1) pointed out; indicated; hinted; communicated; shown; betrayed; made known by.
    (2) begun; started; commenced; initiated.
  • Bengali Word সূচীEnglish definition = সূচি
  • Bengali Word সূচ্যEnglish definition = সূচনীয়
  • Bengali Word সূচ্যগ্রEnglish definition (noun) point of a needle; as much land as is pierced by the point of a needle; very little; iota; inch.
     (adjective) very little. সূচ্যগ্র পরিমাণ, সূচ্যগ্র পরিমিত (adjective(s)) = সূচ্যগ্র.
  • Bengali Word অনুশোচন, অনুশোচনাEnglish definition (noun) sorrow for wrongdoing; repentance; repining; contrition.
    অনুশোচনা করা (verb intransitive) regret; repent. অনুশোচনীয় (adjective) regrettable; warranting repentance. অনুশোচিত (adjective) what has excited repentance; regretted; repented.
  • Bengali Word অনুসূচনাEnglish definition (noun) (1) function; ceremony; ritual.
    (2) discussion; movement.
  • Bengali Word অবিবেচনাEnglish definition (noun) (1) lack of consideration.
    (2) injustice; impropriety; imprudence.
  • Bengali Word অর্চনাEnglish definition (noun) worship; adoration.
    অর্চনা করা (verb intransitive) worship; adore; pay homage. অর্চনীয় (adjective) fit to be worshipped; adorable.
  • Bengali Word আলোচনাEnglish definition (noun) (1) discussion; study; culture (জ্ঞানালোচনা).
    (2) examination; criticism (কাব্যালোচনা). (3) movement; deliberation; thought; consideration: এ বিষয়ে উত্তপ্ত আলোচনা চলছে. আলোচনা করা (verb transitive) discuss; deliberate; consider. আলোচিত (adjective) discussed; considered; deliberated.
  • Bengali Word তত্ত্বালোচনাEnglish definition [তত্ত্ব + আলোচনা] (noun) discussion about truth or reality; ontological discourse
  • Bengali Word ধোচনাEnglish definition (noun) a kind of trap for catching fish
  • Bengali Word পর্যালোচনাEnglish definition (noun) consideration; reflection; thorough study/ discussion/ review.
    পর্যালোচনা করা (verb transitive) consider; ponder; study/ discuss/ review thoroughly.
  • Bengali Word প্রবঞ্চনাEnglish definition (noun) cheating; swindle; fraud; deception; deceit; fraudulence; bluff; trickery; knavery.
    প্রবঞ্চনা করা (verb intransitive) deceive; cheat; swindle; defraud somebody (of something); beguile somebody (into doing something); hoodwink somebody (into something); trick; dupe somebody (into doing something.
  • Bengali Word প্ররোচনাEnglish definition (noun) instigation; inducement; incitement; motivation; provocation; encouragement; stimulation; seduction.
    প্ররোচনা দেওয়া (verb transitive) instigate; induce; incite; motivate; provoke; encourage; excite; stimulate; seduce. প্ররোচনাদায়ক (adjective) = প্ররোচক. প্ররোচনামূলক (adjective) provocative; seductive.
  • Bengali Word বাচনাEnglish definition (noun) (1) reading.
    (2) explanation; expounding.
  • Bengali Word বামলোচনাEnglish definition (noun) (1) fair-eyed woman.
    (2) beautiful woman. (3) woman.
  • Bengali Word বিবেচনাEnglish definition (noun) (1) consideration; discrimination; examination; critical treatment; investigation; right judgement; considerateness; deliberation; judiciousness; right judgement; prudence.
    (2) idea; opinion; view. বিবেচনা করা (verb transitive) consider; judge; reflect; think; deliberate. বিবেচনাধীন (adjective) under consideration. বিবেচনাশক্তি (noun) power of discernment/ judgement; discretion. বিবেচনা সাপেক্ষ (adjective) subject to/ under consideration.
  • Bengali Word যাচন ১, যাচনাEnglish definition (noun) begging; soliciting; asking (also in marriage); prayer; request; petition; entreaty for; solicitation of. যাচনাকরা (verb intransitive) ask/beg (for); solicit; entreat; implore; pray for
    যাচনাকরা (verb intransitive) ask/beg (for); solicit; entreat; implore; pray for.
  • Bengali Word রচনাEnglish definition (noun) (1) arrangement; composition: কেশ রচনা.
    (2) disposition. (3) production; preparation; fabrication. (4) literary production; work; essay; composition. (5) arrangement of troops; array. (6) contrivance; invention. (7) building; construction: গৃহ রচনা. (8) management; accomplishment. (9) putting on; wearing (of garments). (10) stringing flowers/ garlands: মাল্য রচনা. রচনা করা (verb transitive) arrange; compose; dispose; prepare; produce; fashion; form; make; construct; build; create; write. রচনা কৌশল (noun) method/ style of making/ composition. রচনা চৌর (noun) plagiarist. রচনা নৈপুণ্য (noun) skill in making / building/ composition, style. রচনা পদ্ধতি, রচনা প্রণালী = রচনা কৌশল. রচনা শৈলী (noun) (especially literary) style. কেশ রচনা (noun) hair-do; hair-style. কেশ রচনা করা (verb intransitive) do up/ dress one’s hair.
  • Bengali Word রোচনাEnglish definition (noun) (1) a particular yellow pigment obtained from the bile of cows (also গো রোচনা).
    (2) hand some woman. (3) red lotus.
  • Bengali Word শোচন, শোচনাEnglish definition noun(s) mourning; grieving; lamentation; regret; repentance.
    শোচনাকরা (verb intransitive), (verb transitive) grieve (for/ over); mourn; lament; regret; repent.
  • Bengali Word সদ্‌বিবেচনাEnglish definition (noun) judgement and penetration; sagacity; discernment; judiciousness; discretion; discreteness; discrimination; acumen.
    সদ্‌বিবেচনা করা (verb transitive) think/ decide/ judge sagaciously or discreetly; discriminate; show discrimination.
  • Bengali Word সমালোচন, সমালোচনাEnglish definition (noun) (1) criticism; review.
    (2) censure; animadversion. সমালোচনা করা (verb transitive) (1) criticize; review; write a review; pass judgement on; comment on. (2) find fault with; censure; animadvert (on).
  • অগ্রসূচনা (noun) a presage; a foreboding; a preface; a foreword.
  • আবহ-সূচনা (noun) weather forecast.
  • ভবিষ্যসূচনা (noun) presage.
  • শুভসূচন, শুভসূচনা (noun) auspiciousness; auspicious beginning; good start.