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বর্ণমালা অনুক্রমে শব্দ খুঁজুন

  • Bengali Word অলংকৃতEnglish definition= অলঙ্কৃত
  • Bengali Word অলংঘনEnglish definition= অলঙ্ঘন
  • Bengali Word অলকEnglish definition(noun) 1 curling tress of hair; ringlet. 2 cloud of feathery appearance.
  • Bengali Word অলকনন্দা, অলকানন্দাEnglish definition(noun) river in India.
  • Bengali Word অলকাEnglish definition(noun) the kingdom of Kuvera, the Hindu god of riches. অলকাপুরী (noun) the palace of Kuvera.
  • Bengali Word অলক্ত, অলক্তকEnglish definition(noun) the liquid dye of lac. অলক্ত রঞ্জিত (adjective) dyed with lac. অলক্তরাগ (noun) the tinge/tint of lac.
  • Bengali Word অলক্ষণEnglish definition(noun) 1 bad omen; inauspicious sign; portent. 2 evil; harm. (adjective) ominous; inauspicious. অলক্ষণা (adjective) (feminine) ill-omened. অলক্ষণে, অলক্ষুণে (adjective) inauspicious; ominous; portentous.
  • Bengali Word অলক্ষিতEnglish definition(adjective) unnoticed; unobserved. অলক্ষিতভাবে, অলক্ষিতে (adverb) 1 without being seen/surreptitiously furtively/noticed. 2 beyond the range of sight. 3 suddenly; in an unguarded state/moment.
  • Bengali Word অলক্ষুণে English definition(adjective) inauspicious; ominous; portentous.
  • Bengali Word অলক্ষেEnglish definition(adverb) invisibly; stealthily; furtively.
  • Bengali Word অলক্ষ্মীEnglish definition(adjective) 1 graceless; not neat in works and activities. 2 unfortunate. (noun) misfortune. অলক্ষ্মীতে পাওয়া (verb transitive) get under the influence of unlucky star; get addicted to practices that bring misfortune and misery; be in constant misery. অলক্ষ্মীর দশা (noun) want; poverty; indigence. অলক্ষ্মীর দৃষ্টি (noun) the sinister look of a bad star; poverty; misery.
  • Bengali Word অলক্ষ্যEnglish definition(adjective) 1 invisible; unseen. 2 unknown. 3 indiscernible. (noun) 1 invisible place: অলক্ষ্য হইতে. 2 the sky; the heaven: অলক্ষ্যের পানে.
  • Bengali Word অলঙ্করণ, অলংকরণEnglish definition(noun) 1 materials for decoration. 2 decoration; ornamentation; adornment; illustration. 3 act of painting/ dressing. 4 artistic works or touches. 5 (literally) use of rhetoric. অলঙ্করণ করা (verb transitive) adorn; decorate; ornament; embellish; dress; paint; use rhetorical language. অলঙ্কর্তা (noun) one who adorns/ornaments; a decorator/painter/dresser অলঙ্কর্ত্রী (feminine).
  • Bengali Word অলঙ্কার, অলংকারEnglish definition(noun) 1 what adds to the beauty or glory; ornament; jewellery. 2 dressing; embellishment; painting. 3 mark or badge of honour. 4 beauty. 5 (figurative) pride; glory: দেশের অলঙ্কার. 6 (literally) figure of speech (simile, metaphor, allegory, alliteration, etc). অলঙ্কারক (adjective) that which adds to the beauty or glory. অলঙ্কার বর্জিত (adjective) (in literally) plain; bold. অলঙ্কার বহুল ভাষা (noun) florid/ornate language. অলঙ্কার শাস্ত্র (noun) the art of rhetoric. অলঙ্কৃত (adjective) adorned; ornamented; embellished; decorated. অলঙ্কৃত করা (verb transitive) adorn; decorate; bedeck; bring pride and glory to: জাতিকে অলঙ্কৃত করা.
  • Bengali Word অলঙ্ঘন, অলংঘনEnglish definition(noun) 1 act of refraining from overstepping/disobeying; non-transgression; non-violation. 2 compliance; observance; fulfilment. অলঙ্ঘনীয়, অলঙ্ঘ্য (adjective) 1 what cannot be/should not be violated/disobeyed; অলঙ্ঘনীয় আদেশ. 2 what cannot be crossed over; impassable: অলঙ্ঘনীয় বাধা. অলঙ্ঘনীয়তা (noun) impassability; inviolability.
  • Bengali Word অলসEnglish definition(adjective) 1 lazy; slothful. 2 indolent; effortless; dull-headed. অলসতা (noun) laziness; indolence; effortlessness.
  • Bengali Word অলি গলিEnglish definition(noun) lanes and bye-lanes; nook and corner.
  • Bengali Word অলি ১English definition(noun) 1 bumble-bee. 2 scorpion. 3 wine: অলিপান. অলিকুল (noun) swarm of bees.
  • Bengali Word অলি ২, ওলিEnglish definition[Arabic]1 guardian; custodian; trustee. 2 saint; fakir; ascetic. অলি-অসি, অলি-অছি, ওলি-ওছি (noun) [Arabic] guardian of a minor; trustee of a minor’s property.
  • Bengali Word অলিন্দEnglish definition(noun) balcony; porch; outer verandah; auricle
  • Bengali Word অলিমা, ওয়ালিমা, ওলিমাEnglish definition(noun) [Arabic] Muslim marriage feast. 2 marriage feast arranged by the groom’s party.
  • Bengali Word অলীEnglish definition= অলি ১
  • Bengali Word অলীকEnglish definition(noun) falsehood; untruth. (adjective) false; baseless; empty; vain: অলীক স্বপ্ন.
  • Bengali Word অলৌকিকEnglish definition(adjective) 1 superhuman; supernatural; miraculous. 2 unworldly; unearthly.
  • Bengali Word অল্পEnglish definition(adjective) 1 small in quantity/ amount; a little; a bit; a few. 2 frail; weak: অল্পপ্রাণ. 3 illiberal; narrow-minded: অল্পমতি. 4 of short duration; ephemeral; short-lived: অল্পজীবী. 5 insufficient; inadequate; scanty; poor. অল্প বিদ্যা ভয়ঙ্করী (prov) A little learning is a dangerous thing; Empty vessel sounds much. অল্পই (adverb) but little; hardly; scarcely; rarely; seldom; only a few/little. অল্প বিস্তর (adverb), (adjective) more or less. অল্প বুদ্ধি (adjective) dull-witted; unintelligent. অল্পভাষী (adjective) reticent; taciturn; reserved. অল্প মূল্য (adjective) cheap. অল্প মূল্যে (adverb) at a low price. অল্প সংখ্যক (adjective) a few. অল্পে অল্পে (adverb) little by little; gradually; slowly; by degrees.
  • Bengali Word অল্পাধিকEnglish definition(adjective) more or less.
  • Bengali Word অল্পাহারীEnglish definition(adjective) one who eats less; moderate in eating.
  • Bengali Word অল্পায়ুEnglish definition(adjective) short-lived; ephemeral; transitory.
  • Bengali Word অশঙ্কEnglish definition(adjective) fearless; intrepid; brave. অশঙ্কনীয় (adjective) not to be feared; not alarming. অশঙ্কিত (adjective) undaunted; unafraid; unshaken.
  • Bengali Word অশনEnglish definition(noun) 1 a meal; food. 2 eating. অশন-বসন (noun) food and clothing; maintenance.