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  • Bengali Word মুণ্ডEnglish definition(noun) (shaven) head. মুণ্ড ঘুরে যাওয়া have one’s head turned; be confused/dazed perplexed/ bewildered: রূপ দেখে মুণ্ড ঘুরে যাওয়া. মুণ্ডচ্ছেদ, মুণ্ডচ্ছেদন (noun(s)) beheading; decapitation. মুণ্ডচ্ছেদ/ মুণ্ডচ্ছেদন করা (verb transitive) behead; decapitate. মুণ্ডপাত করা (verb intransitive) (1) behead. (2) (figurative) ruin; shower abuse on. মুণ্ডমালা (noun) string of human heads. মুণ্ডমালী (adjective) wearing a string of human heads. মুণ্ডমালিনী (feminine) = মুণ্ডমালী ; (noun) goddess Kali. মুণ্ডাকার (adjective) shaped like a head; (botany) capitate.

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  • Bengali Word মুণ্ডকEnglish definition (noun) (1) shaver; barber.
    (2) head.
  • Bengali Word মুণ্ডনEnglish definition (noun) shaving the head; tonsure
  • Bengali Word মুণ্ডাEnglish definition (adjective) shaved; shorn; bald.
    (noun) name of a tribe; Munda.
  • Bengali Word মুণ্ডিতEnglish definition (adjective) shaved; bald; shorn; topped; cropped.
    মুণ্ডিত করা (verb transitive) (1) shave; shear; crop; tonsure; (2) pollard; lop. মুণ্ডিতকেশ, মুণ্ডিতমস্তক (adjective(s) shaven-headed.
  • Bengali Word মুণ্ডীEnglish definition (noun) = মুণ্ড.
    (adjective) headed.
  • Bengali Word মুণ্ডুEnglish definition মুণ্ড
  • Bengali Word অপোগণ্ডEnglish definition (adjective) (1) baby; infant.
    (2) under-age; minor. (3) not more than fifteen years of age; not past fifteen. (4) unfit; incompetent; unworthy.
  • Bengali Word আবর্ত দণ্ডEnglish definition (noun) churning rod; pestle for churning.  আবর্তন
     আবর্তন
  • Bengali Word উচ্চণ্ডEnglish definition [উৎ+চণ্ড] (adjective) (1) violent.
    (2) angry; hot-tempered. (3) fierce; furious; outrageous. (4) terrible; severe.
  • Bengali Word উদ্দণ্ডEnglish definition (adjective) with a raised stick in hand; ready to inflict punishment.
    উদ্দণ্ড নৃত্য (noun) wild dance with hands uplifted.
  • Bengali Word এরণ্ডEnglish definition (noun) the castor-oil plant
  • Bengali Word করণ্ডEnglish definition (noun) (1) wicker-tray for flowers; a flower-basket.
    (2) bee-hive.
  • Bengali Word কর্মকাণ্ডEnglish definition (noun) (1) the part of the Vedas dealing with rituals and ceremonies (opposite জ্ঞানকাণ্ড).
    (2) (plural) actions and activities: উন্নয়ন কর্মকাণ্ড, development activities.
  • Bengali Word কাণ্ডEnglish definition (noun) (1) the main body or trunk of a tree.
    (2) (botany) part of a plant, eg cane, sugarcane, bamboo, etc between two nodes (joints). (3) an affair causing surprise: একি কাণ্ড! how strange! (4) a part or chapter of a book; a division of an epic poem; a canto: সপ্তকাণ্ড রামায়ণ. কাণ্ড কারখানা (noun) (plural) (1) events or affairs. (2) anybody’s peculiar way of doing things: দেখো তার কাণ্ড কারখানা, just see how he acts. কাণ্ডজ (adjective) shot from the trunk or stem. (noun) an offshoot from the trunk of a tree/ stem of a plant. কাণ্ড জ্ঞান (noun) qualities that enable a person to choose the right course of things; practical common sense. কাণ্ডা কাণ্ডবোধ (noun) sense of right and wrong/ propriety and impropriety. কাণ্ডজ্ঞানহীন (adjective) devoid of/ lacking common sense.
