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  • Bengali Word লাবণ্যEnglish definition(noun) (1) beauty; loveliness; grace; charm. (2) saltness; taste/ property of salt. লাবণ্যবর্জিত (adjective) graceless; ugly; plain. লাবণ্যময় (adjective) having a charming/ graceful figure; graceful; lovely লাবণ্যময়ী (feminine) = লাবণ্য. লাবণ্যশ্রী (noun) great beauty. লাবণ্যার্জিত (adjective) obtained through beauty;  (noun) gift presented to a bride at her marriage by father-in-law and mother-in-law.

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  • Bengali Word লাব, লাবকEnglish definition (noun(s) a variety of perdix (Perdix chinesis)
  • Bengali Word লাবড়াEnglish definition (noun) dish of mixed vegetables
  • Bengali Word লাবণEnglish definition (adjective) of salt; saline; salt; salted
  • Bengali Word লাবণি, লাবণীEnglish definition (noun) (poetic) = লাবণ্য
  • Bengali Word লাবণিকEnglish definition (adjective) = লাবণ.
     (noun) salt-seller.
  • Bengali Word লাবণ্যোজ্জ্বলEnglish definition (adjective) resplendent in beauty
  • Bengali Word অগণ্যEnglish definition (adjective) (1) uncountable; innumerable.
    (2) trifling; trivial; insignificant; negligible.
  • Bengali Word অনৈপুণ্যEnglish definition (noun) lack of skill/ dexterity; incompetence
  • Bengali Word অপণ্যEnglish definition (adjective) not marketable/ fit to be sold; unsaleable
  • Bengali Word অরণ্যEnglish definition (noun) wood; forest; jungle.
    অরণ্যানী (noun) a vast or extensive forest. অরণ্যায়ন (noun) afforestation. অরণ্যে রোদন crying in the wilderness; crying in vain.
  • Bengali Word আরণ্যEnglish definition (adjective) of forest(s); grown in forest; forest born; wild.
    আরণ্যক (adjective) living in forests; wild. (noun) (1) officer in charge of a forest; a forester. (2) concluding section of the Vedic literature Brahmana.
  • Bengali Word কারুণ্যEnglish definition (noun) kindness; compassion; mercy
  • Bengali Word কার্পণ্যEnglish definition = কৃপণ
  • Bengali Word গণ্যEnglish definition (adjective) (1) worthy of being reckoned with; deserving consideration.
    (2) considered or recognized (as): বিদ্বান বলে গণ্য. গণ্য করা (verb transitive) reckon; consider; recognize. গণ্যমান্য (adjective) worthy of being honoured; respectable.
  • Bengali Word ঘৃণ্যEnglish definition (adjective) despicable; contemptible; abominable; deserving hate
  • Bengali Word চাতুর্বর্ণ্যEnglish definition (noun) (1) the hierarchy of the four varnas or castes amongst Hindus, namely the Brahmins, the Kshatriyas, the Vaishyas and the Shudras.
    (2) religious rules and practices prescribed for the varnas. (adjective) pertaining to the four varnas.
  • Bengali Word জনারণ্যEnglish definition [জন + অরণ্য] (noun) people crowded together in great numbers like a dense forest
  • Bengali Word তারুণ্যEnglish definition (noun) youth; juvenility; freshness; newness
  • Bengali Word ত্রৈগুণ্যEnglish definition (noun) an aggregate of the three basic elements of human nature according to Hindu philosophy—namely, সত্ত্ব or knowledge, রজঃ or action and তমঃ or ignorance
  • Bengali Word দণ্ডকারণ্যEnglish definition (noun) the Dandaka forest in the Deccan India
  • Bengali Word দাক্ষিণ্যEnglish definition (noun) (1) kindness; piety; liberality; generosity; benevolence; charity; favour; consideration.
    (2) cordiality; simplicity; gracefulness; amiability. (3) dexterity; skill; gallantry.
  • Bengali Word দ্বৈগুণ্যEnglish definition (noun) possession of two out of the three qualities; duality
  • Bengali Word নগণ্যEnglish definition (adjective) insignificant; negligible; contemptible; paltry; worthless; of no importance; unimportant.
    নগণ্য লোক (noun) an insignificant man; nobody; man of straw.
  • Bengali Word নৈপুণ্যEnglish definition (noun) dexterity; skill; adroitness; expertness; experience; efficiency
  • Bengali Word নৈর্গুণ্যEnglish definition = নির্গুণতা
  • Bengali Word পণ্যEnglish definition (noun) (1) commodity; article of trade; ware; merchandise.
    (2) price; charge; cost; fee. (adjective) to be bought/sold; saleable; salable; marketable. পণ্যজীবী (adjective) living on/engaged in trade/business. (noun) trader; merchant; businessman; tradesman; dealer. পণ্যদ্রব্য (noun) commodity; wares; merchandise. পণ্যপত্তন (noun) port town. পণ্যবিপণী, পণ্যবীথি, পণ্যবীথী, পণ্যবীথিকা (noun(s) place of sale; market. পণ্যমূল্য (noun) price of a commodity. পণ্যশালা (noun) shop bazaar; department store; market. পণ্যস্ত্রী (noun) venal woman; courtesan; whore; prostitute. পণ্যাগার (noun) warehouse. পণ্যাঙ্গনা = পণ্যস্ত্রী. পণ্যাজীব = পণ্যজীবী. পণ্যার্হ (adjective) fit for sale.
