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বর্ণমালা অনুক্রমে শব্দ খুঁজুন

  • Bengali Word রীমEnglish definition= রিম
  • Bengali Word রীলEnglish definition= রিল
  • Bengali Word রুই ১English definition(noun) kind of very large fresh-water fish; Cyprinus rohitaka. রুই কাতলা (noun) 1 rui and katla. 2 (literally and figurative) big fish; big shot.
  • Bengali Word রুই ২English definition(noun) white ant.
  • Bengali Word রুইতনEnglish definition[Dutch] (noun) diamond (of playing cards).
  • Bengali Word রুকসতEnglish definition= রোখসত
  • Bengali Word রুকুEnglish definition[Arabic] (noun) bowing the head and the body in prayer.
  • Bengali Word রুক্ষEnglish definition(adjective) 1 rough; uneven; rugged: রুক্ষ পথ. 2 rude; unkind; harsh; cruel: রুক্ষ ব্যবহার/ ভাষা রুক্ষ. 3 hard; arid: রুক্ষ মাটি. 4 not greasy/ oily: রুক্ষ চামড়া. 5 unpleasant/ disagreeable/ not soft (to the sight, smell, etc). 6 angry; haughty: রুক্ষ দৃষ্টি. রুক্ষতা (noun) roughness; aridity; harshness; dryness; unkindness; acerbity; rudeness. রুক্ষ ভাষী (adjective) speaking roughly; sharp-tongued; roughspoken; foul-mouthed; rude. রুক্ষ স্বভাব (adjective) haughty; arrogant; cross-grained; rude; uncivil; unrefined; ill-mannered.
  • Bengali Word রুখা ১English definition(verb intransitive) 1 get angry; flare up; burst into anger; snarl; gnarl; gnash. 2 be on the point of attacking; advance menacingly; shake the fist at; threaten. 3 stop: গাড়ি রুখা. 4 resist; intercept; prevent, interrupt; hinder; detain; check; oppose; obstruct; block; impede; restrain; oppose.
  • Bengali Word রুখা ২English definition(adjective) 1 dry; rough; harsh; not oily; unbuttered; moistless; arid: রুখা চুল/ মাথা. 2 plain; simple: রুখা ভাত. 3 sapless; juiceless. 4 angry; rude; insolent; haughty; curt; blunt. 5 not provided with food; without board: রুখা মাইনের চাকর.
  • Bengali Word রুখু, রুখোEnglish definitionadjective(s) (colloquial) = রুখা ২
  • Bengali Word রুগি, রুগীEnglish definitionadjective(s) (colloquial) = রোগী
  • Bengali Word রুগ্‌ণEnglish definition(adjective) ill; diseased; unwell; sick; sickly; infirm; emaciated; debilitated; indisposed; ailing; in poor health; morbid; weak: রুগ্‌ণ শরীর. রুগ্‌ণা (feminine) = রুগ্‌ণ. রুগ্‌ণতা (noun) illness; sickness; ailment; disease; malady; morbidity.
  • Bengali Word রুচাEnglish definition(verb intransitive) be agreeable to one’s taste/ liking; please; suit one’s taste; have a taste for; be to one’s liking.
  • Bengali Word রুচিEnglish definition(noun) 1 taste; liking; relish; pleasure; appetite; zest; gusto; propensity; inclination: আহারে রুচি, শিল্পে রুচি. 2 good taste; choice: লোকটার রুচি আছে. 3 desire; longing. 4 light; lusture; glow; splendour; colour; beauty; complexion: মুখ রুচি, দন্ত রুচি. রুচি কর (adjective) 1 appetizing; tasty; savoury; palatable; delectable; delicious. 2 in good taste; tasteful; graceful; refined, elegant; pleasant; attractive; decent. রুচিতা (noun) taking pleasure in; fondness/ taste for. রুচিবাগীশ (adjective) (usually derogatory) fastidious; overfastidious; finicky; fussy; puritanical; prudish; squeamish. রুচি বিরুদ্ধ (adjective) contrary to one’s taste/ liking; in bad/ poor taste; in the worst of taste; tasteless; inelegant; indecent; indecorous; vulgar, রুচি ভেদ (noun) difference of taste. রুচি ভেদে (adverb) according to different tastes; according to difference in taste/ liking. রুচি র (adjective) 1 bright; brilliant; radiant; splendid. 2 beautiful; pleasant; charming. 3 sweet; dainty; nice. রুচিরা (feminine).
  • Bengali Word রুচিতEnglish definition(adjective) 1 bright; brilliant; glittering. 2 pleasant; agreeable; sweet; delicate; dainty.
  • Bengali Word রুচিরাEnglish definition(noun) name of a Sanskrit metre.
  • Bengali Word রুচ্যEnglish definition(adjective) 1 = রুচিকর ( রুচি). 2 = রুচিত
  • Bengali Word রুজEnglish definition[English] (noun) 1 rouge. 2 red oxide powder (used in polishing gold and silver).
  • Bengali Word রুজিEnglish definition[Persian] (noun) daily sustenance; daily food/ allowance; livelihood; maintenance; wages; employment. রুজি-রোজগার (noun) earnings; income. রুজি-রোজগার করা (verb intransitive) earn one’s living/ one’s livelihood/ one’s daily bread; obtain an employment.
  • Bengali Word রুজুEnglish definition[Arabic] (noun) 1 return; bent; reference; appeal; inclination. 2 submission; filing; placing. (adjective) 1 submitted; preferred; filed; brought before a court. 2 faced; turned towards: মন রুজু করা. 3 facing; straight. রুজু করা (verb intransitive) 1 submit; prefer; file; bring before a court: মামলা রুজু করা. 2 turn; incline; dispose; concentrate: আল্লাহর প্রতি মন রুজু করা. রুজু দেওয়া (verb transitive) compare (accounts etc.) রুজু হওয়া (verb intransitive) submit oneself to; address oneself to. রুজু রুজু (adjective) facing/ confronting each other.
