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  • Bengali Word সন্নিবেশEnglish definition(noun) (1) putting down together; insertion; inclusion. (2) setting; orderly placing; stationing; arreyment; arrangement; encampment; setting up; pitching. (3) assembling together; assembly; assemblage; construction; composition; fabrication. (4) seat; position; place; situation. সন্নিবেশ-দোষ (noun) (astronomy) error of judgement.

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  • Bengali Word সন্নতEnglish definition (adjective) curved; inclined; stooping/bowing to; bent; bowed before; revered; deepened; sunk in; depressed; bent down through sorrow; dispirited
  • Bengali Word সন্নাতEnglish definition (noun) bending down; stooping; lowness; depression; inclination; leaning towards; submission; humility toward
  • Bengali Word সন্নদ্ধEnglish definition (adjective) (1) bound/fastened/tied together; bound; girt.
    (2) armed; mailed; armoured; equipped; accoutred. (3) harnessed. (4) prepared; ready. (5) arrayed; aligned; lined-up. (6) ready to discharge water (said of a cloud). (7) wearing amulets; provided with charms. (8) sticking/clinging/adhering to; adjoining; bordering; near.
  • Bengali Word সন্নাEnglish definition (noun) small pincers or forceps
  • Bengali Word সন্নাহEnglish definition (noun) armours; mail; equipment; coat of mail; accoutrements; harness.
    সন্নাহ্য (adjective) armed; armoured; ready for battle.
  • Bengali Word সন্নিকটEnglish definition (adjective) (1) very proximate/near.
    (2) imminent; approaching: সন্নিকট মৃত্যু.  (adverb), prep (1) very near; close to/by: নগর-সন্নিকট. (2) before; in the presence of : রাজ-সন্নিকট. সন্নিকটে (adjective) = সন্নিকট.
  • Bengali Word সন্নিকর্ষEnglish definition (noun) nearness; proximity; close contact; nieghbourhood; approximation; vicinity; connection to; relation with.
    সন্নিকর্ষণ (noun) (1) = সন্নিকর্ষ. (2) (mathematics) approximation.
  • Bengali Word সন্নিকৃষ্টEnglish definition (adjective) drawn together/near; contiguous; proximate; near; imminent
  • Bengali Word সন্নিধানEnglish definition (noun) (1) juxtaposition.
    (2) nearness; vicinity; proximity; contiguity. (3) presence. (4) placing down; depositing. (5) place of deposit; receptacle; gathering-place; custody. সন্নিধানে (adjective) near; in the presence of; in possession/ custody of; in (close) proximity/vicinity to.
  • Bengali Word সন্নিধিEnglish definition = সন্নিধান
  • Bengali Word সন্নিপতিতEnglish definition (adjective) (1) flown/fallen down; descended.
    (2) met together; assembled. (3) appeared; arrived.
  • Bengali Word সন্নিপাতEnglish definition (noun) (1) falling in/down together; collapse; utter ruin/fall/destruction.
    (2) meeting; encounter; contact/collision with. (3) conjunction; aggregation; combination; mixture. (4) (Ayurved) a complicated derangement of the three humours; typhoid. সন্নিপাতন (noun) causing to fall together; combination; conjunction.
  • Bengali Word সন্নিবদ্ধEnglish definition (adjective) firmly bound together/on; closely connected with/attached to; planted/covered with ; firmly tied/shut/set
  • Bengali Word সন্নিবন্ধ(ন)English definition (noun) binding firmly together/on; tying together; binding fast
  • Bengali Word সন্নিবিষ্টEnglish definition (adjective) (1) seated down together; assembled.
    (2) fixed in/on; set in order; arrayed; arranged; inserted; entered into. (3) sticking/resting/contained in. (4) entered deeply into; absorbed/engrossed in; occupied with. (3) contiguous; neighbouring.
  • Bengali Word সন্নিবৃত্তEnglish definition (adjective) turned/come back; returned; withdrawn desisted; stopped; ceased
  • Bengali Word সন্নিবৃত্তিEnglish definition (noun) returning; coming back; desisting from; forbearance; avoiding
  • Bengali Word সন্নিবেশিতEnglish definition = সন্নিবিষ্ট
  • Bengali Word সন্নিভEnglish definition (adjective) (used as a prefix) like; similar to; resembling; equivalent to
  • Bengali Word সন্নিযুক্তEnglish definition (adjective) confirmed (in a post); attached; appointed; employed.
    সন্নিযুক্ত শল্যচিকিৎসক (noun) house surgeon.
  • Bengali Word সন্নিযোগEnglish definition (noun) confirmation (in a post); attachment; a ointment; employment
  • Bengali Word সন্নিহিতEnglish definition (adjective) (1) deposited; fixed; laid up; placed.
    (2) near; close; proximate; contiguous; present; at hand; approaching. (3) (geometry) adjacent. সন্নিহিত মান (noun) (geometry) close approximation.
  • Bengali Word সন্ন্যাসEnglish definition (noun) (1) renunciation of the world; (profession of) asceticism; ascetic mendicancy.
    (2) laying aside; resignation; abandonment. (3) apoplexy. (4) deposit; trust. সন্ন্যাস গ্রহণ করা (verb intransitive) take to asceticism; become an ascetic; renounce the world.
  • Bengali Word সন্ন্যাসীEnglish definition (noun) ascetic; devotee; religious mendicant.
    সন্ন্যাসিনী (feminine) = সন্ন্যাসী. অনেক সন্ন্যাসীতে গাজন নষ্ট (prov) Too many cooks spoil the broth.
  • Bengali Word অভিনিবেশEnglish definition (noun) (1) attention.
    (2) concentration; single-mindedness; rapt attention. (3) assiduity; earnest exertion. অভিনিবিষ্ট (adjective) absorbed in; deeply engrossed. অভিনিবেশ পূর্বক (adverb) with rapt attention.
  • Bengali Word উপনিবেশEnglish definition (noun) country or territory occupied and controlled by foreign settlers; a colony.
    উপনিবেশ স্থাপন করা (verb transitive) establish a colony in; migrate to and settle in as inhabitants; colonize. উপনিবেশিত (adjective) colonized.
  • Bengali Word নিবেশEnglish definition (noun) (1) entering; sitting; settling in a place; encampment; camp: সেনা নিবেশ.
    (2) putting in order; arrangement; deposition; arraying: ব্যূহ নিবেশ. (3) insertion; placing; emplacement. (4) application; concentration: মনোনিবেশ. (5) interpolation. নিবেশক (adjective) encamping; arraying; inserting; interpolating; recording; placing; applying. (noun) one who encamps/ arrays/ arranges/ inserts/ records/ places/ applies/ interpolates/ concentrates. নিবেশন (noun) (1) entering; entrance; settling; placing; emplacement; array; fixing; insertion. (2) dwelling-place; camp; house; home; lair; rest. (3) interpolation. নিবেশ-প্রদর্শ (noun) recorder's guide book.
  • Bengali Word পরিবেশEnglish definition (noun) environment; surroundings; circle; circumference; entourage
  • Bengali Word প্রতিবেশEnglish definition (noun) environment; environs; surroundings; neighbourhood; neighbouring houses.
    প্রতিবেশ-প্রভাব (noun) environmental influence. প্রতিবেশ-দূষণ (noun) pollution of the environment; environmental pollution.
  • ঘনবিন্যাস, ঘনসন্নিবেশ (noun) thick setting; close formation.
  • শিবির সন্নিবেশ (noun) encampment শিবির স্থাপন করা (noun) pitch a tent/ tents; encamp.