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  • Bengali Word মটকা ২English definition(noun) large earthen cask or barrel.

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  • Bengali Word মটকা ১English definition (noun) (1) head; top.
    (2) topmost part of the surface of a thatched roof. মটকা মারা (verb transitive) close up the opening at the centre of a thatched roof.
  • Bengali Word মটকা ৩English definition (noun) a coarse variety of silk material
  • Bengali Word মটকা ৪English definition (noun) pose; posture; manner.
    মটকা মারা (verb intransitive) (figurative) feign; pretend; pretend to be sleeping.
  • Bengali Word মটকানোEnglish definition (verb transitive), (verb intransitive) (1) twist/ wring/ break with a snap/ crack; snap; crack.
    (2) keep one’s eyes half closed. আঙ্গুল মটকানো (verb intransitive) snaps one's fingers. ঘাড় মটকানো (verb intransitive) (1) wring (somebody’s) neck. (2) extort (from); squeeze something out of somebody. আঙুল মটকে গালি দেওয়া snap one’s finger at somebody (as an indication of one’s intention to wring his neck) and curse him.
  • Bengali Word মটকি, মটকীEnglish definition (noun(s) = মটকা ২
  • Bengali Word অভিজ্ঞা ২English definition (noun) intuition; memory.
    অভিজ্ঞান (noun) token of recognition; keepsake. অভিজ্ঞান-পত্র (noun) letter of introduction; identity card.
  • Bengali Word আওতা ২English definition 1 influence.
    (2) guardianship; custody; control.
  • Bengali Word আগা ২English definition [Turkish](noun) lord; honourable person
  • Bengali Word আমলা ২English definition আমলকী (noun) ministerial staff
  • Bengali Word আমা ২English definition (Archaic) (pronoun) (1) I; me.
    (2) I myself; myself. (3) me; to me.
  • Bengali Word আর্যা ২English definition (noun) (1) kind of metre used in Sanskrit verse.
    (2) any of the rhymed arithmetical formulae.
  • Bengali Word আলা ২English definition (adjective) bright; resplendent; illuminated.
    (noun) light`
  • Bengali Word উমরা ২English definition [Arabic] (noun) performance of rites at the Holy Kaaba between Hajj seasons; lesser Hajj
  • Bengali Word এণ্ডা ২English definition (noun) the castor-oil plant
  • Bengali Word এষা ২English definition (adjective) (feminine) (1) worthy of desire; desirable.
    (2) searchable; explorable. (3) fit to be remembered.
  • Bengali Word কড়া ২English definition (noun) metal ring; ring attached to anything as a handle: দরজার কড়া
  • Bengali Word কমলা ২English definition (noun) an appellation of Hindu goddess Lakshmi.
    কমলাপতি (noun) appellation of Vishnu. কমলাসন (noun) appellation of Hindu god Brahma.
  • Bengali Word কমা ২English definition (verb intransitive) decrease; abate; come down; diminish; fall: দাম কমা.
    কমানো (verb transitive) cause to become less; lessen; lower.
  • Bengali Word কলা ২English definition কদল (noun) (1) the famous all-season fruit growing in tropical and semi tropical countries; the banana.
    (2) the plant or tree that bears banana; the plantain tree. (3) word expressing slight or contempt: সে আমার কলা করবে, he can do me little harm. কলা খাওয়া (slang) be deceived/disappointed. কলা দেখানো (slang) point the thumb at; show scorn; defy; evade a payment. কলা পোড়া খাও (slang) go to the dogs; be down and out; be ruined. কলার কাঁদি (noun) cluster of plantains. কলার ছড়া (noun) a bunch of bananas.
  • Bengali Word কলিকা ২English definition pedantic form of কলকি
  • Bengali Word কল্লা ২English definition [Bangla] (adjective) quarrelsome; wicked; conspiring: কল্লালোক.
    (noun) a quarrel; a dispute.
  • Bengali Word কশা ২English definition (verb transitive) (1) whip; lash; flog. .
    . (2) strike with the open hand; slap: চড় কশা.
  • Bengali Word কষা ২English definition (adjective) (1) high in price; costly.
    (2) miserly; niggardly; close-fisted: কষা লোক. (3) fitting close or too close; tight: কষা জামা.
  • Bengali Word কাড়া ২English definition (noun) hollow cylindrical instrument of music beaten with sticks; a drum (used as a correlative of নাকাড়া which is smaller than কাড়া): কাড়া নাকাড়া
  • Bengali Word কানা ২English definition (noun) (1) the rim of a thing (eg a pitcher, a pot, etc.)
    ) (2) the bank or brim of a river. কানায় কানায় (adverb) upto the brim. কানায় কানায় ভরা (adjective) full to the brim; quite full.
  • Bengali Word কামলা ২English definition (noun) one who earns his bread by labouring on daily basis; a day labourer
  • Bengali Word কারা ২English definition (noun) confinement in prison.
    কারাগার, কারাগৃহ (noun) place of confinement; a prison; a jail; a gaol (GB). কারাকক্ষ (noun) a prison-cell; a prisoner’s cell. কারাদণ্ড (noun) a sentence to imprisonment; incarceration. কারাদণ্ড দেওয়া (verb transitive) sentence to imprisonment; imprison. সশ্রম কারাদণ্ড rigorous imprisonment. বিনাশ্রম কারাদণ্ড simple imprisonment. কারাপাল (noun) superintendent in charge of a jail or the prisoners in it; jailer; gaoler (GB).
  • Bengali Word কালা ২English definition (adjective) (1) black; dark.
    (2) in disrepute; stigmatized: কালামুখ. (3) soiled; dirty: কালা কাপড়, কালা আদমি, brown-skinned people of the easterners. কালা কানুন (noun) law that aims at repressing the people; Black Act.
  • Bengali Word কিনা ২English definition [Persian] ill-will; malice; rancour: মনে কোনো কিনা রাখবেন না
  • Bengali Word কুঁদা ২English definition (verb transitive) bluster and talk big (at one) in rage (as fi to attack him)