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বর্ণমালা অনুক্রমে শব্দ খুঁজুন

  • Bengali Word ওঁEnglish definition(noun) the Hindu symbol of Supreme Being.
  • Bengali Word ওঃEnglish definition(interjection) expressing regret, amazement, pain, derision, etc: ওঃ কী সাঙ্ঘাতিক লোক!
  • Bengali Word ওইEnglish definition= ঐ ২ (adjective)
  • Bengali Word ওকারEnglish definition(noun) the letter ‘ও’ or its symbol.
  • Bengali Word ওকালতনামাEnglish definition(noun) power of attorney.
  • Bengali Word ওকালতিEnglish definition(noun) the profession of a pleader, legal profession or practice, pleadership; pleading, advocacy, defence. (adjective) pertaining to pleaders or pleadership or pleading. ওকালতি করা (verb transitive) to practise as a pleader; to plead for.
  • Bengali Word ওকুস্থলEnglish definition= অকুস্থল
  • Bengali Word ওখানEnglish definition(noun) that place/region. ওখানকার (adjective) of that place. ওখানে (adverb) there; in that place.
  • Bengali Word ওগরানোEnglish definition= উগরানো
  • Bengali Word ওজনEnglish definition[Arabic] (noun) 1 act of weighing; weight. 2 importance. 3 dignity; power; prestige. ওজন করা (verb transitive) weight. ওজন-করা (adjective) measured: ওজন-করা কথা.
  • Bengali Word ওজরEnglish definition[Arabic] (noun) 1 objection; protest. 2 a plea; an excuse; a pretext. বাজে ওজর a lame excuse. মিথ্যা ওজর a false plea.
  • Bengali Word ওজস্বীEnglish definition(adjective) 1 strong; vigorous, enthusiastic: ওজস্বী ভাষণ, fiery speech. 2 of florid character; ornate. ওজস্বিনী (feminine) = ওজস্বী. ওজস্বিতা (noun) strength; vigour; ornateness.
  • Bengali Word ওজারতEnglish definition[Arabic] (noun) the office of the minister.
  • Bengali Word ওজিফাEnglish definition= অজিফা
  • Bengali Word ওজুEnglish definition= অজু
  • Bengali Word ওজুহাতEnglish definition= অজুহাত
  • Bengali Word ওজোগুণEnglish definition(noun) (rhetorical) ornateness and vigour of style.
  • Bengali Word ওজোনEnglish definition(noun) form of oxygen with a sharp and refreshing smell; ozone.
  • Bengali Word ওঝাEnglish definition(noun) one who cures snake-bites or other morbidities by means of incantation.
  • Bengali Word ওটকানোEnglish definition= উটকানো
  • Bengali Word ওটাEnglish definition(pronoun) that (person or thing): ওটা এখানে রাখো.
  • Bengali Word ওঠাEnglish definition= উঠা
  • Bengali Word ওডিকোলনEnglish definition= অডিকোলন
  • Bengali Word ওতEnglish definition(noun) act of lying in wait in order to surprise; ambush; ambuscade. ওত পেতে থাকা (verb transitive) lie in wait; wait in ambush; ambuscade.
  • Bengali Word ওতপ্রোতEnglish definition(adjective) inseparably running in; thoroughly mixed up; pervasive. ওতপ্রোতভাবে (adverb) inextricably; inseparably.
  • Bengali Word ওদিকEnglish definition(noun) 1 that side/direction. 2 the other party.
  • Bengali Word ওধারEnglish definition(noun) the other side.
  • Bengali Word ওফাতEnglish definition[Arabic] (noun) death; decease.
  • Bengali Word ওবাEnglish definition[Arabic] (noun) 1 epidemic; pestilence. 2 contagious disease like cholera, smallpox, plague, etc.
  • Bengali Word ওমর, উমরEnglish definition[Arabic] age.