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বর্ণমালা অনুক্রমে শব্দ খুঁজুন

  • Bengali Word মন্দিরাEnglish definition(noun) kind of small cup-shaped cymbals.
  • Bengali Word মন্দীভূতEnglish definition(adjective) become slow/dull; lessened; diminished; abated; dimmed; (commerce) slumped. মন্দীভূত করা (verb intransitive) slow down; lessen; be diminished; dim; abate; stump.
  • Bengali Word মন্দুরাEnglish definition(noun) 1 stable for horses. 2 mattress; sleeping-mat.
  • Bengali Word মন্দোদরীEnglish definition(noun) (feminine) name of Ravana’s favourite wife. মন্দোদরী মনোহর (noun) Ravana.
  • Bengali Word মন্দোষ্ণEnglish definition(adjective) tepid; lukewarm. মন্দোষ্ণতা (noun) gentle heat; warmth.
  • Bengali Word মন্দ্রEnglish definition(noun) 1 low tone; low/base tone of the voice. 2 a kind of drum. (adjective) low; deep (of sound); hollow; rumbling; sounding/ speaking pleasantly. মন্দ্রধ্বনি (noun) rumbling sound; roaring.
  • Bengali Word মন্দ্রাEnglish definition(verb intransitive) (poetic) roar.
  • Bengali Word মন্বন্তরEnglish definition(noun) 1 period/age of a Manu (মনু) (=4,320,000 human years). 2 great famine.
  • Bengali Word মন্মথEnglish definition(noun) god of love; love. মন্মথপ্রিয়া (noun) (feminine) Kamadeva’s wife Rati. মন্মথ শরাহত (adjective) wounded with the shafts of love; love-sick. মন্মথ সখা (noun) friend of Kamadeva/love; spring.
  • Bengali Word মফস্বল, মফঃস্বলEnglish definition(noun(s) [Arabic] rural areas; country-side; subdivisions of a district; beyond head-quarters and interior of a district/sub-district.
  • Bengali Word মফিদEnglish definition[Arabic] (adjective) profitable; useful; of use; beneficial; salutary; advantageous.
  • Bengali Word মফেলEnglish definition= মাহফিল
  • Bengali Word মবলগEnglish definition[Arabic] (noun) 1 ready money; sum; quantity. 2 total. মবলগে (adverb) in all; in total. মবলগ বন্দি (noun) total in words.
  • Bengali Word মমEnglish definition(possessive) (adjective) (poetic) my.
  • Bengali Word মমতা, মমত্বEnglish definition(noun) 1 affection; attachment; love; feeling of kinship. 2 interest. মমতা করা (verb transitive) love; be attached to; interest oneself in; consider as one’s own. মমতাপূর্ণ, মমতাময় (adjective(s)) affectionate; loving; full of attachment. মমতাময়ী (feminine). মমত্বযুক্ত (adjective) 1 = মমতাপূর্ণ. 2 proud; arrogant. মমতাশূন্য, মমত্বহীন (adjective(s)) devoid of attachment/interest; indifferent; callous. মমতাশূন্যা, মমত্বহীনা (feminine) = মমতাশূন্য, মমত্বহীন.
  • Bengali Word মমলেটEnglish definition[English] (noun) omelet; omelette.
  • Bengali Word মমিEnglish definition[English] (noun) dead-body preserved from decay (as in early Egypt); mummy.
  • Bengali Word মরEnglish definition(adjective) mortal; perishable; transient. মরজগৎ (noun) world of death; (mortal) world. মরজীবন (noun) mortal life. মরমানব (noun) mortal (man). মরকূটে মরকট্টে (adjective) dying; withering. মরামর (noun) mortals and immortals.
  • Bengali Word মরকEnglish definition= মড়ক
  • Bengali Word মরকতEnglish definition(noun) emerald. মরকতকুঞ্জ (noun) emerald bower. মরকতবর্ণ (noun) emerald-green. মরকতমণি (noun) emerald gem. মরকতময় (adjective) made of emerald.
  • Bengali Word মরক্কোEnglish definition(noun) Morocco. (adjective), (noun) morocco (leather).
  • Bengali Word মরগেজEnglish definition[English] (noun) mortgage.
  • Bengali Word মরচেEnglish definition[Persian] (noun) rust of iron. মরচে ধরা/পড়া (verb intransitive) rust.
  • Bengali Word মরজানEnglish definition[Arabic] (noun) coral; small pearl.
  • Bengali Word মরজিEnglish definition[Arabic] (noun) pleasure; wish; (sweet) will; desire; assent; consent; volition; choice. মরজি হওয়া (verb intransitive) like; please. যদি তোমার মরজি হয় if you please; if you would. যেমন তোমার মরজি as you please. মরজি মাফিক (adjective), (adverb) according to the will/pleasure of; to the satisfaction of; satisfactorily; as and when one pleases.
  • Bengali Word মরণEnglish definition(noun) death; dying; passing away; decease; demise; cessation. (interjection) (expression of shame or rebuke for) shame! hell! মরণ আঘাত (noun) death-blow. মরণ আর কি It’s death indeed! for shame! I would rather die! what a nonsense! মরণকামড় desperate attempt. মরণকাল (noun) time of death; last hour; dying moments. মরণকালে হরিনাম (figurative) fruitless repentance for one’s wickedness when one is dying; futile effort at the eleventh hour when almost all is lost. মরণ ছটফটানি (noun) death throes; death rattle. মরণডাক (noun) dying cry. মরণডাক ছাড়া / মরণডাক ডাকা (iron) be in one’s death throes/ at one’s last gasp. মরণদশা (noun) time/ hour of death; last hour; last gasp; utter ruin. মরণদশায় ধরা be seized with a ruinous passion/folly. মরণবাঁচন (noun) life and death. মরণ বাড় বাড়া be excessively haughty/ vainglorious only to bring about one’s fall. মরণভয় (noun) fear of death. মরণভীরু (adjective) afraid to die. মরণশীল (adjective) liable to death; mortal. মরণসঙ্কোচ (noun) rigor mortis. মরণহীন (adjective) deathless; immortal. মরণাত্মক (adjective) causing death. মরণান্তক মরণান্তিক (adjective(s)) ending in death. মরণাপন্ন; মরণাভিমুখ (adjective) dying; on the point of death; moribund. মরণাপন্না, মরণাভিমুখী (feminine) = মরণাপন্ন; মরণাভিমুখ. মরণাশৌচ (noun) personal impurity caused by the death of a relative.
  • Bengali Word মরণীয়English definition(adjective) liable to die; doomed to death.
  • Bengali Word মরণোন্মুখEnglish definition(adjective) about to die; at death-door; dying; moribund.
  • Bengali Word মরতEnglish definition(poetic) = মর্ত
  • Bengali Word মরতবাEnglish definition[Arabic] (noun) dignity; office; rank of honour; class; order; degree.