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  • Bengali Word ফুটানো, ফোটানোEnglish definition(verb transitive) (causative of ফুটা) (1) cause to / make bloom; blossom or blow: ফুল ফুটানো. (2) cause to appear; rise. (3) cause to stand out: রং ফুটানো. (4) prick; pierce: হুল ফুটানো. দাঁত ফুটানো (verb intransitive) (1) pierce with teeth; bite. (2) (figurative) able to understand/ comprehend; interfere; meddle in: ওখানে দাঁত ফোটাবার জো নেই. (5) improve; ameliorate. (6) cause to effervesce or rise in bubbles as a result of boiling; boil or cook: চাল ফুটানো. (7) cause to puff out/ parch: খই ফুটানো. (8) express; cause to express intelligibly. (9) unfold; make distinct/ manifest. (10) puncture; prick: বেলুন ফুটানো.

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  • Bengali Word ফুটানিEnglish definition (noun) (1) ostentation; extravagance; pretentiousness; airs; pomposity; ostentatiousness; vanity.
    (2) biting words. দাঁত ফুটানি (noun) access to a subject; interference.
  • Bengali Word গোটানোEnglish definition (verb transitive) (1) roll up: মাদুর গুটানো
  • Bengali Word ফোটানোEnglish definition ফুটানো