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বর্ণমালা অনুক্রমে শব্দ খুঁজুন

  • Bengali Word ঝাঁজালো, ঝাঁঝালোEnglish definition(adjective) 1 pungently aromatic; strong to the taste. 2 (figurative) harsh; severe: ঝাঁজালো কথা.
  • Bengali Word ঝাঁটEnglish definition(noun) act of sweeping with a broom: ঘর ঝাঁট দেওয়া.
  • Bengali Word ঝাঁটাEnglish definition(noun) handled implement for sweeping floors, etc; a broom. ঝাঁটা খাওয়া (verb intransitive) be insulted; be beaten with a broom. ঝাঁটা পেটা করা (verb transitive) give a good beating with a broom. ঝাঁটার বাড়ি (noun) a stroke of broom. ঝাঁটা খেকো (noun) term of abuse. (adjective) one who is beaten with a broom; contemptible.
  • Bengali Word ঝাঁপ ১English definition(noun) act of jumping; a jump; a spring. ঝাঁপ দেওয়া (verb intransitive) spring suddenly from the ground; jump; leap; skip.
  • Bengali Word ঝাঁপানোEnglish definition= ঝাঁপ দেওয়া.  ঝাঁপ
  • Bengali Word ঝাঁড় ২English definition(noun) act of sweeping floors, etc. ঝাড় ফুঁক (noun) the expulsion of a evil spirit or curing a disease by charms or religious rite; exorcism. ঝাড় ফুঁক করা (verb intransitive) expel an evil spirit or cure a disease by means of exorcism.
  • Bengali Word ঝাউEnglish definition(noun) tamarisk tree; Tamarica Indica.
  • Bengali Word ঝাটEnglish definition(adverb) quickly; at once: ঝাট করে এসে.
  • Bengali Word ঝাণ্ডাEnglish definition(noun) flag
  • Bengali Word ঝানুEnglish definition(adjective) 1 having been long experienced; veteran. 2 clever; shrewd; sly.
  • Bengali Word ঝাপ ২English definition(noun) a hanging door or lid; a mat-door.
  • Bengali Word ঝাপটাEnglish definition(noun) 1 a sudden stroke; a gust (as of wind). 2 flapping (as of the wings of a bird). ঝড় ঝাপটা (noun) (figurative) dangers and difficulties; trials and tribulations.
  • Bengali Word ঝাপসাEnglish definition(adjective) not distinct; obscure; hazy; dim. ঝাপসা দেখা (verb intransitive), (verb transitive) see dimly. ঝাপসা দৃষ্টি (noun) dim sight.
  • Bengali Word ঝামটাEnglish definition(noun) chiding; scolding; snubbing: মুখ ঝামটা. মুখ ঝামটা খাওয়া (verb intransitive) be snubbed. মুখ ঝামটা দেওয়া (verb intransitive) give a snubbing; snub.
  • Bengali Word ঝামরEnglish definition(adjective) 1 overcast with rainy clouds. 2 pale, not bright. ঝামরানো (verb intransitive) become heavy with fluid; become browned or pale.
  • Bengali Word ঝামাEnglish definition(noun) a piece of over-burnt brick; vitrified brick.
  • Bengali Word ঝামেলাEnglish definition(noun) trouble; botheration; disturbance. ঝামেলা করা (verb intransitive) create a disturbance, kick up a row. ঝামেলা পোহানো (verb intransitive) bear a disturbance or botheration. ঝামেলায় পড়া (verb intransitive) get into a trouble; be in a fix.
  • Bengali Word ঝারাEnglish definition(noun) water-pot with a porous device to sprinkle water on a plant.
  • Bengali Word ঝারিEnglish definition(noun) water-can with a porous spout.
  • Bengali Word ঝাল ১English definition(adjective) 1 hot or biting to the taste; pungent; acrid. (noun) 1 secret enmity; acrimony; grudge: গায়ের ঝাল. 2 acrid quality; acridity; pungency: লঙ্কার ঝাল. ঝাল ঝাড়া (verb intransitive) give vent to feelings of anger; satisfy a grudge. ঝাল চচ্চড়ি (noun) a variety of hot curry. ঝালে-ঝোলে-অম্বলে (adverb) in every respect; in all affairs; everywhere.
  • Bengali Word ঝাল ২English definition(noun) a metallic cement; solder. ঝাল দেওয়া (verb intransitive) unite metals by solder; solder.
  • Bengali Word ঝালরEnglish definition(noun) an ornamental fringe: a frill. ঝালরদার (adjective) furnished with a fringe; fringed.
  • Bengali Word ঝালা ১English definition(verb transitive) (music) twist up a sharp and loud sound on the string of an instrument; blaze up. (noun) a spell of blazing up.
  • Bengali Word ঝালা ২English definition(verb transitive) 1 unite or join metal pieces with solder; solder. 2 dredge a river or pond. ঝালানো (verb transitive) 1 cause to be soldered; get something mended. 2 have a river, etc re-exacted/ dredged.
  • Bengali Word ঝালাপালাEnglish definition(interjection), (noun) word denoting an unpleasant feeling produced by the repeated sound of something. কান ঝালাপালা হওয়া (verb intransitive) be deafened; be annoyed.
  • Bengali Word ঝাড় ১English definition(noun) a bush; a thicket: বাঁশের ঝাড়. 1 a cluster; a clump; a bunch. 3 a pedigree; a stock: ঝাড়ের দোষ. 4 a chandelier: বেলোয়ারির ঝাড়. ঝাড় বংশ (noun) all the members of a family. ঝাড়েবংশে, ঝাড়েমূলে (adverb) root and branch; one and all.
  • Bengali Word ঝাড়নEnglish definition(noun) 1 sweeping and dusting. 2 a duster. 3 = ঝাড়ফুঁক ( ঝাড় ২).
  • Bengali Word ঝাড়াEnglish definition(verb transitive) 1 dust off; brush off; remove dust or dirt with a duster. 2 separate the chaff from corn; winnow: চাল ঝাড়া. 3 show temper; vent one’s spleen: গায়ের ঝাল ঝাড়া. 4 exorcise: ভূত ঝাড়া. (adjective) 1 winnowed or cleaned: ঝাড়া চাল. 2 full; complete: ঝাড়া দুই ঘণ্টা অপেক্ষা করেছি, waited for full two hours. ঝাড়ফুঁক (noun) exorcising of evil spirit by uttering charms and incantations. ঝাড়ানো (verb transitive) 1 cause to be threshed/ winnowed. 2 cause to exorcise: ভূত ঝাড়ানো. ঝাড়া হাত-পা (adjective) having no liability or burden of responsibility; free to pursue one’s inclination.
  • Bengali Word ঝাড়ুEnglish definition(noun) a broom. ঝাড়ু দেওয়া (verb transitive) sweep; clean. ঝাড়ুদার (noun) a sweeper.
  • Bengali Word ঝিEnglish definition(noun) 1 a daughter: রাজার ঝি. 2 a maid servant. ঝিকে মেরে বৌকে শেখানো punish one’s innocent daughter to correct the faults of one’s daughter-in-law.