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বর্ণমালা অনুক্রমে শব্দ খুঁজুন

  • Bengali Word রুপাEnglish definition(noun) silver. রুপার চাকতি (noun) 1 (facetious) silver coin. 2 (ironical) bribe; money. রুপালি adjective(s) silver-coloured; silvery; silver-white; argentine.
  • Bengali Word রুপিয়া, রুপেয়াEnglish definition(noun) rupee.
  • Bengali Word রুপোEnglish definition(noun) (colloquial) = রুপা. রুপোলি = রুপালি
  • Bengali Word রুবাই, রুবাঈEnglish definition[Arabic] (noun) stanza of four lines; quatrain; a Persian verse-form. রুবাইয়াত, রুবাইয়াৎ (noun) (plural) quatrains; Rubaiyyat.
  • Bengali Word রুমEnglish definition[English] (noun) room.
  • Bengali Word রুমঝুম, রুমুঝুমুEnglish definitionnoun(s) (onomatopoeia) sweet jingle/ tinkle of anklets, musical instruments, etc.
  • Bengali Word রুমালEnglish definition[Persian] (noun) handkerchief; towel; napkin.
  • Bengali Word রুল ১English definition[English] (noun) rule; ruling; law; precedent. রুল করা (verb intransitive) make a law. রুল জারি করা/ দেওয়া give/ issue a ruling; rule; give as a decision.
  • Bengali Word রুল ২English definition(noun) 1 straight length of wood, plastic, metal, etc used in drawing straight lines; ruler. 2 baton; truncheon: পুলিশের রুলের গুঁতা. 3 (printed/ drown) straight line. রুল করা (verb transitive) mark with straight lines; rules. রুল টানা (verb intransitive) make (a line/ lines) on paper (with a ruler); make parallel lines on (paper); rule.
  • Bengali Word রুলিEnglish definitionnoun(s) thin bangle for the wrist.
  • Bengali Word রুলিংEnglish definition[English] (noun) (law) ruling.
  • Bengali Word রুশনীEnglish definition= রওশনি
  • Bengali Word রুষাEnglish definition= রুষ্ট হওয়া
  • Bengali Word রুষিত, রুষ্টEnglish definition(adjective) offended; angered; irritated; furious; angry; enraged রুষিতা, রুষ্টা (feminine). রুষ্ট করা (verb transitive) offend; irritate; anger; enrage; incense; infuriate. রুষ্ট হওয়া (verb intransitive) be offended/ angry/ enraged; become angry/ furious; fume; burst into anger.
  • Bengali Word রুসুমEnglish definition1 = রসম. 2 taxes; fees; duties; postage. রুসুমাত (noun) traditional rites performed at a wedding.
  • Bengali Word রুহEnglish definition[Arabic] (noun) spirit; soul; life; essence of an thing; vital principal. রুহানি (adjective) spiritual. রুহানিয়াত (noun) spirituality.
  • Bengali Word রুহিতনEnglish definition= রুইতন
  • Bengali Word রুঢ়English definition(adjective) 1 rough; harsh; rude haughty; insolent. 2 (grammar) expressing a conventional meaning which is not directly connected with the etymology; used in conventional sense; রুঢ় শব্দ. 3 (grammar) conventional; traditional; popular: রুঢ় অর্থ. 4 high; noble; great. 5 widely known; diffused; current; notorious; famous. 6 grown; developed; sprung up; produced. রুঢ়তা (noun) roughness; rudeness; harshness; haughtiness; insolence. রুঢ় পদার্থ (noun) element. রুঢ় মূল (adjective) firmly planted.
  • Bengali Word রুয়া ১English definition(verb transitive) sow; plant. (adjective) sown; planted. রুয়ানো (verb transitive) get sown/ planted.
  • Bengali Word রুয়া ২English definition(noun) large strip of bamboo used in thatching roofs.
  • Bengali Word রূপকEnglish definition(noun) (rhetorical) 1 figure of speech; metaphor; comparison; allegory. 2 a particular type of figure of speech. (adjective) having form; metaphorical; figurative. রূপক বাক্য, রূপক শব্দ noun(s) figurative expression.