  • Bengali Word পরিগণ্যEnglish definition (adjective) (1) to be enumerated completely/ stated accurately.
    (2) to be considered/ regarded/ esteemed as.
  • Bengali Word পুণ্যEnglish definition (noun) the good/right; virtue; purity; good work; meritorious act; moral/religious merit; piety.
     (adjective) good; right; virtuous; meritorious; pure; holy; sacred; pious; auspicious; propitious; fair; pleasant. পুণ্যা (adjective). পুণ্যকর্ম (noun) act of piety/ virtue; meritorious act. পুণ্যকর্মা (adjective) doing right; pious; virtuous; performing meritorious actions; practising holy/virtuous actions. পুণ্যকাল (noun) auspicious time; holy tide. পুণ্যকীর্তি (adjective) bearing a good name; famous; celebrated. পুণ্যকৃৎ = পুণ্যকর্মা. পুণ্যক্ষয় (noun) decay/ waning of one’s religious merits. পুণ্যক্ষেত্র (noun) holy place; place of pilgrimage. পুণ্যগন্ধ (adjective) sweet-scented; fragrant; পুণ্যগৃহ (noun) a house, ie, a place/seat of virtue. পুণ্যজন (noun) good/honest man; good people. পুণ্যজল (adjective) having good/holy water. পুণ্যতর (adjective) purer; holler. পুণ্যতা, পুণ্যত্ব (noun) purity; holiness. পুণ্যতীর্থ = পুণ্যক্ষেত্র. পুণ্যতোয়া = পুণ্যজল. পুণ্যদ (adjective) conferring purity/ holiness/ bestowing religious merits; sanctifying; virtue; holy; virtuous পুণ্যদা (feminine) = পুণ্য. পুণ্যদর্শন (adjective) of holy/beautiful appearance. পুণ্যধ্বংস, পুণ্যনাশ (noun(s) destruction of purity/ holiness/religious merits. পুণ্যধ্বংসী, পুণ্যনাশক (adjective(s)) destructive of purity/holiness/religious merits. পুণ্যফল (noun) fruits of purity/holiness/religious merits; fruit/reward of good Works. পুণ্য ফলে (adverb) by virtue of one’s religious merits. পুণ্যবল (noun) strength/ force of one’s virtue/ piety. পুণ্যবান (adjective) holy; pure; virtuous; religious; pious পুণ্যবতী (feminine) = পুণ্য. পুণ্যভাক (adjective) partaking! sharing in bliss/ holiness/ purity/ religious merits. পুণ্যভূমি (noun) holy land. পুণ্যভোগ (noun) enjoyment of the fruits of one’s good works. পুণ্যযোগ (noun) (1) effect of one’s virtuous actions in former life; (astrology) auspicious time/ conjunction of stars for performing solemn rites. পুণ্যরাত্র (noun) holy/auspicious night. পুণ্যলব্ধ (noun) attained by good works. পুণ্যলাভ (noun) attainment of religious merit. পুণ্যলোভ (noun) earnest desire/ craving for religious merit. পুণ্যলোভী (adjective) greedy for religious merit. পুণ্যশালী (adjective) virtuous; pious; holy; righteous পুণ্যশালিনী (feminine) = পুণ্য. পুণ্যশীল (adjective) of a virtuous disposition; virtuous; pious; righteous পুণ্যশীলা (feminine) = পুণ্য. পুণ্যশ্লোক (adjective) well spoken of; of good fame/reputation; celebrated for virtue/piety; holy. পুণ্যসঞ্চয় (noun) accumulation of religious merits. পুণ্যসঞ্চয়ী (adjective) accumulating religious merits. পুণ্যহীন (adjective) destitute of religious merits/holiness. পুণ্যাকাঙ্ক্ষা (noun) desire for holiness/purity/religious merits. পুণ্যাকাঙ্ক্ষী (adjective) desirous of holiness/religious merits. পুণ্যাচরণ, পুণ্যাচার (noun(s)) pure/holy conduct; holy Iife; practice of religion. পুণ্যাচারী (adjective) practising religious actions; leading a holy/ pure life. পুণ্যাত্মা (adjective) holy; pure; virtuous; righteous; pious. পুণ্যাপনা (noun) holiness and the want of it; purity and its absence holiness and sin; virtue and vice. পুণ্যাভিলাষ = পুণ্যাকাঙ্ক্ষা. পুণ্যাভিলাষী = পুণ্যাকাঙ্ক্ষী. পুণ্যার্থী = পুণ্যাকাঙ্ক্ষী. পুণ্যার্থে (adverb) for the sake o purity/ holiness/ religious merits. পুণ্যাহ (noun) (1) happy/ auspicious day. (2) (history) day on which the tenants pay the first payment of their rents to the land lord.
  • Bengali Word প্রাবীণ্যEnglish definition = প্রবীণতা ( প্রবীণ)
  • Bengali Word প্রামাণ্যEnglish definition (adjective) = প্রামাণিক.
    (noun) = প্রামাণিকতা
  • রূপা লাবণ্য (noun) charm of personal beauty; gracefulness; glamour.