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বর্ণমালা অনুক্রমে শব্দ খুঁজুন

  • Bengali Word ঝম্পEnglish definition(noun) act of jumping; a jump; a leap; a spring; a plunge (into water). ঝম্প দেওয়া (verb intransitive) 1 pass over by a leap; jump; skip; spring. 2 plunge (as into water).
  • Bengali Word ঝরকা, ঝরোকাEnglish definition(noun) a window with cross bars forming small openings like network; a lattice window.
  • Bengali Word ঝরঝরEnglish definition(interjection) 1 indicating a continuous downpour: ঝরঝর বারিধারা. 2 a soft flow; a oozing (as of blood): ঝরঝর করে রক্ত ঝরছে. 3 neatness. (adverb) in a continuous shower.
  • Bengali Word ঝরঝরানিEnglish definition(noun) 1 incessant flow or downpour. 2 oozing (as of blood).
  • Bengali Word ঝরঝরেEnglish definition(adjective) 1 neat and clean: ঘরদোর ঝরঝরে 2 refreshed; sound; hale: শরীরটা ঝরঝরে লাগছে. 3 free of moisture: ঝরঝরে ভাত. 4 clean and clear: ঝরঝরে লেখা. 5 cracked; worn-out; out of repair: বাড়িটার অবস্থা ঝরঝরে. 6 spoilt; hopeless: আখের ঝরঝরে হওয়া.
  • Bengali Word ঝরতিEnglish definition(noun) the portion of the bulk of corn, etc that falls off the bags in transit. ঝরতি পড়তি (noun) the portion which is wasted in storage or transit.
  • Bengali Word ঝরনা, ঝর্নাEnglish definition(noun) 1 a fountain; a spring. 2 a waterfall; a cascade; a cataract. ঝরনা কলম (noun) a fountain pen.
  • Bengali Word ঝরাEnglish definition(verb intransitive), (verb transitive) 1 fall in drops: অশ্রু ঝরা. 2 issue forth gently; percolate; ooze: রক্ত ঝরা. 3 be shed: গাছের পাতা ঝরা. 4 let ooze out; exude: ঘাম ঝরা. 5 cast off; moult: পাখির পালক ঝরা. ঝরানো (verb transitive) cause to fall in drops/shed/ooze/exude/moult; shake or cause to fall off.
  • Bengali Word ঝরিতEnglish definition(adjective) fallen in drops; oozed; exuded; cast off; withered; moulted.
  • Bengali Word ঝরোকা, ঝরোখাEnglish definition= ঝরকা
  • Bengali Word ঝর্ঝরEnglish definition(noun) 1 sound produced by running stream of water. 2 a strainer; a sieve; a colander. 3 a kind of musical instrument; a cymbal.
  • Bengali Word ঝর্ঝরিতEnglish definition(adjective) 1 full of the babbling noise of a stream. 2 pierced in several places; perforated.
  • Bengali Word ঝর্ঝরীEnglish definition(noun) a strainer with a handle used for sifting frys from oil.
  • Bengali Word ঝলকEnglish definition(noun) 1 a flash of fire or light: আলোর ঝলক, আগুনের ঝলক. 2 a sudden and violent issue of a fluid; a gush: রক্তের ঝলক. 3 a dazzling flesh: রূপের ঝলক. 4 a captivating spell of music: সুরের ঝলক. ঝলকানো (verb transitive) flash (as lightning). ঝলকানি (noun) flashing. ঝলকে ঝলকে (adverb) in gushes. ঝলকিত (adjective) flashed.
  • Bengali Word ঝলঝলEnglish definition(interjection) denoting a dangling state or flapping motion. ঝলঝল করা (verb intransitive) hang loose; swing; dangle; flap. ঝলঝলে (adjective) dangling loosely; flapping.
  • Bengali Word ঝলমলEnglish definition(interjection) denoting a glittering or gleaming state. ঝলমল করা (verb intransitive) glitter; dazzle; sparkle. ঝলমলে (adjective) shining; dazzling; sparkling; glittering.
  • Bengali Word ঝলসানোEnglish definition(verb transitive) 1 overpower with light or splendour; dazzle: চোখ ঝলসে দেওয়া. 2 roast; singe: আগুনে মাংস ঝলসানো. 3 be half-burnt. (adjective) 1 half-burnt: ঝলসানো রুটি. 2 that dazzles; dazzling. (noun) act of scorching or singing; scorched or singed state; browned state; daze; dazing. ঝলসিত (adjective) dazed; dazzled; scorched; singed; browned.
  • Bengali Word ঝল্লক, ঝল্লরীEnglish definition(noun) dish-shaped gong rung at the worship of a Hindu deity; a cymbal.
  • Bengali Word ঝল্লকণ্ঠEnglish definition(noun) the pigeon; the dove.
  • Bengali Word ঝল্লিকাEnglish definition(noun) the glow of sunrays.
  • Bengali Word ঝাঁEnglish definition(interjection) denoting quickness, haste, etc. ঝাঁ করে (adverb) quickly; instantly; without delay. ঝাঁ ঝাঁ করা (verb intransitive) 1 make haste. 2 burn in the sun: রোদে ঝাঁ ঝাঁ করে.
  • Bengali Word ঝাঁকEnglish definition(noun) 1 a flock: পাখির ঝাঁক. 2 a swarm: মৌমাছির ঝাঁক. 3 a shoal: মাছের ঝাঁক. ঝাঁক বাঁধা (verb intransitive) assemble; swarm; congregate. ঝাঁকে ঝাঁকে (adverb) in flocks; in swarms; in shoals.
  • Bengali Word ঝাঁকা ১English definition[Hindi] (noun) large basket for carrying goods. ঝাঁকা-মুটে (noun) a porter who carries goods in a large basket.
  • Bengali Word ঝাঁকা ২English definition(verb transitive) shake something up to mix well (as a medicine). ঝাঁকানো (verb transitive) cause to move from side to side, up and down: বোতল ঝাঁকানো.
  • Bengali Word ঝাঁকুনিEnglish definition(noun) shake; act of shaking.
  • Bengali Word ঝাঁকড়াEnglish definition(adjective) like a bush; bushy: shaggy: ঝাঁকড়া চুল.
  • Bengali Word ঝাঁজ ১English definition(noun) 1 heat. flame: আগুনের/ রৌদ্রের ঝাঁজ. 2 strong pungent taste: ওষুধের ঝাঁজ. 3 harshness; taunt: কথার ঝাঁজ.
  • Bengali Word ঝাঁজ ২English definition(noun) a gong for ringing at a Hindu worship.
  • Bengali Word ঝাঁজরEnglish definition(adjective) full of holes; porous; perforated.
  • Bengali Word ঝাঁজরা, ঝাঁঝরাEnglish definition(adjective) 1 having little cells resembling honey-combs; full of holes. 2 very old; worn out : বুকের ভিতরটা যেন ঝাঁজরা হয়ে গেছে.