  • Bengali Word কুণ্ডEnglish definition (noun) (1) a hole; a hollow; a cavity: নাভিকুণ্ড.
    (2) a hollow in the earth; a pit (for fire): অগ্নিকুণ্ড. (3) a receptacle; a pot: ঘৃতকুণ্ড. (4) a pond; a pool; a cistern.
  • Bengali Word কুরণ্ড, কোরণ্ডEnglish definition (noun) (medical) watery fluid on the testicle; hydrocele.
    কুরুণ্ডে (noun) person having hydrocele.
  • Bengali Word কুষ্মাণ্ডEnglish definition (noun) (1) a gourd; a pumpkin.
    (2) (figurative) a worthless person; an idiot (abuse). অকাল কুষ্ঠ  অকাল.
  • Bengali Word কোরণ্ডEnglish definition = কুরণ্ড
  • Bengali Word খণ্ডEnglish definition (noun) (1) a bit, a slice, or piece of anything solid: মাংস খণ্ড.
    (2) a chapter, a section or part (of a book): (২) য় খণ্ড, second volume. (3) a geographical region; a country: রোহিলা খণ্ড. (4) a single object that is an example of a kind or class: এক খণ্ড কেক, এক খণ্ড কাপড়, এক খণ্ড পুস্তক. (5) a portion separated or marked off from a larger or whole body: এক খণ্ড জমি. খণ্ড কাব্য (noun) a narrative poem based on a single theme in the style of an epic but not so long and vivid as an epic is; an imperfect epic. খণ্ডকাল (noun) a part of the working day. খণ্ডকালীন (adjective), (adverb) for only a part of the working hours: খণ্ডকালীন শিক্ষক, a part-time teacher. (noun) a part—timer. খণ্ড খণ্ড (adjective) broken to pieces; cut to pieces. খণ্ড খণ্ড করা (verb transitive) cut to pieces; break or divide into pieces. খণ্ড খণ্ড করে (adverb) in pieces; piecemeal. খণ্ড গ্রাস (noun) (astronomy) a partial eclipse of the sun or moon. খণ্ড প্রলয় (noun) (1) a tremendous upheaval or revolution causing great social and political change. (2) a brawl; an affray. খণ্ড বাক্য (noun) (grammar) a clause in a sentence. খণ্ড যুদ্ধ (noun) (military) an irregular short contest in which small numbers are engaged; a skirmish; a pitched battle. খণ্ডে খণ্ডে (adverb) part by part; in parts.
  • Bengali Word গণ্ডEnglish definition (noun) (1) the side of the face below the eyes on each side; the cheek: গণ্ডদেশ.
    (2) a morbid swelling in any part of the body; a tumour: গলগণ্ড. (3) any roundish organ in a part of the body secreting some fluid; a gland: গণ্ডমালা. (4) a mound; a mass (as of a rock): গণ্ডশৈল. (adjective) big; large: গণ্ডগ্রাম. গণ্ডকূপ (noun) a small natural depression in the cheek or chin; a dimple. গণ্ডগ্রাম (noun) (1) a large and populous village. (2) an outlying backward village. গণ্ডদেশ (noun) the cheek; the chin. গণ্ডমূর্খ (adjective) most foolish/ignorant; grossly stupid. (noun) a big fool; an egregious/arrant fool; a blockhead. গণ্ডশৈল (noun) a mass of rock; a hillock. গণ্ডস্থল = গণ্ডদেশ.
  • Bengali Word চণ্ডEnglish definition (adjective) (1) furious in an uncontrolled way; very angry.
    (2) fierce; ferocious; severe: চণ্ডনীতি. (noun) (mythology) name of a furious demon. চণ্ডী, চণ্ডা (feminine) = চণ্ড.
  • Bengali Word দোর্দণ্ডEnglish definition (noun) long arm.
    (adjective) (1) terrible; fierce; fiery: দোর্দণ্ডতাপ, দোর্দণ্ডক্রোধ. (2) mighty; powerful; iron-handed. দোর্দণ্ড প্রতাপ (adjective) terribly mighty/ powerful; strong; iron-handed (noun) terrible might.