  • Bengali Word রূপাEnglish definition(noun) 1 form; shape; figure. 2 any outward appearance/phenomenon/colour. 3 handsome form; loveliness; grace; beauty; splendour. 4 body; build. 5 nature; character; peculiarity; feature; mark; sign; symbol. 6 sort; type; kind: কি রূপা. 7 colour; hue; complexion. 8 likeness; image; reflection. 9 (grammar) any form of a noun/ verb (as inflected by declension or conjugation). 10 mode; manner, way: এ রূপা, সে রূপা. 11 (philosophy) concept; precept. রূপা করা (verb transitive) (grammar) conjugate or decline. রূপা কথা (noun) fairy tale; folktale; legend. রূপা কার (noun) maker of images; moulder; sculptor; artist; dresser (especially of actors actresses). রূপা কৃৎ (adjective) making forms/ figures. রূপা গুণ (noun) (plural) beauty and merits. রূপা চাঁদ (noun) (facetious) silver coin; money; means. রূপা জ (adjective) originating from/ caused by beauty; physical: রূপাজ মোহ. রূপাত (adverb) according to form. রূপা তত্ত্ব (noun) 1 (linguistics) morphology. 2 aesthetics. রূপা তৃষ্ণা (noun) thirst/ craving for beauty. রূপা দক্ষ (adjective) 1 proficient in shaping/ moulding; creative; artistic. 2 adept in assuming disguises. 3 proficient in using make-up. রূপা দস্তা (noun) pewter. রূপা ধর (adjective) having the shape/ form of. রূপা ধারণ করা (verb intransitive) assume the form/ shape of; disguise oneself as; assume the disguise of; appear as; play the role of (a dramatic character). রূপা ধারী (adjective) 1 bearing a form; assuming a shape; disguised as; appearing as; impersonating. 2 embodied; corporeal. 3 endowed with beauty. রূপা ধারিণী (feminine). রূপা পরিগ্রহ(ণ) করা (verb intransitive) take shape. রূপা বতী (adjective) (feminine) endowed with beauty; beautiful; lovely. রূপা বন্ত, রূপা বান adjective(s) handsome; handsomely formed; beautiful. রূপা ভেদ (noun) diversity/ variety of forms/ manifestations; variation. রূপা মাধুরী, রূপা মাধুর্য noun(s) charm of beauty; good looks. রূপা মুগ্ধ, রূপা মোহিত adjective(s) infatuated with; infatuated/ fascinated by beauty. রূপা মুগ্ধা, রূপা মোহিতা (feminine). রূপা মোহ (noun) infatuation; fascination for beauty. রূপা যৌবন (noun) youth and beauty. রূপা যৌবনসম্পন্ন (adjective) full of youth and beauty; young and handsome. রূপা যৌবনসম্পন্না (feminine). রূপা রসগন্ধস্পর্শ (noun) colour and taste and smell and palpability. রূপা রাশি (noun) uncommon/ stunning/ great beauty; charmed. রূপা লাবণ্য (noun) charm of personal beauty; gracefulness; glamour. রূপা শালী (adjective) possessed of beauty; handsome; beautiful . রূপা শালিনী (feminine). রূপা সী (adjective) (feminine) = রূপা বতী. রূপে (adverb) in beauty/ form.  (suffix) meaning; in the manner of the; as;-ly: বন্ধু রূপা, দৃঢ় রূপা. রূপে গুণে (adverb) in beauty and talent. রূপের অপ্সরী/ ডালি/ তিলোত্তমা/ ধচুনি noun(s) 1 woman of uncommon beauty; paragon of beauty; beauty queen. 2 (derogatory, ironical) utterly ugly woman; repulsive/ hideous figure.
  • Bengali Word রূপা ১English definition(adjective) (used as a suffix) having the form/ nature/ character of; characterized by; appearing as; disguised as: নর রূপা, বহু রূপা.
  • Bengali Word রূপা ২English definition= রুপা
  • Bengali Word রূপাজীবা, রূপাজীবীEnglish definitionadjective(s) (feminine) living by prostitution. (noun (s) prostitute; harlot.
  • Bengali Word রূপান্তরEnglish definition(noun) 1 different form/ shape/ nature. 2 change of form/ shape/ nature; transformation; metamorphosis. 3 translation. রূপান্তর করা/ ঘটানো (verb transitive) 1 change the appearance, shape, quality or nature; transform; metamorphose. 2 translate.
  • Bengali Word রূপান্তরিতEnglish definition(adjective) 1 changed into a different form/ shape; transformed. 2 (geology) metamorphic. রূপান্তরিত করা = রূপান্তর করা ( রূপান্তর).
  • Bengali Word রূপালীEnglish definition= রুপালি
  • Bengali Word রূপায়ণEnglish definition(noun) 1 representation; shopping; forming. 2 depiction; narration. 3 embodiment. 4 dramatic impersonation. রূপায়ণ করা (verb transitive) depict; portray represent; play (the role of); impersonate; shape; give a shape/ form to; materialize.
  • Bengali Word রূপায়িতEnglish definition(adjective) embodied; materialized; represented; shaped; narrated; depicted; portrayed; delineated; impersonated. রূপায়িত করা = রূপায়ণ করা. রূপায়িত হওয়া (verb intransitive) materialize; take a shape; be embodied/ represented/ depicted.