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  • Bengali Word শুরুয়াEnglish definition[Persian] (noun) broth; soup.

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  • Bengali Word শুরুEnglish definition [Arabic] (noun) beginning; start; commencement; inception.
    শুরু করা/ (verb transitive) begin; start; commence; institute; take the lead; inaugurate. শুরু হওয়া (verb intransitive) begin; start; commence. শুরু থেকে শেষ from beginning to end.
  • Bengali Word কাকাতুয়াEnglish definition (noun) a highly coloured bird of the parrot family, characterized by a crest of feathers on the head; a cockatoo
  • Bengali Word কাঠা ২, কাঠুয়াEnglish definition (noun) animal with a soft body protected by a shell; tortoise; the sea-tortoise; the turtle
  • Bengali Word কাঠুয়াEnglish definition (noun) animal with a soft body protected by a shell; tortoise; the sea-tortoise; the turtle
  • Bengali Word খাড়ু, খাড়ুয়াEnglish definition (noun) sort of bangle for the wrist or ankle
  • Bengali Word গুয়াEnglish definition (noun) the betel-nut or its tree
  • Bengali Word গেরুয়াEnglish definition (adjective) coloured with red ochre; pale yellow.
    (noun) cloth dyed with red ochre: গেরুয়া পরিহিত.
  • Bengali Word জালুয়াEnglish definition (noun) a fisherman
  • Bengali Word দুয়াEnglish definition (adjective) (archaic) = দুয়ো
  • Bengali Word ধুয়াEnglish definition = ধোঁয়া
  • Bengali Word নটুয়াEnglish definition (adjective) dancing; acting; theatre-loving
  • Bengali Word নাকু, নাকুয়াEnglish definition (adjective(s) = নাকা ( নাক)
  • Bengali Word নাটুয়াEnglish definition (adjective) performing; acting; dancing.
    (noun) dancer; actor.
  • Bengali Word নুয়াEnglish definition (verb intransitive) (old style) = নত হওয়া.
    নুয়ানো = নত করা.
  • Bengali Word পড়ুয়াEnglish definition (adjective) (1) studious; scholarly; bookish: পড়ুয়া ছেলে.
    (2) studying; being a student: পড়ুয়া অবস্থা. (noun) pupil; learner; student; scholar.
  • Bengali Word পানতুয়াEnglish definition (noun) kind of bale-shaped sweet-meat
  • Bengali Word পান্তুয়াEnglish definition = পানতুয়া
  • Bengali Word ফতুই, ফতুয়াEnglish definition [Arabic] (noun) a kind of sleeveless waistcoat
  • Bengali Word ফতুয়াEnglish definition (noun) = ফতোয়া
  • Bengali Word বঁধু, বঁধুয়াEnglish definition (noun) (poetic) friend; lover; love; sweetheart; darling; truelove
  • Bengali Word বটুয়াEnglish definition (noun) a small bag made of cloth
  • Bengali Word বড়ুয়াEnglish definition (noun) a surname (common among the Bengali Buddhists and Asamese Brahmin)
  • Bengali Word বেদুয়া, বেধুয়াEnglish definition (adjective) (1) illegitimate; bastard.
    (2) lecherous.
  • Bengali Word ভেরুয়াEnglish definition = ভেড়ুয়া
  • Bengali Word মহুয়াEnglish definition (noun) kind of flowering tree, its seeds or flowers (Bassia latifolia); mahua.
    মহুয়ার মউ/মধু (noun) honey of mahua; butter obtained from mahua seeds.
  • Bengali Word মাছুয়াEnglish definition (adjective) (old use ) = মেছো
  • Bengali Word মাড়ুয়াEnglish definition (noun) (pejorative) (1) = মাডোয়ারি.
    (2) a native of Western India; Hindustani.
  • Bengali Word মাতুয়াEnglish definition (noun) dogmatism
  • Bengali Word মেড়ুয়াEnglish definition = মেড়ো
  • Bengali Word লটুয়াEnglish definition (adjective) lustful; lewd