  • Bengali Word নিষ্কাণ্ডEnglish definition (adjective) (botany) acaulescent
  • Bengali Word পণ্ডEnglish definition (adjective) foiled; spoiled; abortive; futile; unavailing; fruitless; vain; marred; useless.
    পণ্ড করা (verb transitive) spoil; mar; foil; baffle; dash; thwart; defeat; blight. পণ্ডশ্রম (noun) fruitless toil; vain/ useless/ futile/ abortive efforts.
  • Bengali Word পলাণ্ডEnglish definition (noun) onion
  • Bengali Word পিণ্ডEnglish definition (noun) (1) any round/roundish mass/heap; lump; ball; clod; piece.
    (2) roundish lump of food; bite; morsel; mouthful. (3) ball of rice, flour, etc offered to the deceased ancestors; oblation. (4) food; daily bread; livelihood; subsistence. (5) solid mass; material object; body; bodily frame. (6) calf of the leg. (7) the two projections of an elephant’s frontal sinus. (8) fleshy parts of the shoulder situated above the collar-bone. (9) quantity; collection. পিণ্ডগেলা (verb intransitive) (derogatory) have one’s daily food; fall to eating with great gusto. পিণ্ড চটকানো (verb intransitive) (1) crush lump of food offered to the deceased ancestors. (2) (figurative) revile; inveigh against; backbite. (3) (figurative) give a sound thrashing; castigate; make an example of; trounce; punish severely; teach a lesson to. পিণ্ডতা (noun) being a lump/ball; density; condensation. পিণ্ড দেওয়া (verb intransitive) offer oblations to deceased ancestors. পিণ্ডখর্জুর (noun) a kind of dates. পিণ্ডদ, পিণ্ডদাতা (adjective) offering/qualified to offer oblations to deceased ancestors. পিণ্ডদা, পিণ্ডদাত্রী (feminine) = পিণ্ড. পিণ্ডদান, পিণ্ডন (noun(s)) offering of balls of rice, etc to deceased ancestors. পিণ্ডরোগী (noun) valetudinarian. পিণ্ডলোপ (noun) (1) neglect/cessation of offering oblations to deceased ancestors. (2) extinction of one’s line of descent. পিণ্ডাকার, পিণ্ডাকৃতি (adjective) lumpy; shaped like a lamp; roundish.
  • Bengali Word পৌগণ্ডEnglish definition (adjective) relating to a boy; boyish.
    (noun) boyhood; a period lasting from the fifth to the sixteenth year.
  • Bengali Word প্রকাণ্ডEnglish definition (noun) stem/trunk of a tree.
    (adjective) huge; gigantic; colossal; enormous; monstrous; stupendous. প্রকাণ্ডকায় (adjective) enormous in size; colossal; bulky; massive; monstrous.
  • Bengali Word প্রগণ্ডEnglish definition (noun) upper part of the arm
  • Bengali Word প্রচণ্ডEnglish definition (adjective) excessively violent; impetuous; furious; fierce; passionate; terrible; severe; formidable; wrathful indomitable; burning; sharp.
    প্রচণ্ডতা (noun) great violence/passion; fierceness; furiousness; terribleness; severity; fearfulness; fury; vehemence; ferocity; savagery; brutality. প্রচণ্ডমূর্তি (adjective) having a terrible fare/aspect; fierce-looking; fearful.
  • চেলা-চামুণ্ডা (noun) (plural) disciples and adherents who are insincere and of wicked character.
  • দণ্ডমুণ্ড (noun) all sorts of punishment (ranging from the most lenient ones to capital punishment).
  • নরমুণ্ড (noun) human skull.
  • নৃমুণ্ড (noun) human head/ skull.
  • মাথামুণ্ড (noun) head or tail.
  • মুণ্ডিত করা (verb transitive) 1 shave; shear; crop; tonsure; 2 pollard; lop.
  • পেটা/মুণ্ডা লোহা noun(s) wrought iron.