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বর্ণমালা অনুক্রমে শব্দ খুঁজুন

  • Bengali Word অরুচিEnglish definition(noun) 1 apathy or aversion (to food/pleasure). 2 distaste/disrelish for food due to indigestion; loss of appetite. a kind of disease. অরুচিকর (adjective) disagreeable; distasteful; unpalatable. অরুচি ধরা (verb intransitive), (verb transitive) develop apathy/aversion (for (something)).
  • Bengali Word অরুণEnglish definition(noun) 1 the sun. 2 the newly-risen sun; the morning sun. 3 the glow of the morning or evening sun. 4 purple or crimson colour. (adjective) dark-red; crimson; purple. অরুণিমা (noun) redness; rosy tint. অরুণোদয় (noun) sun rise; daybreak; dawn.
  • Bengali Word অরুন্ধতীEnglish definition(noun) (astronomy) a dim star encircled by the Ursa Major.
  • Bengali Word অরূপEnglish definition(adjective) 1 formless; shapeless. 2 bereft of beauty; ugly. (noun) incorporeal God; Allah.
  • Bengali Word অরেEnglish definition(interjection) contemptuous address; hey! ho!
  • Bengali Word অর্কEnglish definition(noun) 1 the sun. 2 sunrays; ray of light. 3 rock crystal. 4 Sun-plant; swallow-wort.
  • Bengali Word অর্গলEnglish definition(noun) 1 metal or wood fastening for a door or window; a bolt; a bar. 2 a hindrance; a barrier; an obstacle.
  • Bengali Word অর্ঘEnglish definition(noun) 1 price; cost: মহার্ঘ. 2 offerings at the worship of Hindu deities; articles of worship. 3 worship.
  • Bengali Word অর্ঘ্যEnglish definition(noun) 1 offerings at the alter of worship; articles of worship. 2 presentations offered to an honourable person as a mark of respect.
  • Bengali Word অর্চকEnglish definition(noun) worshipper; priest.
  • Bengali Word অর্চনাEnglish definition(noun) worship; adoration. অর্চনা করা (verb intransitive) worship; adore; pay homage. অর্চনীয় (adjective) fit to be worshipped; adorable.
  • Bengali Word অর্জনEnglish definition(noun) 1 earning; income. 2 acquisition; acquirement. 3 gain; attainment. অর্জন করা (verb transitive) earn; acquire; gain; attain.
  • Bengali Word অর্থ ১English definition(noun) 1 money; wealth; property: অর্থোপার্জন. অথই অনর্থের মূল Money is at the root of all evils. 2 object; purpose: দেশ সেবার্থে দান. 3 truth; reality: যথার্থ. 4 aim; desire; prayer: বিদ্যার্থী. 5 the science of production and distribution of wealth; economics: অর্থ শাস্ত্র. অর্থকর, অর্থকরী (adjective) money-earning. অর্থকরী ফসল (noun) cash crop. অর্থকরী বিদ্যা (noun) professional/ vocational training; technical education. অর্থকষ্ট (noun) pecuniary hardship; financial stringency. অর্থ পিপাসু (adjective) greedy; avaricious. অর্থ পিপাসা (noun) greed for wealth; avarice. অর্থপ্রদ (adjective) yielding money; money-earning. অর্থবান (noun) wealthy; rich. অর্থ বিনিয়োগ (noun) investment. অর্থসঙ্কট (noun) financial crisis. অর্থ সঙ্গতি financial solvency.
  • Bengali Word অর্থ ২English definition(noun) meaning; import; significance. অর্থ করা (verb intransitive), (verb transitive) interpret; explain; expound. অর্থ গৌরব (noun) (figurative) depth of meaning; richness of import; significance. অর্থপূর্ণ. অর্থবহ (adjective) meaningful; significant. অর্থ বিচার (noun) determination/ discrimination of meaning. অর্থভেদ (noun) difference in interpretation. অর্থ সঙ্গতি (noun) consistency in meaning. অর্থহানি (noun) misinterpretation. অর্থহীন (adjective) meaningless ,
  • Bengali Word অর্থাগমEnglish definition(noun) influx of money; income.
  • Bengali Word অর্থান্তরEnglish definition(noun) another meaning; different interpretation/meaning/significance. অর্থান্তর ন্যাস (noun) (rhetorical) figure of speech corroborating the general by the particular or the particular by the general; contrast of ideas; simile; metaphor; antithesis.
  • Bengali Word অর্থাৎEnglish definition(conjunction) that is (ie=id est) that is to say; in other words.
  • Bengali Word অর্ধEnglish definition(noun) half; any of the two halves. (adjective) divided into two parts; halt done; incomplete. (adverb) half; partly; in part; partially; incompletely. অর্ধচন্দ্র (noun) 1 crescent; half-moon. 2 (facetious) act of pushing (one) out by the neck. 3 a system of battle array. 4 Muslim symbol in national flags; crescent. অর্ধচন্দ্রাকার, অর্ধচন্দ্রাকৃতি (adjective) crescent-shaped. অর্ধনমিত (adjective) (of a flag) (lowered) at half-mast. অর্ধনিমীলিত (adjective) (of eyes) partially closed; half-shut. অর্ধপরিস্ফুট (adjective) half-articulate; indistinct. অর্ধবয়স্ক (adjective) middle-aged. অর্ধবৃত্ত (noun) semi-circle. অর্ধ ভূমণ্ডল (noun) a hemisphere. অর্ধমৃত (adjective) half dead; almost dead; more dead than alive; dying. অর্ধশয়ান (adjective) recumbent; reclining.
  • Bengali Word অর্ধাংগ English definition= অর্ধাঙ্গ
  • Bengali Word অর্ধাংশEnglish definition(noun) half-share; one of the two parts; a moiety.
  • Bengali Word অর্ধাঙ্গ, অর্ধাংগ English definition(noun) 1 half of the body. 2 (facetious) husband. 3 paralysis affecting one side of the body; hemiplegia. অর্ধাঙ্গী, অদ্ধাঙ্গিনী (noun) (feminine) wife; better half.
  • Bengali Word অর্ধাশনEnglish definition(noun) half a meal; scanty food.
  • Bengali Word অর্ধেক English definition(noun) = অর্ধ
  • Bengali Word অর্পণEnglish definition(noun) 1 act of giving/offering/depositing; hand-over; make-over; committal; bestowal; delivery. অর্পণ করা (verb transitive) give; offer; hand over; make over; give away; deliver. অর্পয়িতা (noun), (adjective) one who gives/offers/delivers/hands over অর্পয়িত্রী (feminine) অর্পিত (adjective) handed over; delivered; deposited; bestowed; অর্পিতা (feminine).
  • Bengali Word অর্বাচীনEnglish definition(adjective) 1 posterior; younger; new; modern. 2 immature; inexperienced; unwise; foolish.
  • Bengali Word অর্বুদEnglish definition(noun), (adjective) ten crores; one hundred million. (noun) a tumour; a kind of disease.
  • Bengali Word অর্শEnglish definition(noun) disease of the rectum; piles; hemorrhoids.
  • Bengali Word অর্হEnglish definition(adjective) worthy; deserving: দণ্ডার্হ. (noun) cost; price; value: মহার্হ.
  • Bengali Word অলংকরণEnglish definition= অলঙ্করণ
  • Bengali Word অলংকারEnglish definition= অলঙ্কার