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  • Bengali Word ফুটা ১English definition(noun) (1) hole; crack; crevice; pore; leak (adjective) porous; leaky; cracked; containing a hole or holes; punctured. (2) pierced.

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  • Bengali Word ফুট ১English definition (noun) a foot ( = 12 inches)
  • Bengali Word ফুট ২English definition (noun) bubble or bubbles of liquid caused by boiling; effervescence caused by boiling; boiling state; frying and bursting open as a result of frying.
    ফুট ধরা (verb intransitive) effervesce or rise in bubbles as a result of boiling; burst open as a result of frying. ফুটফাট (noun) (onomatopoeia) (1) crack. (2) rumbling noise in the abdomen; flatulence.
  • Bengali Word ফুটকলাই, ফুটকলাই কড়াইEnglish definition (noun) a kind of peas which burst open when fried
  • Bengali Word ফুটকিEnglish definition (noun) minute speckle; dot
  • Bengali Word ফুটনEnglish definition (noun) (1) blooming; blowing; blossoming.
    (2) expression. (3) piercing; opening. (4) boiling; effervescence or rising in bubbles by being boiled; bursting open as a result of frying.
  • Bengali Word ফুটনোটEnglish definition [English] (noun) footnote
  • Bengali Word ফুটন্তEnglish definition (adjective) (1) blown; blossomed; blooming; blossoming.
    (2) boiling; effervescent; rising in bubbles as a result of boiling.
  • Bengali Word ফুটপাথ,ফুটপাতEnglish definition [English] (noun) footpath
  • Bengali Word ফুট-ফরমাশEnglish definition = ফাই-ফরমাশ
  • Bengali Word ফুটফুট, ফুটফাটEnglish definition (noun) (onomatopoeia) (1) bubbling noise.
    (2) cracking (sound of gunpowder explosion, etc). (3) growling noise in the abdomen (due to indigestion): পেট ফুটফুট করা, have rumbling sounds in the bowels.
  • Bengali Word ফুটফুটেEnglish definition (adjective) (1) very bright; silvery white; glittery; dazzling: ফুটফুটে জ্যোৎস্না.
    (2) very fair complexioned and good-looking; fair skinned; lovely little: ফুটফুটে মেয়ে. (3) cheerful; gay.
  • Bengali Word ফুটবলEnglish definition [English] (noun) football
  • Bengali Word ফুটা ২, ফোটাEnglish definition (verb intransitive), (verb transitive) (1) bloom; blossom; flower: ফুল ফুটা.
    (2) become visible; rise; emerge; loom; go up: আকাশে তারা ফুটেছে. (3) be uttered / expressed: মুখ ফুটে কিছু বলা. (4) open: চোখ ফুটা, (figurative) become clever; be able to look to one’s own interests. (5) bubble up/ burble (when boiling): ভাত ফুটা. (6) parch; puff out: খই ফুটছে. (7) prick; be pricked: কাঁটা ফুটা. (8) begin to speak: বাচ্চার মুখে কথা ফুটেছে. (9) be expressed: ভাব ফুটে ওঠা. (10) become cracked: হাড়ির তলা ফুটে গেল. (11) ooze out: রক্ত ফুটে বের হওয়া. (12) make sound: তার তুড়ি ফোটে না. (13) be unfolded; become distinct or manifest: চরিত্র ফুটা. (14) = ফাটা. (adjective) full-blown; in (full) bloom; blooming. কথা ফুটা (verb intransitive) (1) (of children) begin to make use of speech; babble. (2) (figurative) find one’s tongue. দাঁত ফুটা (verb intransitive) (1) be pierced with teeth; be bitten. (2) (figurative) be accessible/ comprehensible. ফিনিক ফুটা sparkle/ glow (in the moonlight). বিয়ের ফুল ফুটা (verb intransitive) to be married soon. মুখে খই ফুটা (verb intransitive) become voluble/ eloquent; talk nineteen to the dozen. (মুখে) হাসি ফুটা (of smile) light up.
  • Bengali Word ফুটানো, ফোটানোEnglish definition (verb transitive) (causative of ফুটা) (1) cause to / make bloom; blossom or blow: ফুল ফুটানো.
    (2) cause to appear; rise. (3) cause to stand out: রং ফুটানো. (4) prick; pierce: হুল ফুটানো. দাঁত ফুটানো (verb intransitive) (1) pierce with teeth; bite. (2) (figurative) able to understand/ comprehend; interfere; meddle in: ওখানে দাঁত ফোটাবার জো নেই. (5) improve; ameliorate. (6) cause to effervesce or rise in bubbles as a result of boiling; boil or cook: চাল ফুটানো. (7) cause to puff out/ parch: খই ফুটানো. (8) express; cause to express intelligibly. (9) unfold; make distinct/ manifest. (10) puncture; prick: বেলুন ফুটানো.
