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  • Bengali Word ভেল ১English definition (noun) spurious; adulterated; counterfeit
  • Bengali Word ভেল ৩English definition (verb intransitive) past tense (poetic, archaic) became; happened
  • Bengali Word ভেলকি, ভেলকিবাজিEnglish definition (noun) (1) magic; conjuring tricks; prestidigitation; jugglery; conjuring; juggling; legerdemain; slight of hand; charm; spell; illusion; hocus-pocus.
    (2) deception. ভেলকি খাওয়ানো = ভেলকি লাগানো. ভেলকি দেখানো (verb transitive) exhibit a magical show; perform magic; conjure; juggle. ভেলকি লাগা (verb intransitive) be under a magic spell; be spellbound/ bewitched/ enchanted/ dazed. ভেলকি লাগানো (verb intransitive) put under a magic spell; bewitch; cast a spell; enchant; beguile; daze; amaze; astound. ভেলকিওয়ালা (noun) magician; conjurer; juggler; prestidigitator; enchanter spellbinder.
  • Bengali Word ভেলকোনোEnglish definition 1 = ভেলকি দেখানো.
    (2) keeb somebody in the dark/ in ignorance (about something) by trickery.
  • Bengali Word ভেলভেলEnglish definition = ফ্যালফ্যাল
  • Bengali Word ভেলসাEnglish definition (adjective) soft; mild.
    ভেলসা তামাক (noun) mild tobacco.
  • Bengali Word ভেলাEnglish definition (noun) raft; float.
    ভেলায় সাগর পার হওয়া (figurative) accomplish an uphill task; do the impossible.
  • Bengali Word ভেল্কিEnglish definition = ভেলকি
  • Bengali Word ভেল্কোনোEnglish definition = ভেল্কোনো
  • Bengali Word অদল ২English definition [Arabic] (noun) act of changing.
    অদল বদল (noun) (1) exchange; interchange. (2) changing; alteration; modification.
  • Bengali Word কল ২English definition (noun) sweet sound; a pleasing note (as the chirping of birds).
    (adjective) (of sound) pleasant to the ear; full of melody; melodious. কলকণ্ঠ (adjective) making a sweet sound; having a melodious voice; sweet-toned; (figurative) composing sweet verses: কলকণ্ঠ কবি. কলকণ্ঠী (feminine) = কলকণ্ঠ. (noun) (1) sweet tone; elegant voice. (2) the pigeon. (3) the cuckoo. (4) the swan; the gander. কলকথা (noun) melodious language. কলকল (noun) (1) murmuring noise of running water. (2) the hum made by a number of people talking together. (3) chirping of the birds. কলকলানো (verb transitive) utter musically in a quavering manner; sing musically; carol; warble: খাবিদাবি কল কলাবি. কলকাকলি (noun) quavering melodious sound; sweet humming sound. কলকুঞ্জন, কলগুঞ্জন (noun) a low continued or repeated sound; sweet murmur. কলতান (noun) sweet note; melodious tune. কলধ্বনি (noun) a short shrill note of birds; chirping. কলনাদ = কলধ্বনি. কলনাদী (adjective) murmuring; sweetly warbling. কলনাদিনী (feminine) = কলনাদী. কলনাদিনী স্রোতস্বিনী murmuring stream. কলরব, কলরোল (noun) confused noise; uproar; tumult. কলস্বন, কলস্বর (noun) low musical sound: নদীর কলস্বন. (adjective) melodious in tune. কলস্বরে (adverb) melodiously; very sweetly. কলহংস (noun) the male of the duck or gander that makes the murmuring sound. কলহংসী (feminine) = কলহংস. কলহাস্য (noun) laughter with a sweet cackle; gentle burst of laughter. কলহাস্য করা (verb intransitive) laugh cacklingly. কলহাসিনী (noun) (feminine) one who laughs cacklingly.
  • Bengali Word আল ২English definition 1 the sting of insects, etc: মৌমাছির আল.
    (2) the sharp point of anything; তীরের আল. (3) pointed tool for making holes in leather, wood, etc; an awl: জুতা সেলাই-এর আল. (4) (figurative) taunt; jeer: কথার আল. (5) a head or apex made on a piece of wood to fit it to another by means of dove-tailing. আলকাটা (verb intransitive) cut a notch/notches on wood/iron as a means of joining two pieces. (adjective) grooved; notched; serrated.
