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বর্ণমালা অনুক্রমে শব্দ খুঁজুন

  • Bengali Word তানা-না-নাEnglish definition(noun) 1 prefatory airs of music. 2 (figurative) wasting time on useless preliminaries. তানা-না-না করা (verb intransitive) 1 hum a tune. 2 waste time by dilatoriness.
  • Bengali Word তান্তবEnglish definition(adjective) 1 made of thread. 2 cotton cloth.
  • Bengali Word তান্ত্রিক ১English definition(adjective) pursuing the rites prescribed in the Tantras of Shaktas; of the Tantras. (noun) a follower of the doctrines taught by the Tantras; one versed in the Tantras.
  • Bengali Word তান্ত্রিক ২English definition(suffix) used with nouns to form adjectives: গণতান্ত্রিক, বস্তু তান্ত্রিক.
  • Bengali Word তাপEnglish definition(noun) 1 heat; warmth. 2 temperature; fever. 3 anger. 4 sorrow; grief; affliction. suffering; mental agony. তাপক (noun) one who/that which heats, excites or afflicts. তাপক্লিষ্ট (adjective) afflicted with heat. তাপ-গতি বিদ্যা (noun) science of the relations between heat and mechanical work; thermo-dynamics. তাপ গ্রহণ (noun) (physics) absorption of heat. তাপ গ্রাহিতা (noun) (physics) number of units of heat needed to raise the temperature of a body by one degree; thermal capacity. তাপজনক (adjective) causing or producing heat; calorific. তাপত্রয় (noun) (according to Hindu philosophy) the three kinds of affliction—spiritual, supernatural, material. তাপমান (noun) measurement/degree of heat; temperature. তাপমান যন্ত্র (noun) thermometer. তাপ হরণ (noun) absorption of heat. তাপহারী (adjective) relieving heat; consoling; alleviating distress; soothing.
  • Bengali Word তাপনEnglish definition(noun) 1 generation of heat. 2 application of heat. 3 the sun.
  • Bengali Word তাপনীয়English definition(adjective) fit to be heated; inflammable.
  • Bengali Word তাপসEnglish definition(noun) an ascetic; a hermit; a devotee. তাপসী (feminine) = তাপস.
  • Bengali Word তাপাEnglish definition(verb intransitive) get heated; warm up: আগুন তাপানো. তাপানো (verb transitive) heat; warm up.
  • Bengali Word তাপিতEnglish definition(adjective) 1 heated. 2 afflicted; mortified; sorrow-stricken. তাপিতা (feminine) = তাপিত.
  • Bengali Word তাপী ১English definition(adjective) 1 heated; hot. 2 afflicted; remorseful.
  • Bengali Word তাপী ২English definition(adjective) 1 producing heat; calorific. 2 causing affliction or mortification.
  • Bengali Word তাফতাEnglish definition[Persian] (noun) a mixed fabric of silk and wool; taffeta.
  • Bengali Word তাবা, তাবাহ্English definition[Persian] (noun) ruin; destruction.
  • Bengali Word তাবিজEnglish definition[Arabic] (noun) an amulet containing holy words or a charm against evils, usually worn on the arm.
  • Bengali Word তাবেঈনEnglish definition[Arabic] (noun) (plural) 1 followers; adherents; disciples; attendants. 2 adherents or attendants of the companions of Prophet Muhammad (sm); adherents of the second generation.
  • Bengali Word তাবৎEnglish definition(adjective), (pronoun) 1 all; all that; all those: পৃথিবীর তাবৎ লোক. 2 to that number/quantity/extent: যাবৎ আনিবে তাবৎ নষ্ট হইবে. 3 till; till then: যাবৎ আমি না আসি তাবৎ.
  • Bengali Word তামরসEnglish definition(noun) 1 the lotus. 2 copper. 3 gold. 4 a Sanskrit poetical measure.
  • Bengali Word তামসEnglish definition(adjective) enwrapped in deep darkness. 2 enslaved by all vile passions; full of ignorance and vice তামসী (feminine). তামসতপ (noun) religious devotion and worship with the aim of causing harm to one; austere and harmful practices undertaken through ignorance. তামসদান (noun) charity to an undeserving person. তামসপ্রকৃতি (adjective) having the vilest elements of human nature. তামসযজ্ঞ (noun) ritual performed with pomp but without conforming to the scripture. তামস দর্শন (noun) the philosophy of atheism or nihilism.
  • Bengali Word তামসিকEnglish definition(adjective) 1 of or pertaining to the lowest elements of human nature. 2 full of vice and ignorance; vicious; grossly vile. 3 overcast with clouds; cloud-ridden.
  • Bengali Word তামাEnglish definition(noun) a malleable metal, reddish-brown in colour, and a good conductor; copper. তামা-তুলশী (noun) copper and basil; the twain matters considered holy by Hindus. তামাটে (adjective) of the colour of copper; copper-coloured.
  • Bengali Word তামাক, তামাকুEnglish definition(noun) narcotic plant, the leaves of which when dried are used for smoking and chewing, and in snuff; tobacco. তামাক খাওয়া/তামাক টানা (verb transitive) smoke a hookah or a pipe. তামাক সাজা (verb transitive) prepare the bowl of a hookah or fill a pipe with tobacco for smoking. তামাকুসেবী, তামাকখোর (noun) a smoker; a tobacco-smoker; a tobaccanalian. তামাক বিক্রেতা (noun) a tobacconist. অম্বরী তামাক (noun) sweet and fragrant tobacco blended with ambergris. গুড়ক তামাক (noun) tobacco mixed With molasses. বড়ো তামাক (noun) hemp; ganja. সুরভি তামাক (noun) fragrant preparation of tobacco taken with betel-leaves.
  • Bengali Word তামাদিEnglish definition[Arabic] (noun) lapse of the scheduled time; the state of being time-barred. (adjective) barred by limitation; time-barred. তামাদি হওয়া (verb intransitive) be barred by limitation.
  • Bengali Word তামান্নাEnglish definition[Arabic] (noun) hope; ambition; aspiration.
  • Bengali Word তামামEnglish definition[Arabic] (adjective) all; entire; whole; complete. (noun) end; termination; completion. সালতামামি (noun) completion of the year; ceremony connected with it.
  • Bengali Word তামাশাEnglish definition[Arabic] (noun) 1 an entertaining and amusing performance; a joke; a jest; a fun; a sport. 2 a display of interesting and instructive things; an exhibition; a public show. তামাশা করা (verb intransitive) make fun (of); joke; jest. তামাশা দেখা (verb intransitive) enjoy a show; find fun in. তামাশা দেখানো (verb intransitive) give a show; arrange an entertaining performance. এ তামাশা নয় It’s no joke.
  • Bengali Word তামিল ১English definition[Arabic] act of carrying out (an instruction); compliance: হুকুম তামিল করা (verb transitive) carry out/execute an order.
  • Bengali Word তামিল ২English definition(noun) an Indian language spoken in Madras.
  • Bengali Word তাম্বুEnglish definition= তাঁবু
  • Bengali Word তাম্বুলEnglish definition(noun) 1 betel-leaf. 2 betel-leaf wrapped round bits of areca-nut, lime, catechu, etc, which is chewed as a quid. তাম্বুল-করঙ্ক (noun) a betel box. তাম্বুলবল্লি (noun) a betel creeper. তাম্বুলরাগ (noun) ruddy tint on the lips caused by the chewing of betels. তাম্বুলাকার [তাম্বুল + আকার] (adjective) shaped like belet-leaf; heart-shaped; cordate.