  • Bengali Word ফুটানিEnglish definition (noun) (1) ostentation; extravagance; pretentiousness; airs; pomposity; ostentatiousness; vanity.
    (2) biting words. দাঁত ফুটানি (noun) access to a subject; interference.
  • Bengali Word ফুটিEnglish definition (noun) a variety of melon.
    ফুটিফাটা (adjective) thoroughly frayed/ rent asunder/ burst asunder. আহ্লাদে ফুটি-ফাটা (phrase) bubbling over with joy.
  • Bengali Word ফুটুসEnglish definition (adjective) (slang) absent; out; nonexistent; gone
  • Bengali Word ফুটোন্মুখEnglish definition (adjective) about to burst open/ bloom
  • Bengali Word অক্ষমা ১English definition (noun) (1) anger; want of forbearance.
    (2) intolerance.
  • Bengali Word আওতা ১English definition (noun) shade; sunshade
  • Bengali Word আগা ১English definition (noun) top; গাছের আগা; tip: ফুলের আগা; end; extremity; লাঠির আগা.
    আগা গোড়া (adverb) from beginning to end; from head to foot.
  • Bengali Word আনা ১English definition (verb transitive) bring; fetch.
    (noun) coming: আনাগোনা. (adjective) brought forth: তোমার আনা কাপড়. আনানো (verb transitive) have (something) brought by sb (somebody); make (somebody) bring (something).
  • Bengali Word আমলা ১English definition [Arabic] (noun) ministerial staff; government officer.
    আমলাতন্ত্র (noun) system of government by officials; bureaucracy. আমলাতান্ত্রিক (adjective) bureaucratic. আমলাতন্ত্রবাদী (noun) bureaucrat. (adjective) bureaucratic. আমলা-ফয়লা (আমলা + Arabic ফয়লা) (noun) clerical and executive staff.
  • Bengali Word আমা ১English definition (adjective) half-burnt; not thoroughly burnt: আমাইট
  • Bengali Word আর্যা ১English definition (feminine) Of আর্য
  • Bengali Word আলা ১English definition [Aabic] (adjective) the first; the chief; the highest; the greatest: উজিরে আলা
  • Bengali Word আসা ১English definition (verb intransitive) (1) to come; arrive; reach: বাড়ি আসা.
    (2) rise; occur; crop up: মনে আসা. (3) commence; begin: বৃষ্টি আসা. (4) set in: বর্ষা আসা. (5) be available : বাজারে সব জিনিসই আসে. (6) occur; take place: বিপদ আসা. (7) accustom (oneself) to; make used to; be able to : বক্তৃতা আমার আসে না. (8) come to be on the point of: ফুরিয়ে আসা. (9) spread; increase; rise upto: উঠান পর্যন্ত পানি এসেছে. (10) be earned : কিসে দু'পয়সা আসে. (adjective) that which has come: হাতে আসা. (noun) act of coming : আমার কাছে আমার কি কারণ? উঠে আসা (verb intransitive) come up; come off : ছাল উঠে আসা. কাজে আসা (verb intransitive) be of use; be useful/serviceable. কান্না আসা move to tears. নিয়ে আসা bring; fetch: বইটি নিয়ে এসো, fetch me the book. নেমে আসা (verb intransitive) come/get down; alight; descend; dismount. ফিরে আসা (verb intransitive) come back; return. ফেলে আসা (verb intransitive), (verb transitive) leave behind. আসা যাওয়া (noun) (1) coming and going; frequentation: আসা সার. (2) communication; intercourse; speaking terms : আমাদের মধ্যে আসা যাওয়া নেই. (verb intransitive) be of importance: এতে কিছু আসে যায় না, it does not matter.
  • Bengali Word এণ্ডা ১English definition = আণ্ডা
  • Bengali Word এষণা, এষা ১English definition (noun) (1) research/investigation/exploration undertaken in order to discover new facts or to get additional information.
    (2) wish; desire; longing.
  • Bengali Word কড়া ১English definition (noun) coin of the smallest value; (figurative) anything negligible; a jot; a tittle; an iota: এক কড়ার মুরোদ নেই, having not an iota of power/ability.
    কড়ায় গণ্ডায় (adverb) completely; entirely; to the last farthing. কড়া হিসাব করা go into minute details.