  • Bengali Word উসুল ২English definition [Arabic singular আসল] (noun) (plural) fundamental principles.
    উসুলে ফিকাহ (noun) fundamentals of jurisprudence.
  • Bengali Word কাল ২English definition (adverb) (1) on the day after the present; tomorrow.
    (2) on the day before the present; yesterday. কালকার, কালকের (adjective) of tomorrow; of yesterday. কালকের ছেলে (contempt) an inexperienced person; a mere child.
  • Bengali Word কুল ২English definition (noun) the fruit of a spiny shrub with a hard stone and a mixed taste of sour and sweet; the jujube; the plum.
    কুলকাসুন্দি (noun) pickle made of jujube; the jujube pickle.
  • Bengali Word কুশল ২English definition (adjective) having expert resource and ability; skillful with the hands; adroit; dexterous: কর্ম কুশল, রণকুশল.
    কুশলতা (noun) adroitness; skillfulness; ingenuity.
  • Bengali Word কোটাল ২English definition = কোতোয়াল
  • Bengali Word কোল ২English definition (noun) strip of shallow water in a river formed by the rise of sandy tract above the water level
  • Bengali Word খল ২English definition (noun) a small gallipot, usually boat-shaped, used for pounding medicine.
    খলনুড়ি, খল নোড়া (noun) gallipot and the compounding pestle.
  • Bengali Word গাল ২English definition (noun) abuse; reproach; rebuke.
    গাল খাওয়া (verb intransitive) be reproached. গাল দেওয়া (verb intransitive) reproach; rebuke. গালমন্দ (noun) (plural) abuses; reproaches.
  • Bengali Word গুল ২English definition (noun) a concocted story; a small unimportant Iie purposely told to create amusement in course of gossiping; a fib.
    গুল মারা (verb intransitive) tell fibs; fib.
  • Bengali Word গেল ২English definition (adjective) immediately preceding the present: গেল বছর, last year
  • Bengali Word গোপাল ২English definition (noun) a herd of cows
  • Bengali Word গোল ২English definition [Persian] (noun) (1) a noisy disturbance; a bustle and clamour; uproar; tumult.
    গোল করা (verb intransitive) shout; clamour; make an uproar. (2) state of being complex; complication; intricacy; confusin: গোল পাকানো, make a mess of; complicate; confuse. গোলমেলে (adjective) (1) confusing; disconcerted. (2) doubtful; suspicious; crooked. গোলে হরিবোল দেওয়া take advantage of a noisy crowd to cover one’s negligence of duty.
  • Bengali Word ঘড়িয়াল ২English definition (noun) one who strikes a gong to indicate hours; a gong-striker; a bell-man
  • Bengali Word চাল ২English definition (noun) (1) a sloping roof or thatch: ঘরের চাল.
    (2) the scenery at the background of a Hindu idol: চাল চিত্র. চাল কুমড়া (noun) species of the plant of which gourd that grows on a plant usually creeps to a thatched roof. চাল কেটে ওঠানো (verb transitive) evict (one) from his homestead. চাল চুলো (noun) (figurative) food and shelter. চাল নেই চুলো নেই one who has no hearth or home/ means of subsistence.
  • Bengali Word জাল ২English definition [Arabic] (adjective) (1) made in skilful imitation; spurious; counterfeit; fake: জাল টাকা.
    (2) forged in order to deceive; not genuine or original : জাল দলিল. (3) one who has disguised his identity for the purpose of deception; dissembling; dissimulating; false; hypocritical: জাল সাধু. জাল করা (verb transitive) (1) forge; commit forgery; counterfeit: টাকা বা দলিল জাল করা. (2) hide under a false appearance; disguise; dissemble; dissimulate; impersonate. জাল-সাজ (noun) a forger. জালসাজি (noun) forgery.
  • Bengali Word ঝাল ২English definition (noun) a metallic cement; solder.
    ঝাল দেওয়া (verb intransitive) unite metals by solder; solder.
  • Bengali Word ঝিলমিল ২English definition (interjection) denoting a glittering or flashing or quick vibration of light.
    ঝিলমিল করা (verb intransitive) sparkle finely. ঝিলমিলে (adjective) that which is sparkling.
  • Bengali Word টাল ২English definition (noun) a heap; a pile.
    টাল দেওয়া (verb intransitive) heap; pile up.