  • Bengali Word রুটি, রুটীEnglish definition(noun) bread; loaf; food; sustenance; livelihood. রুটি গড়া (verb intransitive) make bread (by kneading, rolling); make loaves; cook bread. রুটি বেলা (verb intransitive) roll bread into (into the shape of a saucer). রুটি মারা (verb intransitive) (figurative) deprive somebody of one’s livelihood. রুটি সেঁকা (verb intransitive) bake bread. রুটি ওয়ালা (noun) baker. রুটি র কারখানা (noun) bakery. রুটি-রোজগার (noun) livelihood.
  • Bengali Word রুটিনEnglish definition[English] (noun) routine. রুটিন-বাঁধা (adjective) rigidly fixed; regular; routine; monotonous: রুটিন-বাঁধা কাজ, routine duties: রুটিন-বাঁধা জীবন.
  • Bengali Word রুণুঝুণুEnglish definition= রুনুঝুনু
  • Bengali Word রুদিতEnglish definition(adjective) wept; lamented; weeping; crying; lamenting; wet with tears.
  • Bengali Word রুদ্ধEnglish definition(adjective) 1 shut; closed; covered; bolted: রুদ্ধ দ্বার/গৃহ. 2 confined; incarcerated: কারা রুদ্ধ. 3 obstructed; checked; blockaded: গতি রুদ্ধ, পথ রুদ্ধ. 4 suppressed: রুদ্ধ ক্রন্দন. 5 suspended; choked: রুদ্ধনিঃশ্বাস/ স্পন্দন. 6 held back; withheld; kept back. 7 invested; besieged. 8 intercepted; arrested; prevented. 9 motionless; still: রুদ্ধ বাতাস. 10 stagnant: রুদ্ধ জল. রুদ্ধ করা (verb transitive) close; bolt; shut; cover; incarcerate; lock up; confine in; obstruct; check; arrest; intercept; stop; restrain; prevent; keep back; withhold; blockade; besiege; invest; block up; conceal; veil; obscure; stop up; fill; suspend; suppress; choke. রুদ্ধ কক্ষ (noun) closed room. রুদ্ধ কক্ষে সভা/ আলোচনা (noun) meeting/ conference with/ behind closed door. রুদ্ধ কণ্ঠ (adjective) having one’s voice choked. রুদ্ধ কণ্ঠে (adverb) with a choked voice. রুদ্ধ গতি (adjective) having one’s motion arrested; রুদ্ধ obstructed; blockaded; stopped. রুদ্ধ তাপ (adjective) (physics) adiabatic. রুদ্ধ দৃষ্টি (adjective) having the sight impeded (by tears etc). রুদ্ধ দ্বার (adjective) having the door(s) closed; close-door. রুদ্ধ দ্বার আলোচনা (noun) secret session. রুদ্ধ প্রবাহ (adjective) obstructed in (its) flow. রুদ্ধ মুখ (adjective) having the mouth filled/ stuffed. রুদ্ধ শ্বাস (adjective) breathless; panting; out of breath; gasping with bated breath. রুদ্ধ শ্বাসে (adverb) breathlessly; with bated breath. pantingly; gasping for breath.
  • Bengali Word রুদ্রEnglish definition(noun) 1 manifestation of Shiva as a destroyer. 2 (mythology) a class of beings described as eleven in number. (adjective) terrible; dreadful; terrific; furious; howling; horrible; roaring. রুদ্রাণী (noun) (feminine) Rudra’s wrfe, goddess Durga. রুদ্রজ (adjective) produced from Rudra. (noun) quicksilver. রুদ্র ভাব (noun) fierceness; terribleness; dreadfulness. রুদ্র মূর্তি (adjective) having terrible/ terrific appearance; awful; awe-inspiring. রুদ্রাক্ষ (noun) kind of berries (Elaeocarpus ganitrus) used as rosaries. রুদ্রাক্ষমালা (noun) rosary composed of rudrakshas. রুদ্রাক্রীড় (noun) ‘Rudra’s pleasure-ground’; cemetery/ burning-ground for corpses.
  • Bengali Word রুধাEnglish definition(verb transitive) = রুদ্ধ করা ( রুদ্ধ)
  • Bengali Word রুধিরEnglish definition(noun) 1 blood. 2 kind of precious stone. 3 the planet Mars. (adjective) red; blood-red; bloody. রুধির পান/ শোষণ করা (verb intransitive) drink/ suck another’s blood; (figurative) extract money oppressively from; extort. রুধির ধারা (noun) stream of blood. রুধির পাত (noun) flow of blood. রুধির পায়ী (adjective) blood-drinking; bloodsucking; extortionary. রুধির প্লাবিত (adjective) swimming with/ soaked in blood. রুধির রঞ্জিত (adjective) smeared/ covered with blood; bloody. রুধির স্নান (noun) (literally and figurative) blood-bath. রুধির স্রোত = রুধির ধারা. রুধিরাক্ত = রুধির রঞ্জিত. রুধিরাখ্য (noun) carnelian (stone). রুধিরাপ্লুত (adjective) drenched with blood; bloody.
  • Bengali Word রুনঝুন, রনুরনু, রুনুঝুনু, রুনুরুনুEnglish definitionnoun(s) (onomatopoeia) sweet jingling tinkling (as of the bells of a dancer’s anklets).