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  • Bengali Word রিলEnglish definition[English] (noun) reel.

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  • Bengali Word রিলিফEnglish definition [English] (noun) relief
  • Bengali Word এপ্রিলEnglish definition (noun) the fourth month of the Christian Calendar; April
  • Bengali Word শর্করিক, শর্করিলEnglish definition (adjective) sugary; sugared; gritty; gravelly; stony; impregnated with gritty/ gravelly particles
  • Bengali Word গরিলাEnglish definition [English] a large and strong manlike monkey without a tail; a gorilla
  • Bengali Word গেরিলাEnglish definition [English] (noun) a person or a band of fighters not belonging to a regular army and carrying on warfare by secret and sporadic attacks; guerrilla
  • Bengali Word পরিলক্ষিতEnglish definition (adjective) noticed
  • Bengali Word পরিলিখনEnglish definition (noun) circumscribing; drawing lines round about
  • Bengali Word পরিলিখিতEnglish definition (adjective) circumscribed; enclosed in a circle
  • Bengali Word পরিলেখEnglish definition (noun) outline; delineation; picture.
    পরিলেখন (noun) = পরিলিখন.
  • উপরিলিখিত (adjective) written above; above-mentioned; aforesaid.
  • হরিরলুট, হরিলুট noun(s) scattering of batasha (বাতাসা) in honour of Hari for the congregation of devotees to pick up.